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United 93 [2006]: “Real World Situation !”

United 93 1
Every time I watch a 9/11 movie, the first thing I do is dig about the film’s authenticity. How much of it was true to the original happenings and how much of it was fictionalised to create drama and if I am comfortable with the added drama. The thing with 9/11 is that it leaves a lot of room for dramatisation and unnecessary heroism and when handled by a not so mature filmmaker, it easily ends up becoming a propaganda film, an ‘american’ film. Fortunately, nothing like that happens in Paul Greengrass’ United 93.

The Insider [1999]: Tobacco & Truth Kill

At the running length of 157 mins, Michael Mann has engineered one of the flawless films that exponentially raise the tension with every passing second. Each frame is impeccably placed; every cut seems to be a masterstroke; every character seems to have born to play that respective part. Like, Wigand’s attorney bawling on other attorney who constantly interrupts him during questioning to Wigand in Kentucky Court.

Far From Men (2014): Caught between “Lose-Lose” Situation

Far From Men is adapted from the short story The Guest by Nobel Prize-winning author Albert Camus, which was written as an allegory of French-Algerian tensions. Writer-director David Oelhoffen paints the beautiful but deserted landscape canvas with the colors of palpating human drama that will certainly move you.