Renowned filmmaker David Lynch is planning to make his comeback with an animated movie after a long hiatus. The filmmaker’s last feature came almost two decades ago, but now he is back with a new project that he wants to see completed. The legendary filmmaker is currently working on “Snootworld,” which is an animated feature that he has co-written with Caroline Thompson.

During an interview with Deadline, Lynch revealed that he pitched his film to Netflix, But the streaming giant turned it down: “Snootworld is kind of an old-fashioned story, and animation today is more about surface jokes. Old-fashioned fairytales are considered groaners: apparently, people don’t want to see them. It’s a different world now, and it’s easier to say no than to say yes.”

Since his project was rejected by Netflix, Lynch’s hunt to find a financier for his film continues.

What can be expected with David Lynch’s upcoming animated movie?

As mentioned above, with “Snootworld,” David Lynch will be making his comeback. This indeed seems huge for Lynch as he began working on the script two decades ago with former collaborator Caroline Thompson. Thompson’s screenwriting projects include The Nightmare Before Christmas and Edward Scissorhands, as well as the 1991 hit The Addams Family.

Talking about his project, Lynch shared that his idea didn’t please the streaming giant, Netflix, hence they rejected it. Lynch said during an interview with Deadline,

“I don’t know when I started thinking about Snoots but I’d do these drawings of Snoots, and then a story started to emerge. I got together with Caroline and we worked on a script. Just recently I thought someone might be interested in getting behind this so I presented it to Netflix in the last few months but they rejected it.”

Despite Netflix’s rejection of his project, Lynch didn’t lose hope, and he still believes in Snootworld‘s potential. The screen legend claimed, “I like this story. It’s something that children and adults can both appreciate…I’ve never really done a straight animation, but with computers today, it’s possible to do some spectacular things.”

Providing a glimpse of what the film is about, Lynch’s collaborator Thompson described the storyline as ‘wacky.’ He said,

“It takes my breath away how wacky it is. The Snoots are these tiny creatures who have a ritual transition at aged eight at which time they get tinier and they’re sent away for a year so they are protected. The world goes into chaos when the Snoot hero of the story disappears into the carpet and his family can’t find him and he enters a crazy, magnificent world”.

While Lynch wrote the middle act of the script, Thompson wrote the first and final acts of “Snootworld.” As of now, it’s not clear if Lynch will also be helming the film, but the possibility remains open. He said he had harbored hopes his filmmaker daughter Jennifer may take it on but that she has “so many things in the pipeline that she ultimately thought it would be better for me or someone else to direct it.”

Jennifer Lynch is a prolific TV director prominently known for directing  American Horror Story.

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