Black Mirror Season 6 Episode 4 “Mazey Day” Recap & Ending Explained: In “Mazey Day,” the fourth episode from Black Mirror Season 6, the early 2000s become the backdrop for an anxiety-led exploration of celebrity culture and the dark world of paparazzi. The story follows Bo, a photographer who thrives on capturing compromising images of famous individuals. As she delves deeper into her morally complex profession, the consequences of her actions unravel, leaving a profound impact on both herself and the subjects of her intrusive lens.

Meanwhile, Hollywood actress Mazey Day grapples with her demons, finding an unexpected connection between her struggles and the paparazzi’s relentless pursuit. 

The episode poses thought-provoking questions about fame, privacy, and the moral implications of sensationalism in the media, ultimately challenging us to reflect on our humanity in a society obsessed with stardom.

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Black Mirror (Season 6), Episode 4 “Mazey Day” Recap:

Mazey Day, Episode 4 of Black Mirror (Season 6), opens in the early 2000s. The setting becomes instantly clear as we hear Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’s daughter being named on the radio. Our protagonist, Bo, is a secretive photographer who clicks pictures of celebrities in compromised situations and earns a living from it. She also uses an early version of Windows on her laptop, indicating the episode is set in the past.

Despite his requests, Bo takes pictures of a TV celebrity named Justin Camley and sells them to the newspaper. The next day, when she buys herself a coffee, the news bulletin announces that Justin Campley has committed suicide due to the leak of his pictures. Bo is filled with guilt, but her fellow photographer friends tell her that she is doing her job and it is instead the celebrities’ fault for seeking fame. We see all of them gathering around a star arriving at one of their locations, and one of Bo’s coworkers slut-shames the actor. At that moment, Bo rethinks her morality and questions whether her actions are right or wrong.

The episode then shifts to the set of a Scottish drama with Hollywood actress Mazey Day in a leading role. When the day’s shoot is over, she retires to her room and practices her lines but soon gets distracted by a treat she received from a crew member on set. She consumes an edible and, while enjoying it, accidentally breaks her wine glass. She then takes her keys and decides to drive in the rain while under the influence of the edible. While driving, she hits something on the road but runs away instead.

Mazey Day is extremely anxious the following day and decides to leave the production in Czech. On her way, she notices a roadblock and inquires about what happened. The police inform her that a man was killed in what they believe to be a hit-and-run case.

Meanwhile, Bo has left the paparazzi culture behind, which has led to her being late on her rent. She now works at a barista, where her friend comes to meet her and asks if she can help him obtain photographs of Mazey Day, who has gone underground after supposedly being kicked out of her production two weeks ago. Bo initially declines, stating that she is not interested. However, since she desperately needs money, she later calls her contact and tries to trace Mazey.

Black Mirror.. (L to R) Robbie Tann as Whitty, Zazie Beetz as Bo, Danny Ramirez as Hector, James Rees as Duke in Black Mirror. Cr. Nick Wall/Netflix © 2023.

After tailing some possible leads, she discovers that Mazey lives in a producer’s house. She sets up shop outside the house and eagerly awaits any movement. Meanwhile, Mazey, who is overpowered by guilt, has a breakdown and calls her doctor for help. The celebrity doctor suggests that she needs isolation from everything in the city to get well. Thus, Mazey, her security, and the doctor leave the town.

Bo follows them in her car, leading to a diner on the outskirts. As she places herself safely, Mazey’s guard approaches her and deflates all the car’s tires. They leave after that. Bo, without any means of tailing them, goes into the diner and discusses the availability of a nearby motel to stay. The diner guy tells her that only a single retreat is nearby, usually reserved for rich folks. He also informs her that she won’t be able to get in because it has been reserved for a single person through the weekend.

Desperate to make the most of the situation, Bo calls Hector, who rides on his bike and reaches her. They get to the retreat together but cannot figure out what to do next. Just then, their two other paparazzi colleagues (the ones who badmouthed a star back at the club) arrive too, which makes Hector realize that they have a tracker installed in his bike.

Together, the four of them somehow manage to trespass onto the property and notice that the guard and the doctor (whom they refer to as a kind of voodoo celebrity doctor) have left the premises. They all approach the cabin, and when Bo notices that Mazzy has been chained, she breaks in. Bo is more concerned about unchaining her while the other three take pictures of her in that state.

Black Mirror Season 6 Episode 4 “Mazey Day” Ending Explained:

Why does Mazey Day turn into a werewolf?

As the three of them relentlessly click her pictures, Mazey both begs and warns them to stay away from her. As she sits there in a vulnerable state, Bo can see her pain, but the others don’t. In a twisted turn of events, Mazey looks up at the full moon and transforms into a werewolf. Flashes of memories reveal that she had hit a wolf, leading her to turn into a monster herself.

Writer Charlie Brooker and director Uta Briesewitz use this metaphor of paparazzi as wolves, highlighting their intrusive behavior in celebrities’ lives, which often turns their lives into a mess, consuming them from within. When Mazey turns into a werewolf, the first thing she does is kill the two photographers who aren’t letting her have a private moment to herself.

Bo and Hector run from the scene, but we can see Hector taking the dead paparazzi’s camera, signifying their greed is greater than their own lives. They rush to the diner where they met earlier, locking themselves in. There is a local cop inside, but Bo, terrified of the situation, tries to take away his gun. However, Mazey, in her wolf form, enters and starts killing everyone.

Hector is still clicking pictures before he, too, gets killed. Right before he dies, he hands over his camera to Bo, who finally stumbles upon the cop’s gun and takes a shot at the werewolf. As Mazey returns to her original state, she begs Bo to kill her. However, Bo hands her the gun and tells her to do it herself while she captures the shot of her doing the deed.

The ending of Black Mirror Season 6, Episode 4, signifies that Bo’s humanity is intact. Still, when she aligns with the biggest shot of her career – capturing a celebrity killing herself – she decides to capture that moment instead of helping a miserable person.

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Black Mirror (Season 6) Episode 4 “Mazey Day” Cast – Zazie Beetz, Danny Ramirez, Clara Rugaard, Robbie Tann
Genres: Sci-Fi, Drama
Network: Netflix
Air Date: Jun 15, 2023
Directed By: Uta Briesewitz
Written By: Charlie Brooker
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