Directed by Phillip Noyce and starring Pierce Brosnan, Fast Charlie fails to be a solid work in its genre, it serves a simple and clear purpose, i.e., it broadly entertains the audience. Overall this film has everything like shootouts, comedy, action, and romance, but nothing is too complicated. The best part of this film is it never complicates anything so much that it becomes hard for the audience to grasp a rushed climax. Fast Charlie takes its fair share of time to complete the story, which somehow turns into a good watch. Spoilers Ahead.

Fast Charlie (2023) Plot Summary & Movie Synopsis:

“Fast Charlie” opens with a situation where our protagonist is in a tough situation and there is not much way to get rid of it. He then takes us to the exact day from when every event led to this day. Anyway, we meet Charlie Swift, a man who thinks of himself as a concierge; a problem solver for the big guys who run big business. One such occasion arrives when he is asked to find a boy named Blade, whom he has to assist for his first kill.

Charlie arrives at the spot, picks up Blade, and from the first moment, he seems enthusiastic which can be harmful in this line of work. Anyway, Charlie reaches the person they need to kill and sees Blade going to his doorstep as a cake delivery guy. Charlie wonders why Blade hasn’t killed him already but later realizes that he has put some kind of detonator inside the cake, and when it blasts, it literally blows the head of the guy.

What does Charlie do to convince Beggar?

It was Beggar who wanted the person, Rollo, dead, and the task is handed over to Blade, who is very new to this profession. Anyway, thanks to Blade, Charlie has no option left to convince Beggar that this is Rollo’s body since his head has blown away. So, he decides to inform Rollo’s girl, Marcie Kramer, to make her identify his body which will help him convince Beggar. However, Marcie confirms Rollo’s body by identifying a tattoo on the back side of his waist. Marcie is a vastly talented taxidermist who seems to be calm in difficult situations.

Soon, Blade shows his true color and decides to go against Charlie. However, he is not familiar with using guns, so somehow, he fails to escape and shoots himself dead. But, amidst all of this, the car hits a transformer, and the back side catches fire. Rollo’s body is completely burnt now; however, Charlie comes up with an idea. He cuts Blade’s head off his body and seeks Marcie’s help to put the same tattoo on the same place on Blade’s body.

He then shows the body to Beggar, who identifies it as Rollo by seeing the tattoo. The body is being fed to the crocodiles in a pond nearby. Soon, Beggar comes with a proposition to Charlie so that he can talk to his boss, Stan Mullen, who runs almost everything in the town. Beggar says that Stan does not answer his calls, so he wants Charlie to middle the matter and come up with a solution.

What happens to Stan and his men?

Charlie shares a 30-year-long friendship with Stan, and since he is too old to remember things, Charlie takes full responsibility for him and the business. On Stan’s birthday, when no one is around, Charlie tells Stan about Beggar’s proposal. Stan tells him that he does not want to do any business with a person like Beggar. Stan has always played by the book, and that is the reason why he receives so much respect from everyone. But, Beggar is a very bad guy who can do anything to get what he wants. So, Stan warns Charlie that he must not indulge himself with someone like Beggar.

Charlie does so, but the very next day, he finds people attacking him in his house. He somehow gets rid of them. However, he finds out that Stan has been attacked as well. Even their casino is being taken over by Beggar’s men. Benny, one of Stan’s men, controls the casino; so Charlie goes to his house. Talking to his wife, Celine, Charlie understands that Benny has betrayed Stan, so he goes directly to the casino. There he kills all of Beggar’s men alongside Benny. Soon, he realizes that this can end only with Beggar dead. So, he goes to Sal, the king of the whole chain, seeking permission to kill Beggar. Sal tells Charlie that since Stan and his crew became old, and Beggar is new blood, he can not give him permission to kill someone from where the whole mafia is receiving the money.

How does Marcie help Charlie in his quest?

Pierce Brosnan in Fast Charlie (2023)
Pierce Brosnan in Fast Charlie (2023)

Since Charlie does not have many options left to remove Beggar from the equation, he looks back at the events. He sees that there must be some reason why Beggar wanted to kill Rollo in the first place. He learns that Rollo has some evidence that can put an end to Beggar. So, he seeks help from Marcie, who also has a reason to help Charlie. Rollo promises her 50,000 dollars, and she needs it to secure her future. Charlie has searched Rollo’s house, but Beggar’s men have already turned everything upside down to find out what he is looking for.

Meanwhile, knowing that Charlie is looking for the evidence, Beggar has activated his prime concierge named The Freak. When Charlie is in pursuit to find out every little detail about Rollo and his movements, he confronts the Freak.  Charlie somehow manages to escape, and with Marcie’s help, he ends up at Rollo’s mother’s house.

There they find nothing. Even Marcie sees that Rollo’s mother has already invested 50,000 dollars in her surgery. Charlie and Marcie have come to the end of their terms, and as the bus stop arrives closer, Marcie understands that Charlie is madly in love with her. Marcie suddenly tells him the exact place where Rollo might have hidden the evidence. They go to Beggar’s bar, where Rollo once worked. Marcie, with confidence, enters into the bar, collects the CD and right after she leaves the bar, the Freak enters into the scene. He takes the disc and captures Charlie to bring him to Beggar.

Fast Charlie (2023) Movie Ending Explained:

How does Charlie plan to kill Beggar?

Charlie looks for an opportunity to get rid of the Freak and secure the evidence. He sees him drinking and waits for the exact moment when the Freak is not looking at him or the road. There comes a moment when the Freak has the whiskey bottle in his mouth, eyes off Charlie, and Charlie thrashes the car against another vehicle. The airbag hits the Freak so hard that the whiskey bottle enters his mouth, killing him instantly. Charlie secures the evidence disk and calls Marcie. He finds out that Marcie has been kidnapped by Beggar and asks him to come to the spot where they had met earlier. Charlie arrives at the exact place where the film begins.

Anyway, Beggar thinks he has the upper hand, but unbeknownst to him, Charlie has already shown the evidence disk to Sal. The disk contains hardcore evidence that Beggar was giving Sal’s information to the FBI for years. Now, Sal gives Charlie permission to kill Beggar. Charlie appoints Milt, one of the bodyguards from the casino, to shoot Beggar. Charlie melodramatically asks Marcie to look at her legs. When she bends down a little to look, a bullet comes flying from a distance and kills Beggar. Milt has shot the rifle perfectly. Charlie successfully kills Beggar and frees Marcie from his clutch.

Is Stan really dead?

At the end of the film, Charlie brings Marcie to meet a person named Mr. Green. We see Stan sitting at the table of a restaurant that he owns. Charlie reveals that on the very day he found out about the attack on Stan’s place, he also discovered that Stan’s chauffeur is dead. Stan is still alive. So, with a little help from the outside, Charlie has the chauffeur’s body identified as Stan’s and brings Stan to this place. Here, Stan is given the name of Mr. Green. Thanks to the chauffeur’s body, Stan is officially declared dead. Charlie ensures that Stan remains unharmed for the rest of his life as a tribute to their friendship.

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The Cast of Fast Charlie (2023) Movie: Pierce Brosnan, Morena Baccarin, Gbenga Akinnagbe, Toby Huss, Jacob Grodnik, Sharon Gless, James Caan
Fast Charlie (2023) Movie Genre: Action/Mystery & thriller, Runtime: 1h 30m
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