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Every M. Night Shyamalan Movie Ranked

The India-born American filmmaker- M. Night Shyamalan rose to fame with the phenomenal success of his film ‘The Sixth Sense’ released in 1999. Overnight he became a household name and one of…

Boss Level

Boss Level [2021] Review: A Future Cult Classic

During the first five minutes of Joe Carnahan’s latest spectacle, Boss Level, the audience is treated to a frenetic fight sequence involving Frank Grillo’s Roy Pulver killing a henchman with a machete,…

Dragged Across Concrete Review [2019]- Taste the Pavement

Dragged Across Concrete, is a cop film with no reservations or hesitations in its aesthetic or its display of dubious morality. It has the on-the-streets rawness of a Sidney Lumet film, but as if directed with the measured slowness and spatial grandeur of Michelangelo Antonioni.