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Every Darren Aronofsky Film Ranked

Darren Aronofsky is probably one of the most interesting, unconventional, modern American filmmakers working in the present time. Known for his surrealist, often disturbing, melodramatic plots, usually in the genre of drama…

Everybody Knows [2018] Review: A Rare Misfire From Asghar Farhadi

From the Academy Award-winning writer-director of A Separation & The Salesman, Everybody Knows brings Asghar Farhadi’s streak of five consecutive masterpieces to a sudden halt, and is an unexpectedly underwhelming feature from…

mother! [2017]: Earth’s Bleeding Heart

Aronofsky has toyed around the concepts of religion for a long span of his career. He took an audacious swing at the ideas of The Tree being a source of eternal life…

Mother! [2017]: An Exercise in Gender Studies

If Noah was a misstep, mother! is pretty concrete proof that Aronofsky is back on firm footing and definitely seems to be equipped with a provocative edge to his dark sense of theatrical storytelling. He pushes, prods, provokes and stupefies. Aided by a hypnotic performance by Jennifer Lawrence, he does something a lot of filmmakers today forget to do: he makes watching a film a personal experience for each individual viewer.

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A Decade On: No Country for Old Men [2007]

No Country for Old Men is the Coens working at their most minimalistic, their most stylistically restrained, and arguably their most intensely atmospheric – and surprisingly, it turned out to be one of their most memorable hits.