Crunchyroll has struck big time as it announced the capture of ‘Bastions,’ the new animated series from the members of BTS. ‘Bastions’ is all set to stream on the anime-focused video streaming platform from 13 May (Saturdays) until its five-part season concludes. Other big anime series lined up for a release on Crunchyroll in the near future include Suzume, while hit animes like Jujitsu Kaizen and Demon Slayer are already available to stream. The announcement about the involvement of BTS came back in the month of April, when Bastions’ future was still up in the air. 

The show will be focused on “a group of rookie superheroes in a world where they compete for popularity. and emerge as full-fledged heroes after saving Earth from a crisis by uncovering the identity of a villain responsible for environmental pollution.”

The endeavour marks one of the first ventures fusing K-Pop and animation produced by the Korean group SBS. This might not be the last of BTS in such a series, and there might also be the possibility of featuring more K-Pop bands in the near future. Speaking on the acquisition of the world rights to Bastions, Asa Suehira, Crunchyroll’s Chief Content Officer, expressed her delight at “hosting the citing series from Korea” and believes BTS’ attachment will add to the hysteria for Bastions. 

“Crunchyroll has an extraordinary opportunity to introduce fans to more animation styles from Asia, and this exciting new series from Korea does just that, and having the music of so many K-pop stars really broadens the appeal of Bastions.” The release of Bastion comes at a time when the group is going through tough times. Members of BTS had announced previously that the band would “disband” temporarily as their mandatory military conscription obligations were left unfulfilled. However, in a big relief to its global fanbase, BTS announced they would reunite in 2025 to create more smashing hits.

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“BTS is expected to provide an overwhelming sense of immersion to the emotions and action scenes of the series by singing the theme song in perfect harmony,” Thymos Media said of Bastions in a statement. The group is limited to performing the theme song for the anime series, which will also feature more tracks from K-Pop artists like LeSserafilm and singers Heize and AleXa. The theme song comes almost 11 months after BTS released “Proof” in June of last year, where all seven members lent their vocals. 

You can check out the teaser for Bastions below:

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