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Qala (2022): The Anatomy of Guilt

Qala (2022): The Anatomy of Guilt: In human behavioral psychology, one of the first responses we yearn for and receive is that of the mother’s validation. Geared towards this positive response, we…

Qala (2022) Movie Explained

Qala (2022) Movie Ending Explained

Qala (2022) Movie Explained: Early on in Anvita Dutt’s Qala, its titular lead prioritizes a woman journalist in a room full of male journalists who want to get a bite of her.…

Qala Netflix Movie 2022

Qala (2022) Review: A Portrait of an Artist as a Young Woman

Qala (2022) Review: Set in pre-Independence India, Qala (played by Triptii Dimri) is one of India’s popular contemporary playback singers. She is introduced in the film holding the Golden Vinyl and flocked…