John Cena’s Cameo in Barbie: We often mistake actors for fitting into only a particular genre, restricting our perspective. An actor may excel in a particular genre, but its diversity is where their talent peaks. While many people successfully show their versatility to the world, some lose the chance to prove their versatility.

However, John Cena is not among the ones who lose any chance to show his versatility, even if someone discourages his decision. Recently, the Wrestler turned actor appeared in Greta Gerwig’s record-breaking film “Barbie.” Though Cena had a cameo in the film, he is grateful for the opportunity he got. However, during an appearance on  The Howard Stern Show, Cena revealed that his team advised him not to take the role, claiming that the cameo as a Merman would be “beneath” him.

John Cena grabbed the opportunity to be cast in Barbie regardless of his team’s opinion

Explaining about his team, Cena said, “It’s not a big team.” The actor emphasized that he doesn’t have a publicity agent like most of the celebrities, rather his team consists of just a manager and an agency that brings him roles. The actor further explained by describing how exactly his small team functions. He said, “[The agency is] just going on what they know. And what they know is, ‘This entity, this commodity gravitates towards these things, we should stay in this lane. But I’m not a commodity. I’m a human being, and I operate under the construct of every opportunity is an opportunity.”


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According to the actor, when he read the “Barbie” script, he wanted to be a part of the film. However, since he was already filming “Fast X,” he couldn’t get a bigger role in the film. Eventually, the producer and lead actress of the film, Margot Robbie, came up with a small role for him, and Cena agreed. The actor recalled,  “Margot was like, ‘We’ll make you a mermaid. You’ll be in it for half a day.’ Yeah, sure,” he said.

While Cena saw no problem in performing the role, his agency members were not sure of this idea. Cena explained, “The perspective from an agency standpoint was, ‘This is beneath you,’ which I get that. But also to the agency’s credit, immediately they acquiesced, and I was like, ‘No, we’re going to do it,’ but all they can do is offer their guidance. They’re not ultimately making the choice.”

Cena is indeed an opinionated person who adheres to his notion. Despite a small role, Cena gave an incredible performance, proving that no role is small for an actor to shine.

“Barbie” is available for streaming on Max.

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