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Every M. Night Shyamalan Movie Ranked

The India-born American filmmaker- M. Night Shyamalan rose to fame with the phenomenal success of his film ‘The Sixth Sense’ released in 1999. Overnight he became a household name and one of…

Irreversible 2002

Irreversible (2002): A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

Irreversible (2002): Alex (Monica Bellucci) feels suffocated and desperately wants to leave the party. Her new boyfriend, Marcus (Vincent Cassel) is too immoderate with his indulgences. His drug intake and coquetry seem…


Greta [2019] Review: B-Movie Thriller with A-List Celebs

Greta is too far-fetched for its own good. Packing a B-movie plot that it barely manages to keep afloat with the help of excellent performances from its leading ladies, this psychological thriller…