Is the Netflix movie ‘2 Hearts’ based on a true story? 

2 Hearts Netflix True Story

Release almost two years ago, the Netflix original ‘2 Hearts’ is on the streaming giant’s top charts yet again. Lance Hool directs the tear-jerker that stars Euphoria fame stars Jacob Elordi as the lead. Since the movie features two couples, it also stars Adan Canto, Tiera Skovbye, and Radha Mitchell in prominent roles. 2 Hearts claims to be a true story based on Leslie, Jorge Bacardi, and Christopher Gregory’s life, so the following article, we will look closely at how true it is.

What is the movie ‘2 Hearts’ about? 

The film revolves around the intertwined lives of two main characters, Chris and Jorge. Chris meets Samantha (Sam) and starts helping her with a program called “safety buddies.” They develop a close relationship and eventually get married. On the other hand, Jorge meets Leslie, falls in love with her, and they also get married. However, there are some painful differences in their lives. Chris suddenly falls unconscious and is wheeled into an operating room, and the film rewinds to show a similar event happening to Jorge. Jorge’s health deteriorates, and he requires a lung transplant.

Tragically, Chris becomes brain-dead, and his family donates his organs to those in need. After his successful lung transplant, the recipients receive the organs, and Jorge wonders about the identity of the person whose organs are now keeping him alive. He sends a letter of gratitude to Chris’ parents, who respond. Eventually, Sam, Chris’ parents, and Jorge and Leslie meet, bringing their stories full circle.

Is the movie ‘2 Hearts’ based on a true story? 

Straight answer? Yes! Much of what you see in 2 Hearts is based on a true story. The story is based on Jorge Bacardi and Christopher Gregory’s real-life happenings and is inspired by a book written by Chris’ father, Eric, called All My Tomorrows: A Story of Tragedy, Transplant, and Hope.

2 Hearts portrays Jorge as the heir to a rum dynasty, which is entirely true because it is taken from the real-life story of Jorge Bacardi, a member of the family that has been in the business of rum and spirits distribution for more than 150 years. However, establishing this history is not something that the movie does extensively and is essentially left out of the narrative. 

The film accurately tells the story of Christopher Gregory, a bright and passionate 19-year-old college freshman whose life was tragically cut short by a sudden brain aneurysm.
Recognizing the importance of giving others a second chance at life, Christopher decided to become an organ donor pretty early in his life. So, when his organs were donated to seven different people, one of them turned out to be the movie’s other protagonist Jorge.

Jorge, one of the film’s protagonists, faced a challenging medical journey that spanned several decades. As a child, Jorge received a misdiagnosis of cystic fibrosis, a condition that would shape his life. However, it wasn’t until he reached his forties that the true nature of his lung condition was unveiled as primary ciliary dyskinesia, a rare disease that affects the function of cilia.

The revelation of this new diagnosis brought both clarity and a renewed sense of hope for Jorge. His years of uncertainty and medical confusion were finally given context, allowing him to pursue the appropriate treatments and interventions.

At the age of 64, Jorge’s life took an extraordinary turn when he received the gift of a double lung transplant. This life-saving opportunity became possible through the selfless act of Christopher, a young man who had made the compassionate decision to become an organ donor.

Christopher’s altruistic legacy touched the lives of numerous individuals in need. Following his untimely passing, his heart, liver, kidneys, pancreas, and corneas were successfully transplanted, providing renewed hope and vitality to six different recipients.

2 HEARTS, from left: Tiera Skovbye, Jacob Elordi, 2020. © Freestyle Digital Media / Courtesy Everett Collection

Among those impacted by Christopher’s selflessness was Jorge, who, unbeknownst to him, had initially referred to his anonymous organ donor as “Gabriel,” drawing inspiration from the archangel. It wasn’t until 2009 that Jorge discovered the true identity behind his life-saving gift, learning about Christopher and the extraordinary impact he had made.

Inspired by Christopher’s spirit of giving, Jorge and his wife Leslie embarked on a journey to express their gratitude. They sought out Christopher’s family, finding solace and connection in a meeting at their Baltimore home. Touched by Christopher’s legacy, Jorge and Leslie decided to honor him by donating funds to the Mayo Clinic for the construction of a new hospitality house.

The newly established residence, aptly named the Gabriel House of Care, stands as a testament to Christopher’s enduring legacy. This haven provides long-term housing for oncology and transplant patients receiving treatment at the Mayo Clinic, offering comfort, support, and a sense of home during their challenging journeys.

Jorge, empowered by Christopher’s organ donation, was able to savor the precious moments of life until the age of 76. While his passing in September 2020 marked a somber moment, his journey served as a reminder of the profound impact of organ donation and the lasting connections formed through acts of compassion.

What changes does the movie make from the true story? 

2 Hearts does takes certain creative liberties with the real-life events surrounding Christopher’s story. It presents a poignant narrative that explores the life Chris might have experienced had he not tragically succumbed to his aneurysm. In the film, viewers witness Chris’s journey as he marries his girlfriend Sam and becomes a father, fulfilling the dreams that were cut short in reality.

In actuality, Chris’s life was tragically cut short by the brain aneurysm, preventing him from experiencing these milestones. The film imagines a parallel universe where Chris’s life continues, allowing audiences to empathize with the potential joys and happiness he could have encountered.

Another minor deviation from the true story depicted in the book by Chris’s father lies in the name of Chris’s girlfriend. In the book, she is referred to as Jenn, whereas the film portrays her as Sam.

It is worth noting that Jorge and his wife Leslie were involved in the production of the film, providing their insights and experiences to help shape the film’s narrative. However, Jorge sadly passed away before the film’s release, adding a bittersweet layer to his involvement.

Can I stream ‘2 Hearts’ on Netflix?

Yes! 2 Hearts is streaming in a lot of courties as a Netflix Original. So, if you have a Netflix subscription you can stream it right now by going here. If the film is not available in your country, you can easily find it on VOD services like Amazon, Itunes etc. 

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