If you’re a massive fan of 2021 hit movie Free Guy, starring Ryan Reynolds, then you may have been just as impressed with Guy’s collection of super stylish lightly-tinted glasses as you were with the plot of the film! While the character’s shades feature customized elements designed specifically for the movie, each is based on the three designs below – meaning it’s easy to get these looks yourself!

Eyeconic Oakleys

Ryan Reynolds’s character wears these distinctive pair of rectangular-shaped shades with super subtle orange-tinted lenses early on in Free Guy – while this particular pair may be custom-made for the movie, it’s easy to find sunnies with a similar sporty vibe online. If you want to capture Reynolds’ look in the show perfectly, look for shades that incorporate both a square shape and sharp angles around the hinges.

Dita Nacht 2

And now for something really special. Reynolds also boasts a pair of Dita Nacht 2 shades in Free Guy: this wrap frame with a cyberpunk vibe is something entirely out of the ordinary. The digitally sculpted molded cup lenses incorporate rubber interiors for comfort and a distinctive vintage motorbike-goggles aesthetic. These sunglasses are made using 3D printing technology, and this, combined with their old-school appeal, offers a truly one-of-a-kind appeal. In the words of the brand itself: dystopian future meets 1960s French cinema.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer

And finally, Reynolds is regularly seen wearing a classic pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers sunglasses in the show. With its signature rectangular shape and sleek black frames, this iconic design first appeared in the 1950s and has never gone out of style since. In fact, Wayfarers remains one of the biggest-selling, best-loved, and most recognizable sunglasses models in the world today.

What is the Significance of Glasses in Free Guy?

In Free Guy, Reynolds plays Guy, an NPC (a non-player character) who works as a bank teller in an immensely-populated open-world video game. The players in the game wear sunglasses, clearly marking them out from the hordes of NPCs who live out (oblivious of their status) their scripted lives. Guy, like all the other NPCs, has no idea that he’s living in a game.

However, things change when a real-world player catches the attention of Reynolds’ Guy, ultimately resulting in him deviating from his programming and taking control of his virtual life. From this point in the movie onwards, he dons the stellar selection of shades listed above. Slick shades clearly equal breaking free from a predetermined path and embracing one’s own destiny.

All of the eyewear features lightly-tinted lenses – tipped to be a hot sunglasses trend for 2023 and beyond.

Lightly-Tinted Lenses

Free Guy might have brought lightly-tinted lenses back into the popular spotlight, but they have an impressive pedigree. They first appeared back in the 1970s in an oversized carnation, resurfacing again in the 1990s and again in the 2000s – this time with very light-blue lenses.

Thanks to Free Guy – and several other recent appearances in hit tv shows and movies – lightly-tinted lenses are hot again. If you’ve not come across them before, they’re exactly as they sound: lenses that aren’t as opaque as the ‘regular’ dark lenses of standard sunglasses. There are lots of reasons that this eyewear option works so well, not least of which is that the wearer’s eyes can be more easily seen. On the small and silver screens, this is obviously a big advantage, allowing the audience to better see and read the actors’ facial expressions.

And for us mere mortals? Lightly-tinted lenses add a slightly off-beat edge to a look and are a great way to subtly experiment with different colored lenses that either complement or contrast with eyewear frames. And finally, cost: getting a tint added to a standard lens is significantly cheaper than opting for polarized lenses.

Which Sunglasses Tint Should I Choose?

If Free Guy has got you convinced about getting new eyewear that incorporates lightly-tinted lenses, there’s something important to bear in mind: different colored tints deliver different benefits.

So, while the classic gray reduces brightness and glare, amber and brown tints will brighten vision on cloudy or dull days and are perfect for sports, including cycling and fishing. Green, on the other hand, is great for reducing eye strain in bright light, reduces glare, and is a good choice for those who enjoy precision outdoor sports, such as golf. Orange and yellow tints increase contrast in low-light, foggy and hazy conditions and are often worn by those who partake in indoor sports or snow activities. And then there are red or pink-tinted lenses, which can help prevent eye strain connected to computer use and block blue light emitted from electronic devices.

Free Guy: Making a Sunglasses Statement

In the show, Guy’s sunglasses are a clear statement of his new intention to break free: each pair is worn with his otherwise ‘normal’ clothes, indicating the shift in his mindset. If, like Reynolds’ character, you want to break free of the mold and try some distinctive new sunglasses this summer, consider opting for a pair with lightly-tinted lenses to make a subtle but stylish statement.

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