Evilive (Season 1) Episodes 3 & 4: In these episodes, we see the protagonist, Dong-soo, reach a crossroads. He is faced with a difficult choice: either continue living a life of injustice and mediocrity or embrace the darkness and embark on a journey of revenge. Dong-soo is offered a chance to get revenge and finally achieve some justice in his life. But the only way to do this is to embrace the darkness and become just as evil as the villain he seeks to destroy.

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Evillive (Season 1), Episode 3 Recap:

The episode begins with Heo Yang-ho being informed that Do-young was taken care of, and he is thrilled to hear this. He tells the man on the call that he is going to lie low and will be in the Philippines. He then visits Ye-ji’s house and is happy to enter through the front gate. He enters the place to find Ye-ji’s body. He then sees Dong-soo and Beom-jae and asks them who they are. They panic and tell him they don’t know anything.

Do-young enters, and Yang-ho panics. Do-young points his gun at Yang-ho’s forehead and remembers how he had drugged him with liquid meth. Yang–ho apologizes and blames everything on Ye-ji. Do-young cocks the weapon, and Dong-soo tells him the consequences of killing another person, but he smirks and shoots Yang-ho. He then makes Dong-soo his next target. Dong-soo gets away by stating that he would keep everything confidential as it was a right between the lawyer and the client.

He makes Beom-jae his next target by saying he isn’t a lawyer. Dong-soo tries to convince him by saying he would get a death sentence if he is caught murdering four people. But it wasn’t enough. Finally, Dong-soo agrees to help dispose of bodies for him, and they would be his alibi and accomplices. Do-young agrees, and Dong-soo asks him to go and make sure as many people see him without causing any trouble, and they dispose of the bodies.

Dong-soo and Beom-jae get to work, but Beom-jae cannot do this job. Dong-soo gives him alcohol to calm his nerves, and they successfully remove the bodies. The following day, Dong-soo wakes up in a nightmare because of everything he saw and did the previous night. He decides to search Beom-jae’s house and give the spy cameras to the police. Beom-jae comes home and advices Dong-soo not to do that as they were captured in the videos as well. Dong-soo tells him that they can get away by saying they were threatened and held against their will.

Beom-jae agrees, and Dong-soo visits the police station. He waited in his car outside, but he was unable to get inside the station. He gets a call and, in a hurry, gets out of the police station and almost gets into an accident. He rushes to see Do-young playing with some children. Dong-soo assumes Do-young knew about his visit to the police station and starts making excuses, but Do-young only visited him to give him a phone and a job. He asks him to receive it anytime he gets a call on that phone. Do-young also tells him that when he meets his niece, he will give her money as he is practically her uncle.

Do-young visits the gang’s company at Yuseong Mirae Consulting, and he promotes a guy working under Du-sik to take Du-sik’s position. Yang-ho’s right-hand man is against it, and Do-young asks him to defeat the minion, but the minion defeats him. Dong-soo goes to pick up Min-hee from Taekwondo School but is informed that someone else has taken her. From afar, he sees a man taking Min-hee, and he freaks out and runs and hugs her. He is surprised to see it wasn’t Do-young, but it was Dong-soo’s new neighbor.

The neighbor tells him he is a detective and checks on Dong-soo. Dong-soo does not reveal anything to the neighbor, who happens to be the same person he almost crashed into at the police station. Dong-soo gets to know Do-young has bought Min-hee a doll, and Beom-jae is furious. Dong-soo devises a plan to get Do-young arrested. He decides to report Do-young’s underground casino. Dong-soo meets Do-young and agrees to work with him but puts up some conditions. He needed to know every detail about his business, including “the house.” Do-young decides and tells him his men will call.

Dong-soo receives a call to arrive near a supermarket that afternoon. He informs the same to Beom-jae. From the supermarket he was picked up in a van and his head was covered. Beom-jae arrives at a location, and it is revealed that both of them had planned to buy a tracking device and walkie-talkie as phones would be confiscated. Beom-jae follows the path as seen on the tracking device. Dong-soo reaches the location, finds an excuse, gets in touch with Beom-jae, and informs him about the location.

Beom-jae calls the police and starts his 40-minute voyage to rescue Dong-soo. On the island, Dong-soo hears a siren and asks the guards about what is going on, and he tells them that it is a crackdown. Do-young watches Dong-soo from the top of the building as Dong-soo runs for his life. Beom-jae arrives, and Dong-soo swims across and manages to leave the island. At home, he wakes up late the following day and is confused not to see any news about the casino being raided. He gets a call from Do-young, and Dong-soo is physically panicking.

Evillive (Season 1), Episode 4 Recap

Evilive (Season 1) Episodes 3 & 4
Evilive (Season 1) Episodes 3 & 4

The episode begins with Do-young summoning Dong-soo. He talks to Do-young’s men and is brought inside a room. In the room, four men are brought in, and one of them is Beom-jae. Dong-soo and Beom-jae start to panic, fearing Do-young must have figured out they were the ones who reported the den to the police. One of those four men is brought forth, and his fingers are chopped off as a price to pay for ratting out the den.

It was Beom-jae’s turn now, and Dong-soo grabbed the cutter with his bare hands to stop Do-young. He explains to Do-young that this wasn’t a solution as many more people would report the den, so there’s no point trying to hurt people. Do-young is annoyed and tells him that he couldn’t care less as he has lost a lot of money because of the report. Dong-soo thinks on his feet and gives Do-young an idea. He tells him that they should start an online gambling business, which is foolproof, and they won’t be able to get caught. Beom-jae joins in by saying that all they had to do was log out in case of a tricky situation.

Do-young was thinking about the idea, but one of his men brought a man who had confessed to calling the police. He was one of the people who had lost money in the den, and because of that anger, he had reported them. Do-young visits his boss and subtly confronts him about his decision to replace him. His boss is furious as there is a report on the den and tells Do-young that he has lost his charm. His boss asks him only to manage bars and leave the den for him to find a better replacement and run it.

He is seriously considering the idea Dong-soo had given him. He does a background check on him and finds out how he was dismissed unfairly and not treated with respect by his previous company. Dong-soo is facing issues as he overhears his wife’s colleagues gossiping about her. He talks to his wife about suing them, but she reveals that her boss has not resigned and has filed a defamation case against her. He decides to fight it in court. Meanwhile, Dong-soo follows his wife’s manager and gets into a fistfight. He was reported to the police and got a restraining order. 

He is then confronted by his ex-colleague, Attorney Moon, who represents the manager. He also learns that he is running for office and this would be his last trial, and he is overconfident and happy to beat Dong-soo. Dong-soo is preparing for the trial, and Do-young visits Dong-soo’s house unannounced. He tells Dong-soo that it must be miserable to be facing injustice so much, and Attorney Moon had an accident. Dong-so was unhappy with this as he wanted to fight this battle just and fairly.

He offers to run the online gambling business, but Dong-soo is unsure. Do-young hits the right nodes by asking him if he wasn’t tired of living the way he was by facing injustice time and again. He also calls it his habit of getting used this way. Before he leaves he gives Dong-soo a choice whether Attorney Moon would arrive before the trial or after and he had to tell him his decision by next morning.

Evilive (Season 1) Episode 4 Ending Explained

Will Dong-soo cross over to the dark side?

Dong-soo reaches the courtroom and is about to message Do-young that he wants to have a fair fight, but he overhears other lawyers in the court talking about how Moon wants to have his final trial by proving that you don’t get to mess with Moon’s law firm. Then, his wife tells him that she trusts him completely. Dong-soo changes his mind, calls Do-young, and asks him to eradicate Moon, not just for the trial.

Meanwhile, Moon is held hostage in a hotel room and drugged. He is woken up by the police banging on his door. They enter the room asking for the woman who had complained. Moon is in shock, seeing a wounded woman in the washroom hiding. Dong-soo wins the case and leaves the court, and Do-young is waiting for him. Do-young smiles and tells Dong-soo that it is a good day to eat sashimi, and Dong-soo smiles.

For the first time, Dong-soo seems less afraid and happy. We can see Dong-soo going to the dark side, and it will be interesting to see Do-young and Dong-soo’s dynamics going forward. We have to wait and watch what the manager will do and if he will be the next target for Dong-soo to make a move. Dong-soo might get the adrenaline for doing evil and see a sense of justice come to life as he has always felt inferior, and taking the high road has never worked for him.

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Cast: Shin Ha-kyun, Kim Young-kwang, Shin Jae-ha
Genre: Crime/Noir, Runtime: 60 minutes each episode

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