Korean Dramas releasing in June 2023: June is here, and that means it’s time to fill your June calendars with exciting Korean Dramas. We are in for a treat with many fantasy, romance, and slice-of-life series. We also have some intriguing series to keep us thinking and on the edge. If you’re a true fan of Korean Dramas, then you’ll want to add these new releases to your calendars. It’s going to be an adrenaline-charged June!

1. Bloodhounds

Release: June 9, 2023, | OTT: Netflix

Korean Dramas June 2023 - Bloodhounds

Bloodhounds is an action noir film released in June 2023. This series is based on a webtoon based on the same name. The story revolves around two boxers who join hands with a moneylender to bring down a loan shark but get caught up in a series of lies, putting them in a desperate state. The story will be interesting as the righteous take revenge on the power-hungry, rich, and abusive ones who always try to exploit the weak. The series stars Woo Do-hwan from The King: Eternal Monarch, Lee Sang-yi from Prison Playbook, Park Sung-Woong from Snowdrop, and Huh Joon-ho from Kingdom.

2. King the Land

Release: June 17, 2023 | OTT: Netflix

Korean Dramas June 2023 - King the Land

King the Land is a 16-episode series starring Lee Jun-ho from Confession and Im Yoon-ah from Love Rain. It is a romantic comedy about an heir of a chaebol family and an employee working in the hotel owned by the chaebol family. In Korea, chaebols belong to the top one percent. It is a story about two people with opposing personalities who eventually fall in love. Go Won, played by Lee Jun-ho, is a smart and elegant man who is clueless about relationships. Cheon Sa-Rang, played by Im Yoon-ah, is a happy-go-lucky girl who faces a harsh working environment.

3. See You in My 19th Life

Release: June 17, 2023 | OTT: Netflix

Korean Dramas June 2023 - See You in My 19th Life

See You in My 19th Life is a romantic drama fantasy starring Shin Hye-sun from Mr.Queen and Ahn Bo-Hyun from My Name. This show follows the story of Ban Ji Eum (Shin Hye-sun), who has the superpower of remembering all her past lives. She remembers all her 1000 lives, but in her eighteenth life, she dies tragically, and she decides to reconnect with everyone from her previous life in her nineteenth life. In her nineteenth life, she decides to meet Yoon Cho Won (Ahn Bo Hyun) she had met in her eighteenth life. Unfortunately, Yoon Cho Won had vowed not to date as he had lost everyone he truly loved. This 12-episode series will take us through their love, life, and tragedy journey.

4. House with a Yard

Release: June 19, 2023 | OTT: Amazon Prime

House with a Yard, also known as Lies Hidden in My Garden, is a suspenseful family drama with eight episodes starring Kim Tae Hee from Nine-Tailed Fox, Im Ji Yeon from The Glory, and Kim Sung Oh from Money Heist: Korea. The show stars two female leads with Joo-Ran(Kim Tae Hee), who seems to live in a beautiful house, a lovely family, and someone who looks like they have it all! On the other hand, Sang-Eun (Im Ji Yeon) is a victim of domestic violence who leads a miserable life. One phone call changes the course of the entire story. Joon Ran’s perfect life pauses when she smells a corpse-like odor from her backyard.

5. The Devil

Release: June 23, 2023 | OTT: Disney+

disney-the devil-2023

The Devil, as the name suggests, is a horror drama starring Kim Tae-Ri from Twenty-five Twenty-One and Oh Jung-Se from It’s Okay Not to Be Okay. This drama revolves around Ku San-Young (Kim Tae-Ri), possessed by a demon, and Yeom Hae-Sang (Oh Jung-Se), who can see the demon. Ku San-Young’s possession begins when she receives objects left behind by her late father. Yeom Hae- Sang has always been able to see spirits and witnessed his mother’s death caused by one. As he comes in contact with San Young, he realizes the same demon that killed her mother has possessed her—an action, mystery, and horror drama to keep us on edge.

6. Heartbeat

Release: June 26, 2023 | OTT: KBS2

Korean Dramas June in 2023

A series for vampire lovers is here! A fantasy drama that revolves around a half-human and half-vampire starring Ok Taec Yeon from Vincenzo and Won Ji An from Happy Boy. Seon Woo Hyeol( Ok Taec Yeon) desperately attempts to become a complete human because of a series of unfortunate events. One day he moves in with Joo In Hae (Won Ji An), who, despite being a human, finds comfort and warmth from Woo Hyeol. Hae is cold and mean. She runs a guesthouse and is a contract nurse teacher. Eventually, Woon Hyeol and In Hae get involved romantically.

7. Numbers

Release: June 23, 2023 | OTT: MBC TV


Numbers is an office drama showcasing a talented employee with a corrupt system. The drama stars Kim Myung Soo from Secret Royal Inspector, Choi Jin Hyuk from Justice, Choi Min Soo from Sword and Flower, and Lee Da Bin from Live On. The series is about Jang Ho Woo (Kim Myung Soo), the first high school graduate to join one of Korea’s most prominent accounting firms. Numbers are his best friend, and he has sharp observational skills. As he continues to work in the firm, he comes across the different layers of corruption and injustice. In this 12-episode series, we see him try to fight the system.

8. Sound Candy

Release: June 03, 2023 | OTT: TVING

Sound Candy is a slice-of-life – one of its kind ASMR drama starring Choi Yoo Jung from Idol Fever and Kim Jong Hyun from Kiss in the beginning. It is a story about youngsters who visit Jeju Island and realize the meaning of love and friendship from this mysterious phenomenon called the “Sound Candy.” The individuals come from different backgrounds; one was diagnosed with hyperacusis, another was an idol trainee who had given up on his dreams, one was a narcissist, and another was a successful entrepreneur. In this series, we surely will be mesmerized by the beauty of Jeju Island.

9. The Villain of Romance

Release: June 05, 2023 | OTT: Viki

The Villain of Romance is a coming-of-age romance starring Cha Sun Woo from Kiss in the Beginning and Ha Seung Ri from Sunny Again Tomorrow. The story is about two college-goers fighting internal battles, trying to find love. This series takes a realistic approach to romance. Kang Hee Jae (Cha Sun Woo) is known as the coolest kid in college, but he thinks very low of himself internally. Besides his internal battles, he finds it hard to forgive his girlfriend, turning him obsessive. Ban Yoo Jin ( Ha Seung Ri) is the smartest kid in college, but she struggles to hold onto a relationship for over 100 days. A romance sparks up between the two.

10. Mrs. Durian

Release: June 24, 2023 | OTT: TV Chosun

Mrs. Durian, also known as Lady Durian, is a time-travel fantasy romance series that goes beyond time and space. It’s a 16-episode series starring Kim Min Joon from Someday and Eun Jeong from Seoul in 1945. Mrs. Durian is a story about two mysterious women from a noble family who suddenly emerge at a large party hosted by Dan’s family in their villa in 2023. Things begin to change for Dan’s family as soon as they arrive. These women are to have arrived from the Joseon dynasty. They get entangled with two men once they arrive in present-day Korea.

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