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A24 Comedy Movies - The Farewell

The 15 Best A24 Comedy Movies

The 15 Best A24 Comedy Movies: A24 has gained a reputation for producing unique, critically acclaimed films, including many in the comedy genre. A24 comedy films are special are notable for taking…

Lady Bird (2017)

15 Most Complicated Mother-Daughter Relationships in Movies

15 Most Complicated Mother-Daughter Relationships in Movies: The relationship between a mother and her daughter is often extraordinary, albeit complex and riddled with a range of emotions. In movies, the powerful bond…

The 40 Best A24 Movies that You Shouldn’t Miss

You go to the theatre. You sit in your seat with popcorn and a cold drink. The film begins. What is the first thing that you see on the big screen? Think.…

Movies like Frances Ha

10 Films to watch if you like Frances Ha (2012)

Frances Ha (2012) is one of those rare mumblecore movies that features a protagonist that is relatable. Not just to the undatable-middle-aged women who don’t feel like their life is completely under…

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20 Great Movies That Students Should Watch

20 Great Movies For College Students To Watch: Everybody needs a dose of motivation, hope, and positivity from time to time, and in the words of John Keating, one of the most…

Greta Gerwig’s Little Women (2019) Triumphs Over the Problems of her First Film

Lady Bird, although not dead, felt zombified, identifying with the cynicism and pettiness of its main character to a point of making it unappealing – but Little Women has emerged as a far more endearing and far more speculative film that makes for a more inviting experience.