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30 Best Sci-Fi Movies of the 21st Century

30 Best Sci-Fi Movies of the 21st Century: Science fiction has been a beacon of artistic expression since its origins in literature, expanding to various mediums, including music, paintings, sculptures, films, and…

20th Century Women

25 Great Feminist Films That You Should Watch

25 Great Feminist Films That You Should Watch: This list includes films with female protagonists who have left an impact on me, moved me to tears, given me sleepless nights, and made…

Every Denis Villeneuve Film Ranked

In just over ten years, Denis Villeneuve has established himself as one of the most distinctive and compelling filmmakers working today. The French-Canadian director made his debut with August 32nd on Earth…


Decoding the Symbolic Ending of Prisoners (2013)

Prisoners is a carefully-paced, intelligently-crafted crime thriller, with landscapes (created by the wonderful Roger Deakins) that bleed with nihilistic bleakness, imparting a haunting sense of eeriness throughout. What makes Prisoners a notch-above competent thrillers is its ending – without dialogue or further exposition, the metaphors speak for themselves, as they often do, in art, and in life. 

Dune (2021) Script

Download the script of Dune (2021)

Based on the novel ‘Dune’ by FRANK HERBERT and written by JON SPAIHTS and DENIS VILLENEUVE and ERIC ROTH, the screenplay of Dune is a dense 111 page-long sci-fi oddity. Nominated to…