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The Overnight

The Overnight [2015] Review: Uncensored, Unpredictable, Unapologetic.

Patrick Brice’s comedy will make you believe that relationships and people are stranger than fiction. What starts off as a normal get together slowly turns wilder, weirder and to be truly appreciative of the art of indie film-making: It astonishes. If you can’t intake and see overly exposed shots of fake penises or you don’t enjoy people talking about things that only outward and insane people do, this is probably not for you. Brice’s The Overnight is about a couple with a young son who

Far From Men (2014): Caught between “Lose-Lose” Situation

Far From Men is adapted from the short story The Guest by Nobel Prize-winning author Albert Camus, which was written as an allegory of French-Algerian tensions. Writer-director David Oelhoffen paints the beautiful but deserted landscape canvas with the colors of palpating human drama that will certainly move you.