Hulu Drama Series ‘Somewhere Boy’ Soundtrack: Imagine being locked up all your life since you were a child. Imagine seeing only one face for all these years and fearing the outside world that’s full of “monsters.” And then, imagine being pushed out of the house when that one face you saw for eighteen-odd years dies in a suicide. That is the story of Danny, the protagonist of Hulu’s brilliant Somewhere Boy. The sheer magnitude of facing the challenge that apprehends Danny becomes the central conceit of the show. The eight-part series closely follows his coming-of-age as Danny finds out the “monster” who “killed” his mother.

Lewis Gribben, who is slated to star in Master of the Air, Apple TV+’s big ambition project, delivers a gut-wrenching performance filled with melancholy and warmth. The wonderment that comes with stepping out into an entirely new world with endless possibilities is captured in his gleeful eyes, behind which years of trauma and abuse are disguised as memories. As a kid who was mostly alone in a huge house with not much to do, Danny formed an intimate and religious relationship with movies of the old. 

Somewhere Boy Soundtrack – All Songs in the Show

The marriage of sound and sight became fodder for his brain and a salve for his heart.  And that is why the soundtrack of Somewhere Boy has such a special place in the context of the Hulu show. Those were the tunes Danny’s world danced to. Not only are the songs used to characterize Danny’s personality, but they are also an expression of the hopeless romanticism that tragically marks the show’s universe.

Most songs are from old movies and hence, have a distinct, generational tone and tenor to them. They must have cost the producers a fortune to feature in the show. But the effort was totally worth it. Here is a list of all the songs featured in the Hulu show Somewhere Boy. 

Episode-wise complete tracklist:

Episode 1:

  • Seven Days by Anne Shelton 
  • The Little Green Valley by Marty Robbins 
  • Shine On, Harvest Moon by Ruth Etting 
  • It’s So Peaceful In The Country by Mildred Bailey 
  • No Other Love by Jo Stafford

Episode 2:

  • ‘Model Village by IDLES
  • I’ll Get By by Ink Spots
  • El Paso by Marty Robbins

Episode 3:

  • Who’s Been Polishing the Sun by Ambrose and his Orchestra
  • This Is No Laughing Matter by Dorothy Carless Geraldo and His Orchestra
  • Heavenly Father, You’ve Been Good by Johnnie Frierson
  • I’m The Man by Albert Washington

Episode 4:

  • Why Must I Wonder by Tom Tall & Ginny Wright
  • Keep It A Secret by Gene Vincent
  • Yes, Indeed by Count Basie
  • Daddy and Home by Jimmie Rodgers

Episode 5:

  • El Paso by Marty Robbins
  • Mysterious Girl by Peter Andre
  • No Other Love by Jo Stafford
  • For Your Love by Nicholas Michael Hill, Ben Sumner & Glenn Herweijer
  • Let It Bang by Main Brown
  • Swing Doors by Allan Gray
  • Why May I Not Go Out and Climb the Trees by Daniel Norgren

Episode 6:

  • This Pleasant Land by Felton Rapley
  • Looking at You by Niklas Edberger, Anders Kampe & Henrik Wikstrom
  • Shackles and Chains by Marty Robbins

Episode 7:

  • Young Hearts Run Free by Candi Staton
  • Zoom Karaoke by Anita Ward
  • More Than This by Roxy Music
  • Button Up Your Overcoat by 1940s Standards
  • After You’ve Gone by Freddy Martin

Episode 8:

  • You’ll Never Know by Len Camber
  • Party Time by Jack Shaindlin
  • Rock Cake by Sid Phillips
  • So Very Much In Love by Pony Sherrell
  • If I Could Only Fly Blaze Foley

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