Need help deciding which K-Drama to watch next? June 2024 is bringing a bunch of interesting Korean dramas! Get ready for swindlers getting revenge on the rich in “The Player 2: Master of Swindlers,” or dive into the world of the elite students in “Hierarchy,” where a scholarship student disturbs the status quo. In the mood for something light-hearted? “My Sweet Mobster” is a rom-com about a gangster trying to change, while “Miss Night and Day” is a fantasy about a young woman who wakes up as a 50-year-old. Finally, science meets love in “DNA Lover,” where a researcher uses DNA to find her perfect match. Tune in and join the excitement as these unique dramas unfold. Which one will you be watching first?

The Player 2: Master of Swindlers| June 3 | Where to Watch: TvN

The good news for the fans of the Heist drama series The Player’s second season is releasing this June. The show has retained its original cast. A group of swindlers care about money. What they crave more is to get revenge on the rich who make illegal money. These people are scammers, hackers, drivers, and fighters who work together with a bigger game this time. However, this time, the players plan to go after something big because of all the obstacles that come their way—the show stars Oh Yeon Seo from My Sassy Girl.

Hierarchy| June 7 | Where to Watch: Netflix

Hierarchy is set in a prestigious Jooshin High School, which only the elite and rich attend. The school is extraordinary in academics, fencing, football, parties, and more. Among the rich and selected students are Jeong Jae Yi, daughter of a Chaebol family; Kim Ri An, who will take over Jooshin Group; Yoon He Ra, daughter of an International trading company; and Lee Woo Jin, son of a politician. All is well in paradise until a scholarship student, Kang Ha, is transferred to the school to stir things up. Kang Ha realizes the craziness within the school, and his peers bully him for not being one among them. The show explores scandal, love, and friendship. If you love Boys Over Flowers, this is the show for you. The series stars Roh Jeong Eui from Our Beloved Summer.

My Sweet Mobster| June 12 | Where to Watch: JTBC

My Sweet Mobster is a romantic comedy that follows the stories of childhood friends Seo Ji Hwan and Eun Ha. Seo Ji Hwan was a gangster, but now he wants a fresh start and wants to leave his gangster life behind him. Seo Ji Hwan does not just want to reform himself but wants to help other gangs change themselves and take a righteous path. Eun Ha creates content online for kids and is lovingly known as a ‘mini sister’ by her audience. Eun Ha’s content is inspired by her own life and memories of Ji Hwan, who used to play together as children. Ji Hwan and Eun Ha’s paths cross once again, and Eun Ha sees beyond Ji Hwan’s gangster life and helps in his transformation. Through the process, they fall in love.

Miss Night and Day | June 15 | Where to Watch: JTBC

Miss Night and Day is a fantasy comedy-drama following Lee Mi-jin, who has struggled to get a stable job for many years. One day, Mi-jin wakes up as a 50-year-old woman. Mi-jin is shocked to wake up to have aged so much more. However, she takes advantage of the situation at her workplace. Mi-Jin is an intern but has the knowledge and expertise of Im Soon (a 50-year-old woman). She aces her tasks and gets the title of all-rounder. Gye Ji Woong is a workaholic perfectionist and prosecutor investigating Im Soon and Mi-Jin. However, his perfectionism makes his colleagues quit putting him in a pickle—the show stars Lee Jung Eun from Law School and Jung Eun Ji from Reply 1997.

DNA Lover | June 22 | Where to Watch: TV Chosun

DNA Lover is a romantic comedy-drama following a genetic researcher and a gynecologist. So Jin loves DNA and is tired of bad relationships. After her breakup with a playboy, So Jin, she decides to use DNA to find a perfect match for her. Yeon Woo does not believe in marriage, but So Jin finds he can be her ideal match. So Jin also has another potential match, Kang Hoon, who is a firefighter. So Jin needs to decide who she will pick as her partner. The story revolves around So Jin’s quest to find her love with interesting stories of love, friendship, and struggles in life.

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