Mrs. Davis (Season 1 Finale) Episode 8: I would have given five stars for a hundred percent customer satisfaction if I had a honey butter bolognese sandwich to eat right now. Yes, I am obviously kidding, but the finale of Lindelof-Hernandez’s riveting “AI vs. Nun” show is as satisfying as eating a great sandwich. And for a show as chaotic as Mrs. Davis, the finale turned out to be surprisingly constructive- where most of the loose ends get properly tied, and the protagonists walk away in the sunset by the end.

Mrs. Davis (Season 1 Finale) Episode 8 Recap:

1042, Electric Avenue, Sandy Spring

Throughout the show, Simone keeps seeing or hearing the number 1042. This is classified as a glitch of the AI until now. Simone also remembers hearing about Sandy Springs at the very beginning of all these. With her coming across the Electric Avenue song on the beach, it becomes clear to her that Mrs. D wants her to go to the address- 1042 Electric Avenue, a neighborhood that used to be known as Sandy Spring in the seventies.

And who does Simone meet at the address? The person who started it all is a coder named Joy. She is the one who created the algorithm a decade ago- but there is a story that is both fascinating and hilarious. Joy made the algorithm for a chicken wings company, and her pitch was not approved. So she put it on open source, and from there on, the AI sort of figured things out on her own. The expiration date was basically something that was related to coupons, a very regular thing you would expect at a fast-food joint.

With her head completely turned, Simone leaves- but only after trying Joy’s Nana’s recipe, a honey butter bolognese sandwich- with a little love.

You win, Mrs. Davis

Making my obvious assumption come true- Wiley has indeed surrendered. At Mrs. D Headquarters, he is getting prepared for his imminent fate- which has now become as inevitable as Thanos. But here’s the thing, Wiley doesn’t believe that anything will happen to him. His Transitional Assistant, a curly-haired woman named Dani, ensures him that he will indeed die; there is no way around it. Dani also tries to convince him to ask for mercy- something that she did once. But Wiley seems to be adamant enough not to listen to her.

The process of Mrs. D’s constructive death is pretty simple and painless. Wiley is strapped onto a cart kind of thing- which will go through a loopy tube at super speed, effectively killing him. Wiley takes one last sip of alcohol from his flask and then asks Dani to push the button- something that will send him on the death ride.

Bye-bye, THG

So many things happened over the course of the last seven episodes that I almost forgot about Mother Superior. Well, I am sure all of us were glad to see our favorite character, actress Margo Martindale, back in the mix. Simone goes back to where it all started- the convent in Reno, where she meets the Mother Superior (gonna use MS from this point). MS has become a follower and huge supporter of Mrs. D as she genuinely believes in the benevolence of AI.

However, she is not going to stop Simone from her quest and is going to be there for her. In fact, the reason Simone has called her is because of the chances of her head getting blown up after taking a sip from THG. In that case, MS would fulfill her final wish of taking Celeste to Monty and (obviously intact) THG to Mathilda. So the moment has arrived- it is done and die for Simone, and now is the good time to visit Jay one final time. So Simone goes into the restaurant, and makes Jay a plate of Nana’s sandwich. She says her final goodbye- while promising him that they will always be together, no matter what happens.

Mrs. Davis (Season 1 Finale) Episode 8 Ending, Explained
Still from Mrs. Davis (Season 1 Finale)

Back to the convent with THG in hand, Simone now takes a gulp of the whiskey MS was saving for occasions like this. It doesn’t take much time for the nosebleed to kick in. Believing her head is about to explode, Simone screams, but then it happens. I would call it a magical explosion- with a lot of light, sound, and dust, THG in Simone’s hand turns into ashes.

Mrs. Davis (Season 1 Finale) Episode 8 Ending, Explained:

Does Wiley die?

Meanwhile, at the Mrs. D HQ, Wiley finds himself pretty much alive at the end of his death ride. Dani informs him that the AI has decided to shower mercy on him- and the reason is Wiley surrendered on his own to save his friend, an unselfish act that is good enough to give him a lease on life. What he does after is completely up to him. He is obviously going to reunite with Simone, which would be a fitting closure.

Why does Simone turn off Mrs. Davis?

THG is gone. What seems like a task a million times harder than climbing Everest is now over. But before handling Mrs. D, Simone has one thing left to do. Celeste is here, looking at her daughter standing alive with the remains of THG in hand. MS hugs her, and Celeste introduces her as Mother Inferior. At this point, I know that she genuinely means that.

After MS leaves before asking Simone to consider Mrs. D’s fate one last time, Simone takes Celeste to Monty, as per the promise. Simone warns her mother that whatever happens is going to hurt her, but Celeste obviously chooses to go forward. So they end up in a storage unit, where Simone points Celeste at a piano. Monty is inside the piano.

He has been there ever since the time of his wake, where he actually planned his resurrection, only to not go ahead after realizing he still wouldn’t get his wife’s approval. So he chose to remain inside and embrace eventual death. And he had someone assisting in the process. However, that was not Simone, but Mrs. D. Monty ended up joining her when he realized that beating Mrs. D was not a viable option. As Celeste breaks the piano, Simone looks away. A horrified Celeste is greeted with the dead body of her husband- and the rest is confetti.

Sometimes later, Simone and her mother are sitting outside of their familiar food joint- and eating donuts. Upon her daughter’s request, Celeste proxies for Mrs. D. Simone lets Mrs. D know that she found Joy, who is technically the AI’s mother. Moreover, Simone understands that in her subconscious, Mrs. D always wanted Simone to know her origin story. Simone also tells Mrs. D that she doesn’t hold it against her for assisting Monty in his potential suicide. In fact, Simone acknowledges the fact that AI didn’t ever have a bad intention of harming anybody. But she still decides to end Mrs. Davis.

And the reason for that is the world she envisioned is one where human beings don’t depend on an algorithm to tell them what to do, what to eat, or how to live. Mrs. Davis’ only goal was to satisfy the customers, as that is what her basic foundation was. But human life is beyond that. While I agree with Simone’s decision since it makes complete sense, I also found myself tearing up a little for the AI as well. Simone turns Mrs. Davis off. At the same time, she doesn’t forget to give her five stars for customer satisfaction.

The world comes back to what it was. How it reacts now is probably another story. Wiley arrives with the horse, which Simone thought was killed by the AI. She is elated to see the horse. Bidding goodbye to Celeste, Simone mounts the horse and rides off with Wiley to whatever comes next.

Will there be another season of Mrs. Davis?

I honestly don’t think it’s necessary, as the ending is completely satisfying and should not be tarnished. Mrs. Davis was always supposed to be a miniseries, and it should remain that only.

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