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Jafar Panahi in This is Not a Film (2011)

All Jafar Panahi Films Ranked

Time and again, Jafar Panahi has proved that films have immense potential as timeless documents depicting the present socio-political situation of a nation without pandering to propaganda. The films of Panahi stand…

Taxi [2015]: An Awe-Inspiring Iranian Minimalist Cinema

Taxi isn’t just a proclamation of Panahi’s boldness and defiance; it is also a nicely coiled allegory and a biting satire on the limitations imposed on him as well as on many fellow Iranians. While “This is Not a Film” (2011) was diffused with an atmosphere of despair and “Closed Curtain” (2013) laced with righteous anger, “Taxi” is enlivened with bursts of optimism and sarcasm (Panahi even smiles a lot in the film).

20 Must See Films at JIO MAMI Mumbai Film Festival, 2015.

The Mumbai Academy of the Moving Image (MAMI) is one of the few bodies in our country that’s trying to and mostly succeeding in its attempt to bring renowned films from all over the globe at one single spot. The film students, genuine movie lovers and anyone who has ever loved the art of motion pictures religiously awaits The Mumbai Film Festival every year.
Following the tradition, the 17th annual Jio Mami is here. In addition to having a great deal of fascinating world cinema