Daisy Jones & The Six Episodes 4, 5 & 6: Recap & Ending Explained

Daisy Jones & The Six (Miniseries) Episodes 4, 5 & 6: Once the music found a stable path, personal relationships began falling apart. With the addition of Daisy Jones to the band, Billy Dunne had to share his usual prominence on stage and learn how to write based on imperfections and failures.

The more they delved into each other’s minds, the more they became lovers. Realizing she was not the one anymore, Camila Alvarez gave in to the temptation of having affairs and keeping her own secrets. On the opposite side, Karen Sirko gave Graham Dunne a chance on the condition that their relationship remained anonymous. A woman like her was not interested in being a groupie, but in creating a beat, they would dance to.

Daisy Jones & The Six Episodes 4, 5 & 6:

Episode 4 – I Saw The Light

At the end of the ‘70s, The Six was at the top of a rollercoaster. As Honeycomb, featuring Daisy Jones, hit the charts over a few weeks, Billy Dunne and Camila Alvarez moved to a rented house while the others stayed together. By the time they were focusing on recording new material or experiencing new drugs, the band was invited to play at the Diamond Festival in Hawaii. Although Billy was still unhappy with the changes in the song, he performed it live with Daisy without further questioning. She felt so comfortable on stage that the audience reacted warmly, making her stay to sing some more. After the show, they gave an interview where Dunne downplayed Jone’s contribution to the lyrics and implied she no longer would collaborate with them.

Simone Jackson discovered that the record producer she worked with had stolen her voice to dub another person. Daisy planned revenge on her friend, but Jackson intervened before she could do anything. As the experienced singer needed a fresh start, she decided to go to New York, hoping to be close to a love interest she met at a party. Jones then moved to a hotel to be surrounded by people, though it happened the other way around. Feeling even more lonely, the singer broke up in her childhood house and ended up being arrested. Finally, Sirko was called to the police station to release Daisy, learning about her reality off stage.

Camila and Billy’s bond was stronger than ever. Yet the photographer was a mother, she still saw The Six as a family and encouraged their endeavors. In order to motivate them, Alvarez threw a party where Jones and Dunne could be reunited. He got pissed with that attitude, but the vocalist apologized to Daisy instead of arguing and invited her to join the group. On the other hand, she did not feel convinced and walked away, but Camila ran after her, convincing the girl to stay so she could jam with the guests.

However, while some connections were being made, others were becoming more fragile. Following Alvarez’s advice, Graham tried to declare his feeling for Karen, kissing her the same night. Since establishing a relationship could compromise her freedom, she chose to turn him down, still not knowing what consequences it would bring in the near future.

Episode 5 – Fire

At the end of 1975, Daisy Jones and The Six got together to record their first album as a band. As expected, the two singers did not get along very well. Both represented the creative force behind the music. Hence there was no way of disassociating them from their strong ideals. Billy wanted to work on pre-written songs about his relationship with Camila. On the opposite side, Daisy was willing to put her own compositions aside to create something new, merging the band’s ideas. Ultimately, it was up to Teddy Price to decide, so he kicked the duo out of the studio to focus on knowing each other and working without intermissions.

Warren Rojas, the drummer, went to spend the afternoon with Eddie Roundtree at the movies, while Graham chose the beach. Karen invited herself to join him, but she was not counting on knowing the guitarist’s new girlfriend along the way. During their first interaction, it became clear to Sirko that the couple had nothing in common. Caroline was a traditional girl whose interests ranged from studying medicine to pop music, whereas Graham had already set the goal of conquering the world as a musician.

While catching the waves with Karen, he implied that his date was nothing but physical attraction, making her intentionally jealous. Since his feelings for Sirko were still valid, she changed her mind and grabbed him as soon as they got home. Meanwhile, Caroline kept waiting outside, unaware she would be a single woman soon.

Before getting to the album, Jones and Dunne decided to stop at a diner. Once there, he started humming the melody of the tune stolen from Daisy a while ago, so she let him know it was actually hers. Billy then admitted it was great, surrendering to her musical taste. After that, they got into Teddy’s house and had a brainstorming to find any ideas, drafts, or concepts that could be useful.

The discussion came to a point where they shared similar traumas, such as family abandonment and drug addiction. As it led the duo to explore their imperfections, the song Let Me Down Easy was born from the idea of persisting in hopeless actions, even though it was contradictory. The band had approved the lyrics in the studio, so they quietly put the music together.

Daisy Jones & The Six Episodes 4, 5 & 6

Episode 6 – Whatever Gets You Thru The Night

Despite the constant fighting, the so-called Aurora sessions were productive. The two songwriters wrote about eight tunes in a couple of weeks, and journalist Jonah Berg, from Rolling Stone Magazine, was called to document the band’s process of merging words with arraignments. On an intimate aspect, however, feelings were mixing up. Billy and Daisy spent so much time together that they could complete each other’s thoughts anytime.

Consequently, he became distant from the family, so Camila realized something else could be going on between them. The photographer even found strong evidence between the verses for Please, a song about resisting the temptation to cheat. When asked about it, Dunne stated it was actually Jone’s words, and although Alvarez was not totally convinced, she could not prove the man was lying.

One night the fear expressed in that composition became palpable. In order to finish an idea, Daisy and Billy end up on the beach making confessions. The young girl told him her real name was Margareth, explaining it came from her desire to be someone else. Dunne felt more comfortable admitting that Jones made Honeycomb better, to which she promptly agreed. After saying goodbye, they almost slept together in her hotel room, but the guilt made him change his mind. Jones then proceeded to get some fresh air and bumped into Jonah, who took the chance to make a move by distorting Billy’s words about their relationship. Desolated, she gave in to drugs again, missing the recording session the following day to the displeasure of the band’s frontman.

In response to her attitude, Dunne composed More Fun To Miss, which suggested she was nothing but a recreation. Finally, Jones exploded with him about her feelings, so he gave up and kissed her. The events that came next made everything even more blurry. During a band’s photo shoot, the journalist had a conversation with Billy, in which he threatened to write about what happened the night his child was born. On the other side, Graham discussed his future with Karen as the vocalist argued with Daisy for spilling the tea. While he wanted to date her publicly, she was too talented to be known as the guitarist’s girlfriend. In the end, he understood the keyboardist’s point and accepted it was better to forget about that issue.

Daisy Jones & The Six Episode 6 Ending, Explained:

Meanwhile, the frontman’s women were drifting away from him. Camila, who had followed the events from afar until that moment, cheated on her husband with Eddie. On the other hand, Jones channeled her rage to music. So Regret Me was an attempt to value herself above others, especially those who were afraid of loving her. This particular one made him so mad that he told the journalist about Daisy’s drug addiction after the recording sessions to avoid being seen as a negligent father. By the time the story came out in the magazine, the singer was on an unexpected trip to Greece. However, despite what she had planned, running away from unrequited passion could not mend her heart. The better way to do it was to pick up its pieces without thinking about how broken it would appear whenever someone looked closer.

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