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10 Best Robin Williams Movie Performances

Robin Williams has been considered to be one of the greatest comedic performers with a legacy that immortalizes his most praiseworthy work. He originally found his fame through stand-up sets and the…

10 Films To Watch If You Like Kota Factory on Netflix

The two seasons of Kota Factory streaming on Netflix are a satire on the cutthroat competitive education scenario of our nation. We have witnessed whenever we discuss the system of education in…

Dead Poets Society [1989]: Taking the Road Less Traveled by

Dead Poets Society is yet another of my favourite films. When I watched it, I remember chiding myself for having deferred watching it for so long. I wished some teacher had told us about the movie in school. I felt like someone should have inspired me and kindled the passion for poetry in the same manner as is shown in the movie. But as they say every cloud has a silver lining. I watched it when I had turned to teaching as a profession.