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Elizabeth-Banks-in-a-car-in-Call-Jane 2022 Ending Explained

Call Jane (2022) Movie Ending, Explained

Call Jane (2022) Movie Ending, Explained: There is a lot to admire in Phyllis Nagy’s new movie Call Jane, even though it is not exactly a great movie by any means. Seventeen…

The Martian (2015): Gravity meets Cast Away

Given that Ridley Scott resume consists of two of the greatest Sci-Fi thrillers, Blade Runner & Alien; epic & grandeur films like Gladiator & American Gangster; disastrous epics like Exodus & The Counselor; The Martian (2015) falls somewhere in the middle which comes as a commercially viable Sci-Fi film for all age group that educates you on science well enough to make it sound smarter & cooler.