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Steven Mcqueen - Hunger

Every Steve McQueen Film Ranked

Steve McQueen made the Oscar-winning film ’12 Years a Slave,’ but did not win one for directing it. He is, however, the first Black filmmaker to win Best Picture. ‘Small Axe,’ an…

Widows [2018]: ‘MAMI’ Review – Suffers from Incoherent Narrative

Steve McQueen¬†is the second film-maker this year whose inadequacy to handle the larger narrative canvas of a conventional Hollywood genre is conspicuous, first being Damien Chazelle. The crucial supporting characters feel under-written…

Dark Places

Dark Places Netflix [2015] Review: “Home Is Where The Lies Are..”

I still remember how Gone Girl began, the very first background score to chasing Amy. Everything just made sense. I recently saw Dark Places. The first few things that comes to my mind while I sit down to write about it would be: A pixie haired Charlize Theron in a green colored cap & leather jacket and a brilliant background score that wasn’t used judiciously. When it should be about how interesting and ballistic the plot was.