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The 70 Most Anticipated Films of 2019

Like every other year, we have made our anticipated list by digging deep enough to find little independent gems that are going to dazzle us in time. Here are the 70 most…

Before Sunrise 1

Before Sunrise [1995]: A beautiful love poem

When a young filmmaker named Richard Linklater visited Philadelphia after shooting his debut film in 1989, he met a woman in a toy store and spent the night talking to her until…

Broken Flowers [2005] : The Missing Petals.

In Jarmusach’s own words the music in his films do not force you into feeling a certain kind of emotion. His choice of music provides a certain layer to the story that probably feels like it’s coming from nowhere and going somewhere which won’t satisfy you. The Greenhornes’s There Is An End, which apparently finds a place in the film’s soundtrack very accurately portrays Don Jonston and his quest for what he is really missing in his life. Packed with one of the best performance of the decade by Bill Murray, watching Broken Flowers is like walking down a familiar road while being unable to understand which turn takes you home.