Happiness Battle (Season 1), Episode 7: The show is still intense, with an exciting storyline. The second half of this episode is full of adrenaline, with many twists and turns. Things are moving fast, but new angles to the stories and the characters are getting revealed. Jang is in trouble because of Jung Ah, and the episode ends with a sinister vibe coming from Yu Jin’s husband.

The article contains spoilers.

Happiness Battle (Season 1), Episode 7 Recap:

The episode begins with the mother and Jo visiting Na Young at the hospital. Jo is trying to get pally with Na Young, but she will not have it. The other mother rubs it in her face by saying she was blessed as she had Jo to care for A-rin, her daughter. Na Young loses her cool and asks Jo to leave her room. Jang is looking for the USB. Na Young calls her husband and asks him if they can have another child, and he refuses.

Jung Ah continues to treat her husband like a puppet. She asks him to follow everything written on paper and tells him she will be busy for Heredity Night as there are many things to take care of. He continues to receive messages from his brother-in-law asking for money. Jung Ah messages Na Young asking her how she is doing. She asks Na Young to leave the past behind as they both are at fault.

Jang continues to search for the USB but to no avail. Ji Yul and Ha Yul play, and Ha Yul puts the USB in her toy box. Jang puts the kids to bed and reaches the meeting place. She receives another message from the stranger to open a locker, where she is to find 50 million won, and asks her to leave the USB there. She opens the locker to see the money. She gets suspicious of someone watching her from the car. She gets close to it, but the person drives away. In that spot, she finds Jung Ah’s lipstick which she had dropped before.

Jung Ah receives a call and is informed of the events. Su-bin’s brother-in-law does not treat him right but he keeps his anger in check. Jang sees the same lipstick on Jung Ah’s social media, making Jung Ah more suspicious. Jang does not notice Ha Yul taking her doll with the USB to school. Ji Ye drags Jang to the heredity night meeting. At the meeting, Jung Ah asks Jang what she is doing. At the meeting, Jang tells her that she is here as the girl’s guardian and that while she is here, she will do what is needed. Jang recalls Jung Ah snooping around Yu Jin’s office.

As Jung Ah takes charge, Lim Da-mum-Girl Group, Angels, attends the meeting. Jang remembers her as the mother of the child who fell from the bicycle. Ji Ye tells Jang that Lim Da-mum has more power than them. At that moment, Da-mum questions the group as to whether the decisions were made by free will and not a decision made by one person. Da-dum asks them to discuss this over brunch. Ji Ye tells Jang about how rich Da-mum is and that she comes from a place of power. She was the head of a mother’s group that could have only 99 members. If a new member has to join, then an existing member has to leave. Jang recalls seeing this the first time she sent her the wrong group chat link. Ji Ye tells her that the group staff knows why an existing member was kicked out, and Yu Jin might have dirty secrets about all the mothers.

Jung Ah excuses herself to use the restroom, and Jang follows her. In the washroom, Da-eum indirectly taunts Jung Ah about her business and asks if Jang knew that Yu Jin, Na Young, and she were extremely close before Yu Jin died. Hearing this upsets Jung Ah. Da-dum meets Jang and tells her that they should have a meal together sometime. Jang confronts Jung Ah about the messages, and Jung Ah pretends she knows nothing. She asks Jang why she is pretending to be a loving sister after doing nasty things in the past. Jang asks her if she has done a background check on her, and she says she has, as she was ruining the community.

Ha Yul takes her doll out, and the other kids see it and snatch it from her and throw it away. The doll breaks. Ha Yul wants to bury the doll, and one of the staff members offers to help her. This person pretends to bury the doll but secretly keeps it and throws it in the dustbin. Some child picks up the doll from the dustbin. Jang sees the USB in Yu Jin’s social media post. Ji Ye’s daughter So-won had taken the doll. His mother yells at her for taking something thrown without giving So-won a chance to explain.

Ha Yul tells Jang about the incident with the doll. Ji Yul tells her about the USB. Jang does not find the USB in the trash. Ji Ye messages Jang, inviting her and the kids for dinner as So-won wants them to visit. As they are leaving, So-won gives Ha-Yul the doll. Jang panics on seeing it. She sends the kids to the washroom and finds the USB. Jang finds the Pandora Box folder, but every folder inside it asks for a password.

Happiness Battle (Season 1), Episode 7: Recap & Ending, Explained
A still from Happiness Battle (Season 1), Episode 7.

Jung Ah calls her detective and asks if there was someone else with Jang the other day. He replies that there was no one, but Jung Ah is suspicious that there was someone else with her. Jung Ah recalls Yu Jin showing her laptop. Jung Ah looks at cruel homicide pictures and saves one of them. Jang is trying to reset the password on the USB. Jung Ah posts a picture of the saved homicide picture, and everyone starts looking at Jang weirdly. Jang sees the post Jung Ah had uploaded, accusing her of killing Yu Jin. She also sees another man tagged and messages him asking him to stop spreading false rumors.

Jang confronts Jung Ah, and Jung Ah insists that everything she has written is true. She tells Jung Ah that she knows the reason for her to want out of the community, and this gets to Jung Ah. Jang walks out. Jung Ah goes one step ahead and posts the same thing in every community group, inciting hate toward Jang.

Na Young leaves her husband a message that she will go home that day. She calls the school and finds out that Jo has quit her job and taken A-rin. Jo posted a picture, stating, ‘I am preparing to be a mom three months before the wedding.’ In the picture, you can see A-rin and Na Young’s husband. Na Young’s husband lies to her while Na Young secretly watches them.

Jang asks Jin Seop for help regarding the pickle she is in. Jung Ah asks someone to get rid of Jang for good. Someone rings the doorbell, and a man yells at Jang to be considerate with her neighbors as he hears a thumping sound every day. The man was the same one that Jung Ah had ordered to kill Jang.

The episode ends with a complaint letter reaching Jang’s company and Yu Jin’s husband having a sly smile seeing Jang’s face in a form.

Happiness Battle (Season 1), Episode 7 Ending, Explained:

The episode ends with a cliffhanger, making us question Yu Jin’s husband’s intentions. He was patiently waiting for things to unfold before he came to the battleground. He either has a problem with Jang or wants to team up with her to destroy the mothers in that community. It can also be that he was the murderer.

Jung Ah does the nasty business of posting false information to incite hate among people. Jang undoubtedly threatens her, yet she wants to mess with her. Jang’s life is in danger, and she does not know it yet. The man with the tattoos is out to get her on Jung Ah’s orders. Jang could have easily taken Da-eum’s help if she wanted to, but we are unsure of why she chose not to. Da-dum will have a small role to play in the coming episode.

Jin Seop is the most significant support system Jang has. Jang is yet to crack the password for the USB; if she manages to do that, she can destroy Jung Ah in a second. Na Young almost tries to kill herself again, but decides not to for some reason. At this point, she has nothing to lose. She can take the chance to destroy Jung Ah. She surely has a plan.

A lot of exciting things will unfold in the next episode. We have to wait and watch to know what is going to happen.

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