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Best Leonardo DiCaprio Movies

The 10 Best Leonardo DiCaprio Movie Performances

The 10 Best Leonardo DiCaprio Movie performances: Born on the 11th of November, Leonardo DiCaprio is going to celebrate his 48th Birthday. Leonardo DiCaprio belongs to a dying breed of actors: the…

Every Best Picture Winner Ever The Godfather 1972

Academy Awards: Every Best Picture Oscar Winner Ever

Take A Walk Through Oscar History! As we gear up for the awards season, we thought it’d be a great chance to revisit all the “Best Picture” Academy Award winners ever, dating…

1917 2019

1917 (2019) Review: In a War, till Images are alive

In 1917, Northern France inward World War I, a British battalion affiliate is chanting a song about ‘Going Home’ before they onslaught the Germans and we compass there with Will Schofield who…

Spectre [2015] Review: Neither Shaken, nor Stirred.

The latest bond outing opens with one of the most intense opening shots in bond film history. You see the masked bond swaying the streets of Mexico city with a beautiful tracking shot that takes him places. Hovering down from a helicopter over the carnival of the dead, you follow Mr. Bond’s glimmering smile as we cut to the writings on the wall. Daniel Craig’s Bond has been one of the most ambitious James Bond ever.