Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba (Season 3), Episode 10 Recap & Ending Explained: Though Mitsuri Kanroji finaly gets her time in the spotlight, this latest episode cannot quite shake off the flashback and pacing problems that have been hindering the show all season long. Despite that, it is a decent episode that gives us (and Zohakuten) an idea of just how powerful Mitsuri really is, contrary to the impression that she gives off at times. Ending with another cliffhanger before the extended 70-minute-long season finale, fans will likely return for it in what has been a topsy–turvy season as a whole.

Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba (Season 3), Episode 10 Recap:

When Mitsuri declares that she will stop Zohakuten who has gone too far, he insults her by calling her a tramp, which understandably offends and angers the Hashira. She thinks of him as being similar in height and build to her younger brother, before remembering that demons do not actually look their age. As she is musing by herself, Zohakuten attacks her but she blocks it with an attack of her own.

Displeased by his sudden attack, Mitsuri attacks the demon, who is surprised with her agility and ability to keep up with him. She prepares and executes consecutive attacks against Zohakuten, who decides to respond with a technique of his own but that is cut through by Mitsuri as well. She reaches what she thinks is the demon’s main body to behead it.

Catching on to her mistake, Tanjiro quickly informs her of that not being his real body but it is too late for her to avoid the supersonic sound wave attack from Zohakuten. Though injured, Mitsuri survives the strong attack, which impresses Zohakuten enough to make him decide to eat her to grow stronger. He attacks her as a flashback begins.

Standing on a bridge with a man, her prospective fiancé, Mitsuri is insulted by the man who says that only a bear, boar or pig would want to be married to her. He is also disgusted by the very thought of her pink hair being passed onto his descendants, and the marriage interview is ended. He leaves, but not before telling her to forget about him and the fact that the marriage interview happened.

It is then revealed that Mitsuri has a unique muscle structure, as she might look weak but her muscle density is eight times that of a normal person. When she was just over a year old, she was able to lift a thirty – three pound (15 kg) stone and had a voracious appetite, able to eat even more than three sumo wrestlers, not to mention defeat them in arm wrestling. On the day that marriage discussion ended, she decided to hide all these traits, dyeing her pink hair black, eating less and hiding her strength. But this causes her a of distress.

In the present, Tanjiro, Nezuko and Genya have managed to move her out of harm’s way and thus avoid Zohakuten’s attack. They say that Mitsuri is their last ray of hope as she has the most potential out of all of them, and that no one will die if she wakes up and resumes the fight. Amused, Zohakuten unleashes another powerful attack, but Mitsuri defends everyone by slashing through it, apologizing for her mistake and telling the demon that she will not lose to an evil being like him. She also says she will protect that which is important to her, namely the Demon Slayer Corps.

A still from Demon Slayer Season 3 Episode 10.
A still from Demon Slayer Season 3 Episode 10.

Another flashback begins, where she is seated in front of Kagaya Ubayashiki, who tells her that the gods have a special love for her, and that she should take pride in her own strength. Anyone who talks poorly of her traits is just jealous and wants to be like her. Bursting into tears at his kind words, Mitsuri thanks him profusely, as well her parents in her mind. She is happy to be accepted by the demon slayers, and is in turn thanked by the people she saved from demons.

One day, she is eating with Obanai Iguro who gives her the striped socks she always wears, and she is thankful for the gift, promising to treasure it. Obanai tells her that it is not necessary, as he will give her a new pair should they get damaged, which makes her happy. Mitsuri then thinks to herself about how she used to ponder over her strength and if it was okay for a girl to be strong, realizing that she held back her strength because she was afraid; now, though, she will not hold back anymore.

Slashing through Zohakuten’s attacks, she tells the other three to go after the real body while she holds this demon off for them to do so. Zohakuten notices them leaving and attacks them via one of the wooden dragons, but Mitsuri stops the attack and is moving much faster now, which is also noticed by the demon. He then sees a mark on her chest, and attacks her again, but Mitsuri slashes through it just as easily.

Tanjiro, Nezuko and Genya are fighting the tree in which Hantengu is hidden, but cannot attack as they are barely holding on to the tree.

Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba (Season 3), Episode 10 Ending Explained:

What is Genya’s special power?

Seeing their current situation, Genya decides that he has no choice but to eat the tree, and his special ability is revealed: he can temporarily gain the power of demons by eating their flesh. Part of the tree falls to the ground as he bites through it, and Tanjiro tries to attack it, but is stopped by the branches acting as whips. Nezuko sets both the tree and Tanjiro’s blade ablaze with her Blood Demon Art, and Tanjiro cuts the tree in half with it.

However, Hantengu has already fled, running along the forest floor with Tanjiro chasing after him, promising to make him pay for all his crimes. Hantengu suddenly remembers an unknown person telling him that he will take responsibility for his own actions, and Hantengu says he has never done anything wrong or told a lie in his life, and that he is pitiable. Seeing him flee, Genya quickly uproots a tree and throws it at the demon, with Nezuko jumping towards him as the episode ends. 

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