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The Blood of Wolves [2018] : ‘NYAFF’ Review

As an independent genre within the ambit of Japanese cinema, Yakuza films have undergone massive transformations since the silent film era, from the Robin Hood-esque bakuto, painted as torn, solitary figures worthy…

After The Storm [2016] – JIO MAMI Mumbai Film Festival Review

As a child, one dreams of what they want to be when they grow up. While getting to that point takes all kinds of pit-stops, sometimes your life turns out differently from what you’ve imagined. Kore-eda himself confesses that he wanted to be a successful writer and not a film-maker and somehow things didn’t work his way. After the Storm tells us that it’s totally okay to have failed at what you wanted to be because life doesn’t end there. What’s most important is to not undo the past, but correct all the imperfections that hinder the present.