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Thithi [2016]

Once, Satyajit Ray’s widely regarded masterpiece ‘Pather Panchali’ met the criticism of “Selling Poverty” to urban audience. Quite a handful of Indians criticised it citing it depicts the poor class of India to cater to sentimentalism of western audience. Even Francois Truffaut wasn’t a taker of neo­realism of peasants. However, when the rich was depicted on screen, full of arrogance and debauchery, there was hardly any uproar.

Thithi [2016] : Idiosyncratic Familial Turmoil

“What is meant to happen, happens. No one has any control over it. So it’s better to just be happy, isn’t it?” Raam Reddy’s Thithi opens on Century Gowda (Singri Gowda), an elderly…