Hello Ghost (2023) shows loneliness is a common phenomenon. Some cope better than others, but people close to them remain concerned. Meanwhile, others believe that they will not be missed but just need someone to show them the way. Or are they really alone? This Indonesian supernatural comedy touches on such themes and questions throughout its 114-minute runtime. Remade 13 years after the original, what exactly does this version contain?

It is always said that someone is around- watching and looking out for them like the invisible guardian angels. Hello Ghost (2023) is a film about a family and lives up to its billing on Netflix as a tearjerker. This film shows how help goes around to make others happy and show them something Michael Jackson sang in 1995: “You Are Not Alone.”

After watching the initial few minutes, audiences may have these questions. Why are these people following Kresna? What do they want with him? Do they get what they want before the end credits of Hello Ghost roll?

Hello Ghost (2023) Plot Summary & Movie Synopsis:

Hello Ghost is a film about a lonely man named Kresna Subatki. He puts down his plight to fate since he is a single child with no family and informs the audience that no one would care about his actions to deal with loneliness.  When his steps to end things do not work, he unsuccessfully tries other methods. Upon being saved, he is taken to a hospital, where he begins to see people and hear things that no one else could. The young man finally speaks to them and tries to make them disappear, but they do not. They just follow him and sit on him, and he can feel their weight as he walks back home in discomfort.

Kresna learns that the Ghosts will only stop following him if he helps them out. He needs to fulfill a wish for each of them and sets out to do it. The old ghost (Kuatno) wants Kresna to recover his radio. The middle-aged man ghost (Bima) wants Kresna to help him locate a minivan and take it for a drive. The middle-aged lady ghost (Lita) wants Kresna to help with shopping and have a meal with her. Meanwhile, the young girl ghost (Chika) wants Kresna to take her skating and to have cotton candy. As Kresna begins his task, he grows closer to a neighbor and discovers a truth that changes his outlook.

Hello Ghost (2023) Movie Ending Explained:

The final sequence shows that Kresna marries Linda and discovers his near and dear ones are not far.

Why are the Ghosts tailing Kresna?

The Ghosts are tailing Kresna as he had just tried to end his life. They want to be near him to satisfy their wishes, but even after that, they remain with him.

Why are the Ghosts still following Kresna?

The Ghosts do not leave Kresna’s apartment even after he fulfills all of their wishes. This frustrates him, and he screams at them, asking them why they continue to stay with him. He shuts the door and heads off to bed. The explanation for the Ghosts following him is not given at this moment.

Why does Lin forgive Kresna?

Hello Ghost (2023) Movie Ending Explained
A still from Hello Ghost (2023)

Linda keeps changing her equation with Kresna. She is with him, and then she distances herself. Linda then distributes the teddy bears among the children in the hospital and decides to give Kresna another chance. She notices he has cooked dinner for five but is living alone. As all the plates are set, she casually brings up the issue over which she had distanced herself.

Did Kresna speak to Linda’s father?

Things seem to reach the last straw when she gives him a chance, but he gets into the story of how he can see spirits. Linda asks him how sick he is and informs him that she cannot continue doing this. She walks out of the apartment and heads to the rooftop nursery, where she realizes the truth.

Do the Ghosts leave Kresna?

The Ghosts are not visible in the morning after Kresna yells at them to leave.

Who are the Ghosts?

The Ghosts’ identity is revealed when Kresna bites on a croquette that unlocks a core memory. Bima is Kresna’s father, Chika is his sister, Kuatno is his grandfather, and Lita is his mother.

Do the Ghosts return when Kresna pleaded for them to come back?

The Ghosts return when Kresna pleads for their presence. At this point, they tell Kresna that they are always around but just choose to become visible as they realize he is taking drastic steps to combat his loneliness.

What is the reason behind the Ghosts’ wishes?

Kresna, as a child, had lost his entire family in a car crash while traveling to the beach. All the wishes the ghosts want Kresna to fulfill in the present day are the things that they were to do at the beach all those years ago. Hence, Kresna takes Chika skating and to have cotton candy, takes his mother hopping and having a meal with her, finds his grandfather’s radio, and allows his father to drive the minibus safely after 20 years.

Why don’t the Ghosts tell Kresna who they are?

After he realizes the truth, Kresna embraces his family. He then asks his mother why she did not tell him the truth. She informs him that she cannot do so. This is because Kresna needed to discover the truth for himself.

Who saves Kresna at the start of the film?

Linda is the name that would come to mind. We know this because Kresna learns of this early on in the film. But she is not alone. Kresna’s family, invisible to him, saves him by holding his feet and cutting the rope when he tries to hang himself. They drink the blue liquid that he tries to use to end his life. Finally, Chika attracts Linda’s attention towards a drowning Kresna.

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