Love Again (2023) Movie Ending, Explained: Do Mira and Rob get together in the end?

Love Again (2023)

Love Again (2023) Movie Ending Explained: ‘Love Again’ is a new Hallmark-style American romantic comedy-drama. It is an English-language remake of the 2016 German film SMS für Dich, which was based on a novel by Sofie Cramer. Priyanka Chopra Jonas returns to the screen with Sam Heughan, who plays her romantic interest. Besides them, Celine Dion plays a crucial role in this film that tries to convey the power of love. She graces the romance with some of her popular tracks and plays a fictionalized version of herself. 

The writer and director James C. Strouse is known for films like Lonesome Jim and People Places Things. He also served as one of the writer-director of Jessica Williams starrer The Incredible Jessica James.

*Spoilers ahead*

Love Again (2023) Plot Summary & Movie Synopsis:

Mira Ray (played by Priyanka Chopra Jonas) is a well-known children’s book writer. Her stories revolve around a caterpillar, and the books have her own illustrations. She is madly in love with her fiancée John (played by Arinzé Kene). The two meet at a café where she was caught up in her work. They have a wholesome interaction that shows how infatuated they are with each other. Then, he leaves the café to go out for his work. Unfortunately, a drunk driver hits him on the road. 

After John’s tragic death, Mira goes into a shell. She moves back with her family to their house in the countryside. Two years later, she decides to return to the city at her sister Suzy’s (played by Sofia Barclay) apartment. When they go have a meal, Mo (played by Omi Djalili) says she should not feel pressured into letting go of her feelings toward John. 

Meanwhile, we meet Sam Hughan (Rob Burns) works at a firm and writes as a music critic. He recently had a tragic break-up since his fiancée decided not to marry him right on the day of their wedding. His boss, Richard Hughes (played by Steve Oram), asks him to get out of his rut and write a piece about Celine Dion. Sam is not on board with it since he considers her music sentimental. 

While his colleagues, Lisa (played by Ludia West) and Billy (played by Russell Tovey), adore her work, Sam does not understand what the fuzz is about. They ask him to go on a date with someone and get over his ex. He finds it difficult to do so. 

Suzy shares a box of stuff Mira had of John. She gets sentimental thinking about her memories related to them. She also finds a ring inside and wears it. Then, she decides to spend the night drinking wine. Mira pours it into two glasses and finds it weird since John is not there. On a whim, she decides to send a text on John’s phone, addressing him.

Suzy’s texts reach John’s cell number. Turns out, Rob got John’s contact number after his death. He finds the messages strange but decides not to respond. Somehow, he keeps getting one message after the other, where a stranger keeps pouring their heart out. 

While Mira keeps writing down her feelings, she also channels her emotions into her work. Since the books are supposed to be for children, her publisher, Gina (played by Celia Imrie), finds those depressing books impossible to sell. Which kid would want to see a crying caterpillar? That’s why she tells Mira to write something that would be more joyful instead. 

Meanwhile, Rob assumes that Lisa is the person texting him and confronts her about it. She jokes about how old he is to fall in love with her and reveals that she isn’t the person texting him. He later goes to Celine’s press conference and interrupts it with a text from Mira. He also reveals his cynical outlook toward love. Celine says how he does not understand anything about love.

On the other hand, Suzy creates Mira’s profile on Bumble and arranges a date for her. Mira keeps texting on John’s phone, which informs Rob about the date. Since he starts catching feelings for this stranger by then, he decides to go there himself – hoping to bump into her. Billy joins him and thinks it might as well be a man texting him. 

Mira walks in to find a gym bro Joel (played by Priyanka’s real-life partner, Nick Jonas), and struggles to find a connection with him. She still gets in a cab with him after the end of the date. He thinks it is a sign that they will have sex and starts making out right then. So, she throws him out. 

The next day, Rob goes to meet Celine for an interview. He tells her that he might have feelings for someone. Rob shows the texts to Celine, who shares some stories about her past relationship. He ends up spending all his time gossiping about the stranger that he forgets to ask his questions. Still, Celine motivates him to pursue his love.

How do Mira and Rob meet for the first time?

Céline Dion and Sam Heughan in Love Again (2023).
Céline Dion and Sam Heughan in Love Again (2023).

Rob goes to watch an enactment of Orpheus and Eurydice. Afterward, he finds Mira walking out and gets mesmerized by her. Rob envisions this scene as a romantic cliché, where only two exist in the world. He notices her sneakers and mentions how he also liked to wear comfortable shoes. He talks about the pain and suffering of the music they just listened to. She gets impressed by his knowledge. They exchange names and numbers, and she leaves. He gives her a different number than John’s. 

Back at home, Rob googles her name and finds out about her work. He also realizes that she was texting her dead fiancée all this time. He shares this with Lisa and Billy. Right then, Mira calls him to ask him out on a date. He awkwardly agrees. Richard calls him in his cabin to inquire about the strange texts on his work phone. He learns that Rob is in love with someone, and this motivates him to pursue it.

How does Rob and Mira’s first date go?

Later at dinner, Rob initially thinks he should tell her the truth about John’s number but decides to wait on it. They have a romantic night and find plenty of things in connection. She notices he also likes fries inside the burger. He also does not make fun of her for asking Would-You-Rather questions. On the contrary, he asks them himself. While walking back, they also dance to some music and find a strong connection. They spend the night talking and return home in the morning.

During their next date at Mira’s place, they cook together even if they don’t know how to. They talk about the things they like and are good at. He speaks about his interest in music and basketball. After some time, she falls asleep. He carries her back to her bed and sleeps on the couch. The next morning, he and Suzy have lunch. Mira finds them talking and abruptly leaves – because she feels she isn’t ready to commit to a relationship and isn’t over John’s loss. 

Rob meets Celine and shares his conflict with Mira. Celine offers to help him with it. Since she did not like the poster for her upcoming concert, she calls Mira and asks her to get it made. Mira first thinks it is a prank call but soon learns that it is indeed Celine. The singer also says that she is a fan of Mira’s work. When they meet, she gives her a week to share some options. 

When does Mira learn about Rob’s lie?

So, despite having ghosted him after their dinner date, Mira calls Rob back and gets intimate with him. They get a chance to reconnect. While he goes in the shower and listens to the tracks on loud, she notices texts on his work contact. She realizes the messages are what she wrote to John. Since his secret gets out, she gets upset and leaves his house. He tries to apologize but she thinks it is too late for it. 

Love Again (2023) Movie Ending Explained:

Do Mira and Rob get together in the end?

After the embarrassing night, Mira cuts communication with Rob. Some days later, she finds Rob’s published article. In that write-up, he shares his feelings toward Mira and how Celine helped him with pursuing his love. Mira gets upset, but the readers get emotional reading his thoughts. 

Suzy says that Mira should offer him another chance. Celine calls her to say the same thing. The singer tells a story of how she and her husband got over their fight by making a compromise. 

Hearing that, Mira decides to forgive Rob and meet him, considering his pure intentions. She says that she may never be over her feelings toward John. He accepts her love despite that. So, the two get together at the end of the tale?

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