In “The Atypical Family,” episodes 5 and 6, we see I-Na use her power a little more. The tables have turned now, as Da-Hae cannot continue on the mission because of the Bok family’s powers, but Gwi-Ju seems to have feelings for Da-Hae. Gwi-Ju continues to pursue Da-Hae despite her rejection, and the Bok family continues to dig up information on Baek Il Hong and Da-Hae. Eventually, Man Heum comes to terms with reality after having an ominous dream.

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The Atypical Family Episode 5 Recap:

The episode begins with Gwi-Ju and Da-Hae kissing. Da-Hae starts to feel like she is being watched. Startled, she abruptly pulls away, her cheeks flushing with embarrassment as she hurriedly runs into her room. On the other hand, Gwi-Ju is unsure about how to proceed. Just because Gwi-Ju will fall in love and marry Da-Hae in the future does not mean he needs to accept this fact in the present. Gwi-Ju tries to convince himself that everything is normal and that he is not in love with Da-Hae.

Man Heum expresses to Da-Hae that she has been dreaming about her a lot lately, and the good thing is that she always dreams about Da-Hae wearing the family’s ring, meaning she will officially be part of the family soon. Da-Hae is scared and enquires how much Man Heum can see into the future. Man Heum tells Da-Hae that she only sees what she is shown, which slightly calms Da-Hae. On the other hand, Gwi-Ju tries to go to bed, but he keeps going back to the past to the time he kissed Da-Hae. Confused, Gwi-Ju tries everything to go back to sleep but keeps returning to the past.

Man Heum’s watch is missing

Gwi-Ju, desperate to clear his head, invites Da-Hae for a walk the following day. Da-Hae is eager to push forward with the marriage plans and asks Gwi-Ju about revealing their marriage to his family. Gwi-Ju clarifies that he does not want to tell his family yet, as he wants to enjoy the present. Gwi-Ju questions Da-Hae about the fire when she was in high school, asking for a more detailed explanation. Evading the question, Da-Hae asks how the kiss was, and Gwi-Ju calls it ‘meh.’ Annoyed, Da-Hae slaps him before walking away.

Meanwhile, Man Heum looks for her watch but does not find it. Man Heum assumes Dong-Hee has stolen it and confronts her, but Dong-Hee denies stealing anything. Dong-Hee assumes Da-Hae has stolen it, and they confront her. Instead of finding the watch, they find Da-Hae and Gwi-Ju’s marriage certificate. Gwi-Ju is unhappy about the situation. Despite his parents’ enthusiasm for the wedding, he insisted on getting to know Da-Hae’s family first, a suggestion that left everyone surprised.

Bok family discovers the truth about Baek Il Hong

Man Heum now thinks her dreams are a warning and wants to dig into Da-Hae’s family. At school, I-Na has a friend for the first time. I-Na stole her grandmother’s watch and gave it to Hye-Rim for her birthday. Hye-Rim is grateful, but she is also greedy. Hye-Rim looks at I-Na’s shoes and wonders if she can borrow them. I-Na gives the shoes to Hye-Rim. Soon Gu calls one of his contacts to find information on Baek Il Hong. The man recognizes the name and gives shocking news.

Back at the Bok household, Baek Il Hong, tipped off by Hyung Tae about Soon Gu’s investigation, confronts Man Heum. Soon Gu calls Man Heum and tells her that Baek Il Hong is an ex-convict and she makes sure people pay their debts no matter what it takes. Man Heum is uncomfortable as Baek Il Hong is in front of her. The power struggle between the two women intensifies. While acknowledging her past, Baek Il Hong says she has made amends and now helps vulnerable girls like Da-Hae. Man Heum is afraid of getting Gwi-Ju married to Da-Hae.

I-Na scares Da-Hae

In a flashback, we see Da-Hae constantly being bullied when she was in high school. Da-Hae notices I-Na’s shoes missing and tries to talk to her. Reading Da-Hae’s mind, I-Na expresses that she has friends, and Da-Hae is taken aback since she wonders if I-Na is bullied in school. Meanwhile, Grace is having trouble with one of the gym members, and Dong-Hee saves her. Dong-Hee and Grace step out for a meal, and with the influence of alcohol, Grace lets it slip that the girl marrying Gwi-Ju will inherit a building, and there is no need for her to steal a watch. Dong-Hee starts to get suspicious.

The Atypical Family Episodes 5 & 6: Recap & Ending Explained
A still from The Atypical Family Episode 5

Dong-Hee, Man Heum, and Soon Gu discuss Baek Il Hong, and Dong-Hee points out that Man Heum’s dream about Da-Hae wearing the family ring could be a warning. Meanwhile, Gwi-Ju brings up the fire to Da-Hae again, and she changes the subject. Gwi-Ju tells Da-Hae that the fire broke out the day I-Na was born, and he cannot return to that moment, so he finds it hard to believe that he had saved Da-Hae. Da-Hae starts to argue, and Gwi-Ju disappears into the past. Gwi-Ju realizes Da-Hae finds it hard to talk about the day of the fire.

The next day, Da-Hae brings I-Na’s shoes to her at school and realizes I-Na isn’t recognized by the students. Da-Hae meets I-Na, talks to her alone, and asks about Hye-Rim. I-Na is defensive and asks her not to say a word to anyone. If Da-Hae says anything, I-Na will reveal to the whole family that she is a con artist and has kept quiet until now because she wants to teach Man Heum a lesson for being obsessed with superpowers. Da-Hae is frightened when I-Na mentions that she married the first time to get back at her mother for leaving Da-Hae for a lover, the second time to get back at her alcoholic dad who neglected her, and the third time she is finding it difficult because her feelings are getting in the way.

Da-Hae’s trauma

Da-Hae calls her uncle and explains that she is afraid they must stop with the Bok family, as they can see right through her. As she talks, she spots Gwi-Ju, starts running away from him, and hides inside a storage room. Da-Hae’s phone dies, and she cannot call her uncle to rescue her. In a flashback, we see Da-Hae getting bullied and locked inside the storage room. The girls who locked her wanted to see if anyone would come looking for Da-Hae. Unfortunately for Da-Hae, there is a fire, and she is stuck in the room. In the present, Da-Hae relives the trauma, but Gwi-Ju saves her. Seeing Gwi-Ju, Da-Hae breaks down, saying she thought nobody would come looking for her. Gwi-Ju softens and says that maybe he will save her in the past.

The Atypical Family Episode 6 Recap:

The episode begins with Gwi-Ju promising Da-Hae that he will save her, and she has given him hope. Gwi-Ju receives a phone call from I-Na’s homeroom teacher, and Da-Hae seizes the opportunity to escape, informing her uncle that the Bok family sees through her act. Baek Il Hong arrives, and they decide to withdraw strategically from the mission. Learning that I-Na is in a dance club, Gwi-Ju attempts to connect with her, but she prefers Da-Hae’s company.

Recognizing I-Na’s attachment to Da-Hae and his feelings, Gwi-Ju tries to connect with Da-Hae in the sauna. They catch up, and Gwi-Ju asks Da-Hae to talk to I-Na as he finds her behavior odd. However, Da-Hae asks him to speak to his daughter and shares that she finds the Bok family too much to handle because of their superpowers. While leaving, she requests Gwi-Ju to send her belongings over. Instead of sulking, Gwi-Ju gets his act together, starts working out, and stops drinking. Gwi-Ju makes breakfast for I-Na, surprising her and Soon Gu. Despite Da-Hae’s resistance, Gwi-Ju persists, urging her to speak to I-Na again.

Dong-Hee spies on Baek Il Hong

The meeting takes an unexpected turn when I-Na reveals she’s been aware of her superpowers for a while. Suspecting Da-hae’s involvement in Gwi-Ju’s visit to her school, I-Na threatens to expose Da-hae as a fraud. Da-Hae advises her not to keep her powers a secret as it will be hard to keep everything to herself. I-Na’s desire for Da-Hae’s return proposes a unique idea: using the Boks’ superpowers to start a circus! Da-Hae cannot help but feel closer to I-Na. Despite the progress with I-Na, Da-Hae bids farewell to Gwi-Ju.

Meanwhile, Man Heum is finding it difficult to sleep and asks Dong-Hee to spy on Baek Il Hong. Dong-Hee visits the sauna and overhears Grace’s voice asking about someone called Dodari. Recognizing Dong-Hee, Baek Il Hong offers a massage that will help ease her cramps and help her lose weight. The massage appears effective, leaving Dong-Hee feeling lighter. Baek Il Hong asks Dong-Hee to inform Man Heum to stop pursuing Da-Hae.

Han Joon Woo confesses his love for I-Na

The Atypical Family Episodes 5 & 6: Recap & Ending Explained
A still from The Atypical Family Episode 6.

Later, Dong-Hee reveals concerning news about Grace, prompting Gwi-Ju to reveal his powers. Gwi-Ju disappears momentarily and reappears, and Soon Gu reveals that everyone’s powers are returning because of Da-Hae’s. Meanwhile, I-Na is hanging out with her friends in an amusement park, and Joon Woo is sweet to her as always. On the other hand, Hye-Rim wants to ask Joon Woo on a date and requests that I-Na bring Joon Woo to the carousel. While waiting, Joon Woo inquires if I-Na has something to say. Caught off guard, I-Na questions why he’s always so nice to her, to which he admits his affection. Unfortunately, Hye-Rim overhears Joon Woo’s confession, leaving her visibly upset.

Man Heum has a dream about Da-Hae

Not ready to give up, Gwi-Ju waits for Da-Hae to come home and enters her house, asking to learn how to make seaweed soup for I-Na. However, Baek Il Hong overhears him and brings a huge bucket of onions to peel. Meanwhile, Soon Gu and Man Heum arrive at the sauna to discuss Da-Hae and Gwi-Ju. With only one goal in mind, Baek Il Hong tells them she will let Da-Hae near their family after their marriage is confirmed. Sensing Man Heum’s sleep deprivation, Baek Il Hong offers her a massage, during which Man Heum agrees to Da-Hae and Gwi-Ju’s marriage. Everyone is thrilled except for Da-Hae, who seems lost. Thanks to Baek Il Hong’s massage Man Heum has fallen asleep.

Suddenly, everyone hears Man Heum’s scream and rushes to her aid. It turns out she had a dream, and she leaves the sauna in a hurry. Man Heum is unwilling to reveal the dream entirely, but she asks Gwi-Ju if he wants to marry Da-Hae. Gwi-Ju is sure about it, and Man Heum agrees. Encouraged by Man Heum’s dream, Gwi-Ju proposes to Da-Hae, saying Man Heum has dreamt about their wedding. Baek Il Hong and the family celebrate, and Grace congratulates Da-Hae (but calls her Dodari) for pulling this off.

The Atypical Family Episode 6 Recap:

Will Gwi-Ju and Da-Hae get married?

As doubts plague Da-Hae, she exits the party early. In her usual demeanor, I-Na sends her wishes to Da-Hae with the message, “Congratulations, scammer.” The Bok family is preparing for a small wedding ceremony in their backyard. Man Heum helps Gwi-Ju prepare and says the ceremony will be like a Band-Aid quick and may hurt a little. Meanwhile, I-Na waits for Hye-Rim, who returns I-Na’s gifts by saying I-Na creeps her out because she can see right through her, but Hye-Rim does not understand I-Na. Soon Gu tells Da-Hae that if Gwi-Ju loses his hope now, he will never be able to recover.

Dong-Hee tricks Grace into revealing that Da-Hae uses sleeping pills to put Man Heum to sleep. Motivated by Grace’s revelation, Dong-Hee rummages through Da-Hae’s room and finds the family’s ring. Now that Dong-Hee has proof, she wants to tell the family about it, but Grace tries to stop her. In their quarrel, Dong-Hee falls off the first floor but is not hurt as she hovers in mid-air. Grace witnesses this and is shocked. On the wedding day, Da-Hae can no longer keep up the charade. Da-Hae confesses to the Bok family that she’s a fraud, leaving Gwi-Ju heartbroken.

At the end of the episode, Da-Hae is unable to con the Bok family anymore and confesses that she is a fraud, surprising even I-Na. However, there is more to Man Heum’s dream. Seeing that the Bok family’s powers are returning because of Da-Hae, there is a chance that the wedding may take place. Da-Hae has feelings for Gwi-Ju, but she is afraid to show it, and Gwi-Ju has also fallen in love with Da-Hae. The question is, what will happen to Baek Il Hong now that the truth is revealed? Da-Hae may cut contact with the Bok family for a while, but her love may push her to get back together with Gwi-Ju.

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