Mayfair Witches (Season 1), Episode 7: Well, they can’t all be winners. While I bring you the glum news of a rather disenchanting episode of the witchy business, keep in mind that this supremely predictable turn of the story is also unquestionably constitutive to the comprehensive narrative. What I will hold against the making of the penultimate episode of Mayfair Witches is its hubristic hope of perpetuating the intrigue without the signature flair that we love so much. Barring the predictable turns that aren’t necessarily something the show should be condemned with, “Tessa” had quite a few tricks up its sleeve.

Mayfair Witches (Season 1), Episode 7: Recap


Scouring the memory that isn’t taking too kindly to the ethereal visitor, Ciprien is overwrought with the very real fear of never finding his way back. He looks around the forsaken grounds of 1600 Scotland, and everything that catches his glimpse has been turned to a crisp by Lasher’s wrath. As he sits down to take a breath, he hears the faint sound of Arjuna’s voice. Sitting by his unconscious body in the present day, Arjuna calls out to Cip and compels him to seek out the object that had guided him to the memory–the necklace. In fervid search, Cip flounders through the feverish sights until he hears another voice addressing him. It is Suzanne’s sister Florie who is hollering at the frenzied Cip, asking him to follow her.

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What’s New With Rowan?

The eventual aftermath of getting rid of Lasher has caught Rowan off guard. She is nauseated, and upon using her own gift on herself, she comes to know that she is pregnant. It doesn’t take her long to connect the obvious dots and come to terms with the fact that the baby’s father is Cip. Puzzled, Rowan’s immediate instinct is to call Cip. And when that seems to hit a roadblock, Rowan looks back at the harrowing circumstances of her conceiving the child. It was under Lasher’s mystical design that Rowan and Cip were together. So it may as well be according to Lasher’s cunning wish that Rowan is now pregnant. To double-check for her peace of mind that Lasher isn’t still attached to her, Rowan summons the unearthly being, only to be met with complete silence.

Rowan stops by Tessa’s place to ask her about Lasher’s current whereabouts. All she hears is that not only has Tessa been absent from her home for what seems to be a day, but her mother isn’t quite worried about Tessa being AWOL. The tepid emotional state of the Mayfair family soon takes a turbulent turn when Jojo receives a vision and envisages Tessa being held captive in a cage. Even in their frantic state, overwhelmed with the anxious thoughts of Tessa, the Mayfair clan is candidly disdainful toward Rowan, the designee who was desperate to abandon her post.

What’s Happening To Tessa?

The modern-day witch hunters have been keeping Tessa confined in a little cage at a dilapidated building. Their leader raves up the group and congratulates Keith for valiantly capturing an actual witch. Miserable in the cage, Tessa is starting to give up hope of her intended savior to come and rescue her. The pathetic brethren have hatched a plan that is older than time itself. They are to threaten the witch with death, implore her to conjure her magic, videotape it to strengthen the argument of their valor, and finally, burn her to ashes.

Catching the malleable Keith without the others present, Tessa makes use of her humble gift and manipulates him into unfastening the muzzle and the blindfold. She even gets close to making him set her free, but Keith is promptly sent back to his sense when someone calls out for him. Devastated, Tessa tries to plead to the feminine sensibilities of the woman who is tying her up to the stake. As it happens, this woman and her family fell prey to Mayfair’s ruthless capitalistic endeavors. She doesn’t see why she should help a Mayfair who has profited from extorting the blue-collar workers.

Back at Tessa’s house, the mystical family has called forth Alonso, a scry who will attempt to locate Tessa using her mother’s blood. Forlornly witnessing Tessa’s family’s distraught efforts, Rowan can’t help but feel partly responsible for the poor girl’s predicament. When her mother’s blood gives out an opaque reading, Rowan offers up her own blood that can be linked to Deirdre’s heart. Using Rowan’s blood, Alonso is finally able to detect the exact place where the hunters are holding Tessa captive.

Mayfair Witches (Season 1), Episode 7: Recap and Ending, Explained

While tending to the wound on Rowan’s hand, Dolly Jean can sense that there’s new life growing within the witch. The Mayfair clan chalks out a plan to scatter around, locate Tessa, and retrieve her with as little bloodshed as possible. Burrowing in her guilt, Rowan proposes to lead the search. As she is about to walk out, Cortland grabs hold of her and beseech her to summon Lasher–something that Rowan is vehemently against. She makes her decision firm by giving Cortland a little taste of the pain she can inflict.

Mayfair Witches (Season 1), Episode 7: Ending, Explained

How Does Ciprien Come Back To His Reality?

Even though it was clear that it was a time and place long passed when Cip had first set foot in 1600 Scotland, there’s a staggering difference that is not quite elusive as he walks to Suzanne’s home. The houses and trees around him are dressed in a dreamlike, translucent veil that almost gives the space a mystical quality. Cip makes his way into the house and is welcomed by Suzanne with a cryptic smirk. Before he can get his hands on the key hanging loose from her neck, Cip’s attention is commanded to turn to a corner of the room, only to see Lasher laugh ghoulishly.

The place Cip is lost in isn’t just a memory, it is Lasher’s memory, and the supernatural being puppeteers its happenings. Having a knife held to his neck, Cip isn’t scared. He believes that Lasher would’ve already killed him if he wanted to. What he doesn’t know and comes to find out is that it was a part of Lasher’s plan to get Cip to impregnate Rowan. Just like Cortland concocted an evening just to get Deirdre pregnant by a stranger. Eager to get back to protect his beloved, Cip urges Lasher to let him go.

But according to Lasher, all Cip would ever do is tame the powerful wild beast, whereas, in Lasher’s embrace, Rowan would get a chance to attain the height of her power. Lasher lucidly admits that he stands to gain something from empowering Rowan. He rushes out of the door and leaves Cip in the dreadful state of existing in the faltering space between life and death.

An agitated search of the room reveals the herb of henbane, which Cip proceeds to turn into a potion and decides to gamble his life with. He sips the henbane to kill himself in the dream state and, luckily, awakens in his body. Enervated, Cip pays no heed to Arjuna’s warning and drags his legs to walk out of the room and look for his witch. Another grand and quite amusing reveal are on its way as Cip walks up to his boss at Talamasca.

The chief has just gotten done speaking to Cortland on the phone regarding Rowan and Lasher, suggesting that Talamasca isn’t inherently fighting a battle against Lasher. Luring him with the promise of taking him where his beloved witch is, the head of Talamasca drives Cip to a secluded bridge and speaks to him about Talamasca’s primary goal. They are not to interfere with the supernatural. They only exist to observe the natural flow of it. The foretold event previously mentioned by Lasher is about to materialize, and from the looks of it, even Talamasca can’t wait to be a part of the change.

Does Rowan Save Tessa?

When she gets close to the building where Tessa is being held, Rowan does intend to play by the rules and wait for the other Mayfairs to join. Inside, Tessa is being fiercely pressured to act out her magic. Every word from the girl who really doesn’t have the ability to perform a discernible show of her gift is being dismissed by the group that only wants to watch her burn. As fuel is poured, snaking its way to the rubble that Tessa is standing over, her frantic scream reaches her ears of Rowan.

The group proceeds to light up the witch, only to be riotously killed by Rowan. The woman who has tied up Tessa grabs hold of a gun and points it at Rowan. Before she can protect herself, Rowan is shot in her shoulder, and the rubble has been set on fire. She musters enough strength to get herself up and untie Tessa. But before the two can walk out, Keith shoots Tessa. Tessa is bleeding out on the floor and urges Rowan to avenge her death and kill Keith. But to Rowan, nothing is of more importance in the erratic moment of anxiety than saving Tessa. So she does what she didn’t think she would ever need to do and utters the cursed words to call forth Lasher.

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