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Sally Hawkins in The Lost King (2022) Review

The Lost King (2022): Movie Review & Ending Explained

The last time director Stephen Frears worked with the script by Jeff Pope & Steve Coogan, and they created an Oscar-nominated feature – Philomena. After the success of this sensitive tragicomedy, the…

Download the script of Spencer

If you go into Pablo Larraín’s Spencer (2021), expecting it to be an accurate representation of Princess Diana’s life, you will be disappointed. As the opening sequence in the film says, “A…

Here’s Why the Ending of The Shape of Water Doesn’t Work

A film that could’ve been a statement on the human capacity for compassion ends up being another happily ever after fairytale. The Shape of Water fails to attain the greatness one would expect from del Toro.

X + Y : A Beautiful Young Mind [Review] 2014

X+Y is endearing, profoundly emotional , little dramatic but more realistic , challenging film done without breaking a sweat. Matthews avoids cliches & stereotypes to create tangible people coping with the pressures of the world around them. Film doesn’t make you think harder, it is not a cerebral film entirely, but simply touches taps the nerve that connects to your heart.