Black Adam Movie Ending & Mid-Credit Scene Explained – Is Superman Back?

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Black Adam (2022) Movie Ending & Mid-Credit Scene Explained: A villain in the popular sense, Black Adam is presented to modern-day audiences as an antihero in his cinematic debut. The term anti-hero itself is challenged in Jaume Collet-Serra’s DCEU offering, with different people viewing and positioning one person in different ways. Black Adam had to bear great expectations on its shoulders, as the re-launch of the DCEU depended upon it. The top-tier superheroes, i.e. Batman, Superman, Flash, Aquaman, etc. came in and got criticism from some corners. A major one was that, unlike Marvel, DC hadn’t allowed (for lack of a better term-tier 2) superheroes to thrive.

This film does just that and builds on The Suicide Squad (2021). In introducing new characters, and presenting a symbol of HOPE to DC fans, the hard TRUTH is that they really did JUSTICE to the template of a superhero film. Black Adam isn’t one that will stand out from the expected CGI messes and a sprinkling of the typical humor one has come to expect from such films.


Black Adam: Plot Summary and Movie Synopsis 

Black Adam shows the story of Teth-Adam in 2600 BC, kind of like an origin story about how he secured his powers before getting entombed. Years later, in the present day, a group is eager to find The Crown of Sabbac (a crown made from Eternium) and enter a closed location. Here, they discover the artifact but get trapped. Adrianna Tomaz utters the code to get assistance to free herself. Inadvertently, she releases Adam from his slumber. After years away, he thinks bullets are magic and brands the mercenaries’ “magic” as “weak”. Following a battle that ensues, Teth-Adam emerges victorious. However, he has no urge to be a hero. Amon changes this by provoking Intergang to attack him. Once Adam engages with them, Amanda Waller orders the Justice Society of America to capture him. Dwayne Johnson’s character overpowers the quartet (Dr. Fate, Hawkman, Cyclone, and Atom Smasher) with ease, but they learn about The Crown of Sabbac. The JSA then realizes that they must deal with the bigger threat.


A double agent named Ishmael corners Amon, resulting in Teth-Adam leaping in to save the day. The JSA assists, but Amon gets taken captive. Adam kills the henchmen, but Hawkman manages to capture two of them alive. Once Adam frightens the boss’ whereabouts of one of them, he heads back to Adrianna’s flat. We get a Hawkman vs Black Adam there, with the Justice League posters getting destroyed; all bar one. Adrianna urges the 5 to work as a team and they reach the rendezvous to trade Amon for The Crown of Sabbac. 

After a double cross, Adam loses control and kills Ishmael. He then flees to the ruined palace of King Anh-Kot, where he reveals the truth about the Wizards’ gift and Hurut. Teth-Adam also reveals the catalyst behind his actions and surrenders his power. He then gets placed in a pod at Waller’s prison, but Dr. Fate sees that nothing has changed. He heads into battle alone, frees Teth Adam, provokes him to retake his power, and paves the way for him to get back to Kahndaq and destroy Sabbac. The film ends with the man known as Teth Adam taking Amon’s advice and coming up with a new moniker, i.e. Black Adam.


Who are the Justice Society of America in this film?

A predecessor of the Justice League, the Justice Society of America is a league of minor superheroes. In this film, they are under the command of Amanda Waller and comprise fresh faces and veterans. In Black Adam, the names that form this team are Cyclone, Atom Smasher, Hawkman, and Dr. Fate.

Why does the Justice Society of America help Black Adam?

The JSA had to capture Black Adam, or rather, negotiate terms for his peaceful surrender. However, later in the film, he said he’s not peaceful, and he does not surrender. This was evident with the full-scale battle in Kahndaq. However, whilst ensuring that humans weren’t collateral damage, Dr. Fate sensed The Crown of Sabbac and knew that they had to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

As Black Adam was against the ones harming Amon and Adrianna (the ones with the crown), the JSA helped Black Adam in fending them off. This was more like an enemy of my enemy is my friend scenario, rather than them actually wanting to work together. Adrianna’s stern words also got this idea across.


Why did Ishmael want the Crown of Sabbac for himself? 

To know this, we must first understand who Ishmael was. Ishmael, part of Adrianna’s team, faked his own death in the mountains. It was later revealed that he was an Intergang double agent and the last descendant of King Anh-Kot. By getting the crown, he could reclaim his family’s throne. This makes the Adam part confusing as they could have gotten The Crown, even without awakening the sleeping superpowered being. However, Adam seems to have been relevant, as he has to be there to kill Ishmael and send him to the Rock of Finality. Also, the awakening of Teth-Adam was thanks to Adrianna and not something Ishmael had engineered. We can attribute that to convenience and sheer dumb luck.


As Ishmael had the crown when he reached this place, it permitted him to be reborn as Sabbac. 

Where did Ishmael go after Black Adam ‘killed’ him? 

Once Ishmael went back on his word and shot a bullet at Amon, Teth-Adam swiftly moved in to save him. The JSA members protected the ones in danger (Hawkman covered Adrianna, Dr. Fate covered Amon, and Atom Smasher covered Cyclone) from Adam’s destructive power. Ishmael bore the brunt of it and was seemingly eviscerated. However, once Adrianna studied the texts, she realized her former associate had taken an ancient myth literally and attempted to fulfill a prophecy in The Rock of Finality, i.e. the place that is the opposite of the source of the crown’s metal (Eternium- seemingly from Rock of Eternity)

What was the point of Teth Adam saying Shazam before the final act?

This is symbolic of the future not always being what one thinks it will be. Dr. Fate sees Hawkman’s demise and tries to stop it by aiding in Adam’s capture. However, after that, it is revealed that Ishmael has commenced the process of turning into Sabbac. This may leave audiences bewildered, as they will be expecting Teth-Adam to break free, regain his powers, and zoom back into Kahndaq. So why did this happen? The future can be seen, but must be interpreted. Dr. Fate interpreted a scenario where Teth-Adam saying “Shazam” would rid him of his powers and prevent Hawkman’s demise. Perhaps that is why he didn’t step in to try to change things. 

Dr. Fate saw that even imprisoning Adam did not change anything. Hence, he had to chart out another course to change events in favor of the protagonists. This creative choice resulted in Black Adam having two origin stories set precisely 4622 years apart, i.e. An original origin story and a modern-day origin story.


Who was the real Champion of Kahndaq – the one with a statue in his honor?

After feeling guilty about killing Ishmael due to how he lost control, Teth-Adam fled to the palace ruins. Adam then narrated the incident from 2600 BC to Hawkman. He revealed it was his son Hurut who secured the powers from the wizards. However, the king took revenge on Isis and Teth due to which Hurut transferred the powers to his father. Subsequently, an arrow struck Hurut and killed him. This enraged Teth-Adam, who stormed the palace and got revenge for his family. This also solved the myth of the statue in Kahndaq. It wasn’t of Teth Adam, but of Hurut. 

Could Dr. Fate return?

Dr. Fate was someone who could always see into the future and had his mind clouded with possibilities and permutations. Eventually, in the final battle, he saw nothing and admitted that it felt good. He used his abilities to prevent Hawkman, Cyclone, and Atom Smasher from entering the palace and took on Sabbac single-handedly. Using powers that will permit audiences to compare him to Dr. Strange, Fate multiplied, stood toe-to-toe with Sabbac, and freed Teth-Adam from the Task Force X prison.


He then ran out of steam and took a punch from Sabbac before evaporating. However, his helmet remained in Kahndaq. Once the battle was won, Hawkman picked up the helmet and thanked his old friend. At this point, it may have seemed believable that his helmet would be passed on to someone worthy. But DC wasn’t having any of it as they had the golden helmet evaporate before Hawkman and Black Adam’s eyes. Hence, Dr. Fate will not return, and nor will another character use that exact helmet. 

Black Adam Movie Ending Post Credit Scene Explained (3)

Black Adam Movie Ending, Explained:

The ending of Black Adam sees Teth-Adam pick up on another valuable lesson, just as he had done throughout the film, and trap Sabbac. When Hawkman, with help from Dr. Fate, trapped the villain, Black Adam picked him into the air and brutally split him apart from the skull to hand him a gruesome end. Hawkman told Adam that he was glad to see him and the Justice Society of America member spoke about Adam’s power.


He then ascended to the throne, but told Amon that it didn’t feel right. Adam once again levitated and performed a superhero landing to turn the throne into dust. He promised to be a protector rather than a hero to Kahndaq. When asked what’s next, he revealed his name change to keep in with the times. It was in tune with his costume change, in favor of something a bit more glossy.

The location of his next adventure could be a bit confusing, especially if the mid-credit scene gets taken into consideration. Well, not confusing…

Why did Adam not declare himself the ruler of Kahndaq?

This may have been due to his understanding that it wouldn’t have been any different from King Anh-Kot’s regime almost 5000 years ago. As a protector, Black Adam could be one of the people of Kahndaq and truly live up to the gifts bestowed upon him. It also fits with the theme of western invaders entering and plundering lands for their resources. This is a point mentioned in the film, proving that the natives are tired of people (Intergang) coming and installing themselves in positions of power by force. Had Black Adam declared himself a ruler, there would have been no difference between the mercenaries, King Anh-Kot, and him.

Black Adam Mid-Credit Scene Explained – Is Superman back for good? 

Black Adam remained at the palace in Kahndaq and received a video message from Amanda Waller. She revealed she was okay with Adam not wanting to be in one of her prisons, but warned him to not step foot outside his home or she would send people to deal with him. When Adam spoke about how he countered the Justice Society of America, Waller revealed her people could be from the outside earth. At this point, she faded away and Superman appeared on our screen. 

Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) told Black Adam that not many people have managed to get the world talking about them. He told Black Adam that he wanted to chat. 

This could set up a potential entry for Black Adam to the Justice League. It could also set up a monumental Superman vs Black Adam, but it’s doubtful that DC would take this route after the panned Batman vs Superman. 

Superman’s arrival seemed certain as he was one character whose poster didn’t get damaged in the Hawkman vs Black Adam scene in Amon’s bedroom. Was it telling that Kal-el is someone on par, or superior to Black Adam? Is this the theme their talk will have?


Is this a sign that Superman is Amanda Waller’s lackey? That would be too cheap a term for the Man of Steel. However, it is possible that this is DC’s attempt to distance themselves from The Justice League (Snyderverse and the successful animated series) and establish the Justice Society of America, i.e. something that will not have a direct comparison and allow them to let numerous minor characters get the rub of the biggies. The latter seems likely, and Superman is the man to lead it, as he had the biggest fan appeal to get him back. Of course, Flashpoint could get the others in as well, with their subsequent movies getting everything in order. However, Superman seems to be here to stay as he is Waller’s man in the film.

Does Black Adam have a post-credit scene?

No. Black Adam does not have a post-credit scene. The DC film just has one mid-credit scene.

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