Terribly Tiny Tales’ Valentine’s special short film “Kaande Pohe” about a Maharashtrian arranged marriage prospect aims at invoking a bittersweet awakening by scratching our progressive mind at its surface to measure its depth and uncover the pretentiousness that lies within.

TTT’s last short “Suno” was a brilliantly written film dealing with the idea of consent and passive violence that exists in plain sight. It took a patient but vocal approach to reveal its motifs. “Kaande Pohe”, on the other hand, shimmers with the energy of a sweet romance, as it establishes its fictional world in one of the most recurring events of our reality.

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Tushar Pandey offers nothing new that he hasn’t before in his previous set of performances. Ahsaas Channa appears to be benefiting from experiences as her gestures come out organically.

High On Films in collaboration with Avanté

The important thing about this film is its indirect commentary at our prejudiced mind which is too quick to judge anyone who is an aspiring performer, and an active member of video-sharing social networking service sites. The essential urban has merely replaced regressive stereotypes with millennial ones. This could be entirely a personal observation. But it exists, and quite rightly enhances everything I take home from this film.

Kaande Pohe is a small delight with minimal yet beautiful thought. It can be tried and tested with excitement.


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