“Evillive” Season 1 comes to an exciting finish. In Episode 9, Dong-soo’s transformation takes center stage as he forges a partnership with the enigmatic Do-young, setting up the Han Law Firm. The tension escalates as Beom-jae discovers Dong-soo’s schemes, leading to a heated confrontation that exposes Dong-soo’s ruthless pursuit of success. In Evillive (Season 1 Finale), Episode 10 takes an even darker turn as Dong-soo grapples with the consequences of his actions. Beom-jae’s arrest sets off a chain of events that forces Dong-soo to confront the ghosts of his past. “Evillive” Season 1 Finale is a gripping conclusion to a tale of ambition, betrayal, and the cost of power. This article contains spoilers.

Evilive (Season 1 Finale), Episode 9 Recap:

The episode begins with Do-young in the process of taking over Shinnam Ferry, and Oh-Jae is concerned that Dong-soo is going to be okay after his first murder. Meanwhile, Beom-jae sees the news about the possible disappearance of Chairman Moon and tries to contact Dong-soo but can’t reach him. Dong-soo, on the other hand, wakes up from a nightmare. He wakes up, cleans his office, and throws away his law books about justice.

Dong-soo visits Do-young and tells him that he always thought his life had come to this because of Chairman Moon, but he realized it was himself all along. Do-young asks him to open a law firm and hire lawyers. Dong-soo agrees but tells him he wanted a share of the business since they were partners. Do-young agrees. The police get a report that someone had found Yang-ho’s car with Ji-ye’s DNA in it. Soo Ho asks Chul-jin to close the case, but Chul-jin asks him, even in an emergency case, the forensics takes at least three days to give DNA results. How did the cops find out the DNA in one day? Chul-jin asks Soo Ho not to stop him as he digs deeper into the case alone.

Attorney Moon barges into Dong-soo’s House. He almost tells Dong-soo’s wife about what Dong-soo was up to. Dong-soo takes him outside and asks him what the problem is. Attorney Moon insists he had something to do with his father. Dong-soo gets annoyed and starts choking Attorney Moon, telling him he is nothing without his father. He also warns him that he could kill him right there, but he is after someone else, and he is leaving. Dong-soo’s wife has seen this from afar and runs back home and pretends nothing happened.

Dong-soo set up a law firm called Han Law Firm and started to help in the online gambling business. Dong-soo also begins to prepare to take over Marine Casino. Do-young invites Dong-soo for a drink, and Dong-soo asks him about Yu-seong. Do-young explains that he did put him in his vegetative state as he was becoming Jae-yeol’s minion. He tells him that he is keeping him alive as he can still be helpful to him. This attitude reminds Dong-soo of Jae-yeol’s words about Do-young. Chul-jin tries to get to Beom-jae for information about Dong-soo and Do-young.

At first, Beom-jae asks him to leave. Subsequently, Chul-jin tells him that he is not after Dong-soo but after Do-young. He gives him his number and asks him to call if he changes his mind. Dong-soo visits a Family Gang member who is currently running the House. He asks him to work with him and, in return, get rid of Do-young. He tells him it was difficult as he had tried before, but Dong-soo tells him there might be a way.

Hye-young talks to Beom-jae about Dong-soo’s changed behavior. Beom-jae visits Han Law Firm to chat with Dong-soo but finds out about his scheme to use the victims of online gambling. They both fight, and Dong-soo tells Beom-jae that online gambling is his idea and will take it from Do-young even if he has to fight him. Do-young invites Dong-soo and a Family gang member to a meal. The Family gang member is disconcerted to see Dong-soo. However, Dong-soo is calm and tells Do-young that he had met him before as he wanted help with the House. Beom-jae waits outside the police station, contemplating what he should do. Chul-jin sees him and tries to talk, but Beom-jae drives away.

The Family gang member texts Dong-soo to avoid contacting him. Dong-soo leaves him a voice message saying Do-young would destroy him anyway, and he might as well take up on his deal. Dong-soo arrives home and is met by Chul-jin. He informs him that Beom-jae has been tormented. Later, Dong-soo drives to Beom-jae’s House and confronts him. Beom-jae tells him he does not like his behavior and must return to the right path. Beom-jae visits Do-young and gives him back the money he had paid them. He also promises to pay back the remaining soon.

He asks him to let Dong-soo go. Do-young agrees and walks out. Dong-soo arrives at the Marine Casino event, and Oh-jae stops him and informs him that he will not be allowed inside on Do-young’s order. Dong-soo gets annoyed and waits by the car. Meanwhile, the police get a tip that there is a body buried somewhere. They reach Beom-jae’s House and end up finding Chairman Moon’s body. Chul-jin and Beom-jae look at each other as Beom-jae is getting arrested. Dong-soo hurries to the police station only to find it filled with reporters. He gets a call from Do-young asking why he could not just listen to him, and he crosses a line. He tells him they were great partners, but it was time to part ways.

Evilive (Season 1 Finale), Episode 10 Recap:

Evillive (Season 1 Finale), Episodes 9 & 10
A still from Evillive (Season 1 Finale)

The episode begins with Beom-jae in the interrogation room in handcuffs. Dong-soo walks in as his attorney and tells him not to worry and that he will bail him out. Beom-jae wanted to know the truth about Chairman Moon’s murder, and through their conversations, he realized that maybe Dong-soo had something to do with it. Beom-jae tells him he would take the fall for the murder. Dong-soo asks him not to say or do anything, but Beom-jae feels guilty for introducing him to Do-young.

Dong-soo confesses his crimes to Chul-jin and tells him he will turn himself in once they catch Do-young. He also tells him to catch Do-young red-handed while he is moving Yang-ho’s body. We see a flashback to Dong-soo asking Do-young where he had moved Yang-ho’s body. Beom-jae tries to take the blame for the murder, but Chul-jin does not accept his confession. He also informs him about the plan to catch Do-young.

On the other hand, Do-young asks Oh-jae to get rid of Family Gang and Dong-soo. Oh-jae prepares to attack the Family Gang. They reach the garage where the gang usually hangs out but are still looking for someone. Then, they get into their cars only to be attacked by the Family Gang members. They knew they would be attacked, and so ambushed Do-young’s men. We see a flashback of the Family Gang leader and Dong-soo’s plan to take Do-young out. Dong-soo also meets Chung-ho and makes him the same offer he made to the Family Gang leader.

Meanwhile, Family Gang members get into Do-young’s House. Dong-soo had taken Park Si-dek’s help to deactivate the CCTV in Do-young’s House. Chul-jin arrives at Do-young’s House. Inside the House, the gang boys are attacking Do-young, and he is fighting hard. He was stabbed multiple times. Chul-jin hears the noise and enters the House and catches Do-young stabbing a man. He immediately calls for backup. He tells Do-young that he would also be charged with murdering and hiding Yang-ho’s body. Do-young tells him that Dong-soo fooled him. By the time Chul-jin processes it, he was stabbed by a thug.

Do-young asks who had sent him, but he tells him he didn’t know. He only was said to kill the cop. Do-young realizes Dong-soo planned to frame him for killing a cop. Do-young hears the police siren and escapes into the forest. Beom-jae was released, and he asked the other cops if he wanted to meet Chul-jin. He comes out to find out that Chul-jin has died. Outside, Dong-soo is waiting and is happy to see Beom-jae free. Beom-jae asks Dong-soo why he had sent Chul-jin in when he had not intended to turn himself in. He fights with Dong-soo and tells him he never wants to see his face again. Meanwhile, his wife waits for him at home and asks him what he is up to.

Dong-soo is angry and tells her he doesn’t want to live in poverty. She decides to leave with Beom-jae as he is emigrating. Dong-soo is in his office and gets a call from Beom-jae’s number. It was Do-young asking him to meet him at a particular location. He enquires about Beom-jae, but Do-young tells him he is alive. However, he isn’t sure for how long. Dong-soo hurries to the location. Dong-soo carries a gun with him, just in case. As soon as he gets inside the building, he searches for Beom-jae. When he finds him, Do-young stabs Dong-soo. Dong-soo asks him to let Beom-jae go as the fight is between them. Do-young reminds him that he couldn’t say such things as he had hurt Chul-jin.

Evilive (Season 1 Finale) Episode 10 Ending Explained:

What Price Did Dong-soo Pay for Power, Money, and Ambition?

Do-young tells him they would have remained friends if he had listened to him. Dong-soo reminds him that without him, he would be a low-life thug. Do-young is furious and is about to hurt Beom-Jae, and Dong-soo shoots him. They continue fighting, and eventually, Dong-soo shoots Do-young multiple times and kills him. Beom-jae dies in Dong-soo’s arms, and before dying, he asks him to let go of this life and live a sincere and comfortable life. We are shown three years ahead after Beom-jae’s death. Dong-soo is a defense attorney fighting in court for one of his clients. After the trial, journalists asked Dong-soo various questions about victims of illegal gambling.

Dong-soo appears to be helping these victims and uses his brother’s death as a sympathy from the public. He visits the Yuseong Gang office, where illegal online gambling is continued. The former Family Gang leader now leads this business. Dong-soo now lives in Do-young’s House. He has put up his family portrait on the wall. Do-young’s baseball is still in its place. Dong-soo wants to call his wife, but a vision of Do-young tells him to be careful when fighting a monster because as they gaze into the monster’s heart, the monster also gazes back.

The season ends with Dong-soo living a lonely life while making a lot of money and Do-young dying because he wants to be in control and treat everyone else like his minions. Beom-Jae was collateral damage for a worthless fight. We don’t clearly understand how Dong-soo got away with the crime. It may have something to do with Chief Kim and Chung-ho. Ultimately, Dong-soo living in Do-young’s house may suggest he would probably have a ruthless death, just like its previous owners.

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