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Netflix’s Darlings (2022): Themes and Ending Explained

“Darlings” is a beautifully-written film about Badrunissa and Hamza Sheikh, whose ‘love marriage’ becomes a cyclical series of beatings followed by apologies. The movie is not just about breaking that cycle, but…

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5 Reasons Why Bajrangi Bhaijaan Is Worth A Watch

Don’t misread the ‘Worth A Watch’ as ‘Must Watch’ because Kabir Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan is definitely not a great film.
It’s convoluted and inanely stupid at times. But there is something in the film that doesn’t make you hate it. Even if you are one of those people whose blood starts boiling when Salman Khan’s name comes along, you will definitely smile, laugh and feel sentimental when the Hanuman Ka Bhakt asks the petite angel like girl about her home. Here are 5 reasons to watch it.