Siddhartha Bose

My name is Siddhartha Bose – I’m a 21 year old Bengali male from Kolkata currently living in Mumbai, finishing a postgraduate course in Film and TV production, having formerly graduated (and majored) in Mass Communication and Videography. During these years in my journey to becoming a professional filmmaker, I’ve been participating in the process in various capacities – writing, directing, editing, acting and sound-recording. I take a keen interest in film and cultural writing as well, from an academic perspective and enjoy film analysis and extrapolation down to each frame – not just analysis of content, but also form and aesthetics, from sociopolitical and/or feminist perspectives. My favourite films include 2001: A Space Odyssey, Pulp Fiction, Taxi Driver, Agantuk, The 400 Blows, Memories of Murder and Gangs of Wasseypur.