Manifest (Season 4, Part 2): Thanks to Netflix, we finally have the answers to the questions raised by a trending show in the form of an entire final season. And we couldn’t be happier. Having being canceled by NBC after three seasons, Netflix revived this show for a fourth and final season due to a sudden rise in its popularity. And it seems that they did a pretty good job wrapping the story up.

The show follows the story of the Stone family as they somehow return five years after having boarded a flight from Jamaica to New York with 191 passengers and crew members. This season keeps the stake very high for the 828ers as the death date approaches. Here we have for you the recap of season 4, part 2, with all the questions answered.  In case you want a recap of the previous part, please look into  Manifest Season 4 Part 1.

Disclaimer: Spoilers Ahead. Proceed with caution. 

Manifest Season 4, Part 2 Recap:

Melissa Roxburgh & Josh Dallas in Manifest-Season-4-Part-2
Melissa Roxburgh & Josh Dallas in Manifest-Season-4-Part-2

In Season 4 Part 1, we saw the allure of the Omega Sapphire and what it could do. Angelina’s delusional thinking gets the lifeboat in danger while Stone’s family leads the struggle to find a solution to their death date. 

Episode 11, “Final Descent”

The first episode picks up 8 months after the events of the season 4 part 1 finale. We learn that over 700 people died in the aftermath of Angelina’s reckless behavior, and the fingers are being pointed at Flight 828 passengers. 

In the midst of the chaos, Cal seemingly awakens from the calling of a man running towards an explosion in the woods behind his secluded home, only to be shot dead by armed agents. Meanwhile, the Stone kids fend for themselves while Ben and Michaela are detained in the 828 detention facility along with all the passengers. Olive and Eden visit Ben in the facility which seems like a high-security prison.

 The passengers are given identification bracelets to track their location. Michaela has lost all interest in the situation as she mourns Zeke turning off every other thing. Things begin to turn around when Ben tells Michaela the news that Cal’s scar is glowing. However, Zeke comes to Michaela from the Glow, and he’s somehow back in 2018, wearing Chloe’s necklace and the clothes he was in when Michaela found him in the cave. 

The action heats up when an alarm goes off in the detention facility, and Ben and Michaela sneak out. Vance overhears an agent or guard informing Zimmer about a package for Gupta, but she’s keeping the “package” a secret. The tension rises as the NSA and Homeland Security put a bounty of $50,000 on the missing passengers’ heads, including Cal and Angelina. But Ben and Michaela are on a mission to investigate Anson Vasik, an 828er who reached out for Georgia’s (Bethany’s wife) help. 

The plot thickens as Billy, a disgruntled man, shoots at Ben and Michaela while they’re looking for Anson. Despite their victory, the Registry is still after them, and Ben suggests they return to the detention center to protect the others. Olive and Cal aren’t too keen on the dangerous plan, but a visit from Zeke inspires Michaela to join Ben in turning himself in. 

The first episode of Manifest season 4 part 2 leaves us with several questions. What’s in the package for Gupta? Who caused the explosion? Will Zeke return permanently from the past? What exactly is the Glow? 

 Episode 12, “Bug Out”

Angelina is back in town, and she’s living in a van with a fellow homeless girl named Nina. Angelina’s hand has been glowing, and she believes that she’s been “chosen by God.”

Meanwhile, Michaela has been given a shot in the arm which turns out to be a tracker, and has a 5 p.m. curfew. After much effort from Vance, Zimmer agrees to put Michaela in the field as part of the Callings Unit. Michaela and Jared are on a mission to find Charlie – the son of Joe Butler, who has gone missing.

Ben is still in solitary confinement, but his Calling has inspired him to recreate a map of the detention center. Saanvi allows him to work his way through the Calling, and they finally locate Captain Daly, who has been sedated and is unresponsive. In an attempt to wake him up, they counteract his sedation. The story takes a creepy turn when Zimmer visits Daly, and bugs start flying out of his mouth.

Michaela and Jared’s investigation takes them to an antique store, and as they dig deeper, the shop owner becomes increasingly angry. He holds a hammer to Michaela’s back, but Jared stops him before he can inflict any harm. Michaela unleashes her inner strength and finds children trapped in a room in the basement – Charlie included. The shop owner is arrested, and Charlie is placed with a foster family. 

Episode 13, “Ghost Plane”

Cal brings Fiona Clarke back home. Fiona, who was found in the barn. Ben shares information about Fiona with Olive, and they realize that she suffered from head trauma when she was a child. As a result, she does not have Callings. However, Cal goes into Fiona’s Calling and sees an olive tree on Flight 828. He emerges with olives, which Olive can also see and hold. To save Fiona’s life, Cal projects to Saanvi, who walks him through a life-saving procedure.

As Michaela and Jared investigate Ben’s Calling about Mansion Marina and a boat in slip 57, they meet Nazir, Eagan’s father. Eagan is also connected to Ben’s Calling, and he identifies a gold pendant necklace seen in one of Ben’s Callings as the Faravahar, something his mother wears. Eagan reveals that he is running a con on the families of passengers and that Cheryl, his protégé, crossed him. Cheryl is later arrested during a con attempt on Jessica, Russ’s daughter. Eagan’s parents visit him at the detention center.

Meanwhile, Angelina has been using her projection powers to manipulate Eden and move the research around. She gaslights and manipulates Eden into removing the straw from Fiona’s chest, effectively killing her. Angelina believes that Fiona and Daly are the two witnesses represented by the olive trees and wants to bring on the end of times by killing them.

Episode 14, “Fata Morgana”

Cal and Olive discover that Fiona has died while in their care. Olive blames herself for falling asleep during her watch, but they later discover that it is not their fault. Meanwhile, the Callings continue in the detention center as Ben sees Daly staring back at him in the mirror. Michaela and Jared are on the lookout for Angelina, whose presence has been spotted in Missouri. Zeke also drops by to tell Michaela that he can’t stay with her, and the detention center’s alarm goes off just as he leaves.

Saanvi meets with Polly and her baby for a checkup, and Polly is on track to deliver on her due date. Saanvi believes that Patrick, Daly’s estranged son, could be the key to curing the mythological plagues. But before she can proceed, a new plague – water to blood – emerges. The discovery of blood in the water causes a low-key riot at the detention center, and Polly goes into labor.

As Michaela and a janitor tend to Polly, Ben rushes to Saanvi and learns about her serum plan with Patrick. Eden reveals that Olive told her to take the straw out of Fiona’s chest, but Olive was asleep at the time. The revelation leads them to realize that Angelina, who is alive and has the Omega Sapphire, was behind it. Cal projects to Angelina and finds her in her van, but she is projecting as a Registry guard to spy on Daly’s son.

As matters with Daly reach a fever pitch, Jared approaches Angelina’s van with a gun. When Ben tries to stop the guards from shooting Daly, Angelina’s projection gets the best of Daly and the guards shoot him dead. Jared eventually arrests Angelina, who speaks nonsense about the witnesses and saving lives.

In the final scene, the blood from Daly’s body drips onto the floor and into a drain, which leads out into the river. Jared escorts Angelina into the detention center, where she and Ben make eye contact.

Episode 15, “Throttle”

The river full of blood puts added pressure on both the detention center and the safe house, which is still full of the missing passengers. Amuta, who is now in charge of the safe house after Fiona’s death, is reluctant to let passengers leave. Ben pleads with Zimmer to take action against Angelina and her powers, but Zimmer refuses and strikes a deal with her to bring the missing passengers to the detention center.

Meanwhile, Michaela’s father visits her at the detention center, but he collapses on his way out. Michaela uses a small Calling to leave the detention center and visit her father at the hospital. She realizes that he needs constant care, which she can’t provide as a locked-up 828 passenger. She plots a permanent escape with Jared’s help.

Eagan catches Jordan passing a note to TJ about Angelina killing both Fiona and Daly. Eagan is eager to get revenge on Angelina for personal reasons, and they search for her. Zimmer instructs Saanvi to remove the sapphire from Angelina, but it has dissolved into her veins. Ben impulsively injects Angelina with Saanvi’s serum, causing a massive earthquake that inflicts pain on the passengers in the detention center.

Eagan steals Jordan’s badge and escapes with Angelina, surrendering to the safe house passengers who have relocated to an abandoned building. Ben and Saanvi realize that the Callings are gone, and TJ delivers a message from Olive about the World card, which shows a red river. Saanvi discovers that Daly’s blood did not change the color of the river, but red algae did. A hydrothermal vent in the earth’s crust caused the algae’s takeover, and now there is a volcano under New York threatening all of humanity.

Episode 16, “Furball”

MANIFEST SEASON 04. (L to R) J.R. Ramirez as Jared Vasquez and Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela Stone in Manifest Season 04. Cr. Netflix © 2022
MANIFEST SEASON 04. (L to R) J.R. Ramirez as Jared Vasquez and Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela Stone in Manifest Season 04. Cr. Netflix © 2022

Michaela and Jared enjoy a moment of peace off the grid while chaos ensues at the detention center. Ben and Vance try to keep things under control, but an earthquake and fissure cause Daly’s body to be lost, and mayhem follows. Olive and Eden visit Ben at the Registry, where they receive a coded message from Ben about Steve’s whereabouts. Olive and Eden end up stuck in the chaos at the detention center and are threatened by a disgruntled guard with a gun.

Meanwhile, Cal gets a Calling and sees the numbers 6238 and playing cards fanned out, which leads him to a dangerous anti-828er van. Michaela struggles to find her purpose without the Callings, but when a hateful neighbor attacks her, she and Cal discover that the neighbor had been planning to kill the passengers in the detention center with a poisonous gas. Cal’s ability to project back onto the plane and see all the Callings gives the passengers hope that they can still access them.

Episode 17, “Threshold” 

In this episode, eight months have passed, and Drea has quit her job and bought a new building in a less-than-desirable neighborhood. To everyone’s surprise, she is also pregnant. Ben is running the detention center smoothly, but a significant tremor takes out the power, putting the ALNI patients in danger. They save the rest with a generator, and Olive suggests using the SOS banner and flares to signal for help.

Michaela is still eager to follow the Callings, but Jared won’t allow it after a neighbor tries to kill her. Meanwhile, Cal has been trying to follow all the Callings and receives one of the purple flowers and vines choking him in seat 14F. He identifies the seat as Autumn’s and gets a photo of her in front of the same flowers and vines. Cal and Jared find Angelina and the safe house passengers squatting at Beverly’s house, and Astrid seems to have doubts about staying with Angelina.

Michaela and Vance investigate Starry Saplings Daycare, which leads them to Drea’s building. Meanwhile, Drea hires someone to help drill through a wall in her building but is held at knifepoint. Jared and Cal rush in to help her and find out she has been secretly drilling through the wall to help free the passengers. They finish drilling the wall, allowing the ALNI patients to be moved about more efficiently, and Ben learns about Cal getting all the passengers’ Callings.

Later, Cal visits a comatose Marko and receives a Calling from a peacock with two sapphires that meet in the middle. He remembers Angelina’s words about working together to survive the Death Date. 

Episode 18, “Lift/Drag” 

In this episode of Manifest, Dr. Gupta makes her first appearance, and it’s two days before her Death Date. Saanvi has been working under duress for the past eight months in Gupta’s lab. Troy suggests blocking the ultra-low frequency to prevent a volcano under New York from erupting. Gupta suggests using the Black Box, which worries Saanvi since it would wipe out all their data. She convinces Troy to break out of the lab using the Black Box instead.

Cal gets a ton of new Callings and projects onto the plane, leading Michaela to revisit Zeke’s counseling center and write a letter to Evie. The Lifeboat captain has a Calling of his own, which leads Ben, Cal, and Vance to a coded door. They find Saanvi and Troy but are only able to leave after Troy sacrifices himself to the guards.

Back at the detention center, Saanvi tries Troy’s theory to wake up Marko and the other ALNI patients, but it doesn’t work initially. Cal can no longer access the Callings, leaving him feeling guilty and heartbroken. Ben pushes the passengers to spend a day with their families, and later Saanvi and Ben give in to their feelings and make love. The episode ends with Marko waking up and exclaiming, “Kovcheg,” leaving viewers questioning what it means and how it ties in with the plot. 

Episode 19, “Formation”

In this episode of Manifest, the viewers are shown a flashback of Ben and Mick’s roles as captains. In the present, Saanvi marvels at the ALNI patients but Marko only speaks Bulgarian, drawing a coffin to signify his waking thought, “kovcheg.” Cal discusses his peacock Calling with Olive, and they theorize that the two sapphires need to connect differently to stop the Death Date, with Marko’s idea of an ark also coming into play.

The team arrives at Storm King Mountain where Saanvi threw the Ark’s piece, and the fissure has the same shape as Cal’s dragon scar. After reflecting on what they want to do if they survive the Death Date, Ben and Saanvi agree that they aren’t each other’s endgame, and Michaela breaks up with Jared. Cal wakes up startled in the middle of the night and walks towards the fissure, and Ben catches him before he can sacrifice himself, but Cal steps into the fissure, and the sapphires connect, so he disappears in a blue glow that has a beam which goes up high into the sky. The episode ends with all the passengers sensing that something significant has happened. 

Episode 20, “Final Boarding”

In the final episode of Manifest, the passengers all wake up, suddenly unable to breathe. The Death Date has arrived, and the Stone family, along with Olive and Jared, reflect on their last moments. They theorize that the panic attack they experienced earlier is a preview of how they will die. Meanwhile, Adrian, Eagan, and Angelina have followed the light beam, and all passengers arrive at the campsite, where Ben addresses them from atop the fissure where Cal sacrificed himself.

Manifest Season 4, Part 2 Ending Explained:

As the final judgment begins, Flight 828 emerges from the ground, and they enter the plane one by one. Angelina protests, claiming that she’s the chosen one. Ben and Mick get everyone else on the plane as the world is being torn apart. Angelina is hurt, and Ben has to make a decision to forgive her and take her on the plane or leave her to die. Meanwhile, Olive realizes that the girl Ben saves from the fire is not her but Angelina. Ben makes the right decision and gets aboard along with Angelina. As the plane takes off with Amuta and Michaela as the Pilots, the judgment of the passengers begins. Many begin to implode and many like Eagan, Adrian, and Saanvi, survive while facing the shadow monster from within. As the world seemingly ends, Jared helps Drea give birth to their daughter, Hope. From the ashes of Angelina, the shadow monster emerges, but the passengers fight back and save the world.

They then see the Glow and walk through a door and enter the airport back to the 7th of April, 2013. All the passengers are unburdened and understanding, even Eagan, who calls his parents. Saanvi and Alex end up together, and Ben watches their reunion as Grace asks who she is. Ben tells her that Saanvi will be the one to cure Cal’s cancer. Michaela turns down Jared’s proposal and tells him he needs to have Hope. She remembers Zeke’s advice and rushes outside to catch a cab with him to find their happy ending. The episode ends with Ben, saying that it feels like they’re just getting started. 

We still have many questions about the show, like, did Daly and Fiona also return just like Zeke? Why does everyone remember but not Cal? But there are no regrets as the showrunners did justice to all of the characters by tying up most of the loose ends. This makes up for all the wait and wondering about our favorite 828ers, and we finally know how it was all connected.

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