My Perfect Stranger, AKA Run Into You (Season 1), Episode 6 Recap & Ending, Explained: This episode gets confusing by the minute as new information comes to light. While one mystery is solved, a few more come up. The episode gets very intense trying to navigate between the actions of different characters. A glimpse of the consequences of changing the course of history is seen in this episode. The article contains spoilers.

My Perfect Stranger, AKA Run Into You (Season 1), Episode 6 Recap

“Lie After Lie After Lie”

The episode begins with Yoon Young yelling at Hae Joon for being late after trying to chase down a murderer when she could not call the police, go looking for him, or even call him as they were stuck in 1987. She shows her concern by asking him if he was hurt and also enquires about who the murderer was. He hesitates to answer at first but tells her he could not see his face and apologizes.

A flashback to Hae Joon at Bong Bong Teahouse shows him waiting for the murderer. As soon as he sees Hee Seop, he starts to worry, assuming Hee Seop is probably the one who killed his wife in 2021. But he brushes himself off the bias he was creating in his head, and just then, Bun Ryung enters, and Hae Joon realizes there were more people that night. He recalls Ju Young telling Yoon Young and him that on this night, she only wanted to read a book at the teahouse. Hae Joon searched for the teahouse’s owner, who witnessed the blue-cap man but couldn’t find her.

Hee Seop and Bum Ryung have a conversation at the same teahouse. Bum Ryung tells Hee Seop that the commotion in the school that morning was because Ju Young was a communist, and the song she sang during their field trip was what song protestors would sing. Hee Seop cuts him off, shows Bum Ryung a ring, and asks him if it was Ju Young, and he admits to it and asks Hee Seop if he would tell on him.

Bum Ryung asks Hee Seop how he knew about it, and Hee Seop tells him he found it in the washroom when he suspected him. Hee Seop asks Bum Ryung not to do things he’d be embarrassed about, especially if Soon Ae finds out. Bum Ryung asks him how he knew Soon Ae was his girlfriend, but Hee Seop does not answer.

Hee Seop takes the ring and walks away. Bum Ryung chases him asking him to return the ring to him as he would apologize to Ju Young and won’t embarrass him or Soon Ae. To which Hee Seop says that he would keep this incident a secret provided he keeps his end of the promise and returns the ring.

Hae Joon comes out to see which direction both of them leave in. He realizes that Bum Ryung takes the path toward where the murder takes place and follows him. He sees Bum Ryung enter the Inn. Near the Inn, he sees Mi Sook and Min Soo and remembers a conversation with Min Soo in 2021, where he denied being in town the day the murder took place, and Hae Joon is shocked. Min Soo hits his sister, asking her where she got the money. She responds by saying that their mother kicked him out and he should not act so mighty. Hae Joon stopped him just as he was about to kick her again.

Hae Joon pins Min Soo down and asks Mi Sook to call the police. Min Soo warns Mi Sook to think before she acts. Mi Sook tells Hae Joon that she doesn’t want to call the police because if he gets in trouble again, she will be punished by her mother. She also requests him to keep this incident a secret. Hae Joon is taken aback.

As he angrily walks away, he bumps into Bum Ryung, and Hee Seop arrives at the location, driving Hae Joon crazy. As he walks back, he thinks about who could be the murderer and that it had to be one of the people he had met today. But Hae Joon also realizes that he has met all three suspects. Hae Joon also realizes that all three suspects are lying about something and wonders why.

Hee Seop, Bum Ryung, and Min Soo joined hands to remove the items Bum Ryung had stored in the washroom. Min Soo promises never to be seen in the neighborhood ever again.

As Hae Joon assures Yoon Young that nobody will come by that night, there is a knock on the door. They are relieved to see it is Soon Ae. Soon Ae asks Yoon Young if she is doing okay as she has heard about the incident of being attacked by Ju Young by her father. She assures her she is okay and requests Hae Joon if Yoon Young could spend the night at her house. Hae Joon insists Yoon Young go and sleep over at Soon Ae’s house as she came to 1987 as soon as her mother passed away in 2021, so it would be good to sleep next to her mother in 1987.

In Soon Ae’s house Yoon Young is happy to see how her mother lives. Yoon Young is seen laughing as Soon Ae mentions that she wouldn’t nag her daughter like her mother would nag her. Hae Joon calls the principal asking him if all the police officers are still in one place partying to reduce Ju Young’s anxiousness. After hearing the principal, Ju Young relaxes.

At the bar, Dong Sik and another police officer argue about whose fault Min Soo and Ju Young’s case was, and the chairman stops them. Dong Sik tells the chairman that his kids were left at the tree house, and he needed to pick them up. Hearing this, the chairman remembers Hae Joon’s words about keeping Dong Sik from leaving the place until sunrise. The chairman then tells Dong Sik that the kids will love to stay over at the treehouse and he should let them be.

Soon Ae is unable to sleep because she is thinking about Hee Seop. Hearing this, Yoon Young whacks her head and tells her that she does not know him that well and she already has a boyfriend. Soon Ae then tells Yoon Young that she asked Hee Seop at the teahouse about it. He responded by saying that he had not met anyone as cool as her. He described how he felt the day he saw her at the ticket booth listening to her favorite song, lost in her world.

Soon Ae also tells Yoon Young that when he was describing these things, he was shining like a star, and she was curious to know what his world looked like; if she could hold onto these precious moments, then no matter what darkness would befall her, she would be fine. Listening to this, Yoon Young has a flashback to the times in 2021 when her parents would fight, and her mother would be heartbroken. Yoon Young also realizes that the boy in her mother’s novel is Hee Seop.

While Hae Joon waits for Ju Young to get her belongings, he wonders who the killer might be, as nothing he has witnessed so far made sense. Hae Joon assures Ju Young that she will be safe if she leaves the village. Ju Young thanks Hae Joon for all the help, and they bid farewell to each other.

Meanwhile, Dong Sik is having a hangover and sees the bus taking Ju Young away. He is shocked to see Ju Young on the bus and runs to the ticket booth to find Hae Joon. As they fight, a fire truck and ambulance pass by them. A neighbor informs Dong Sik that the tree house caught on fire.

Hae Joon recalls the fire, but he is sure that nobody died; at that moment, Dong Sik says out loud that his kids are in the treehouse. They run towards the house only to find the grandmother and a child safe. The treehouse started collapsing, but Hae Joon and Dong Sik rushed inside the house to save Dong Sik’s kid. They finally manage to save his kid, but Hae Joon regrets his decisions amidst the fire.

Hee Seop arrives at the scene. Dong Sik asks him to take Hae Joon to the hospital as he is hurt. But when Hee Seop offers, he brushes Hee Seop’s hand away and walks off, wondering what his decisions have led to. Yoon Young is reading the manuscript when Hae Joon enters. She asks him what happened to him he says it was nothing. Hae Joon then asks her why she is reading the novel, to which she responds by saying that she will figure out who the blue-cap person is from the novel.

They fight as Hae Joon does not want to reveal his suspicion that Hee Seop is the murderer of Yoon Young. Yoon Young is stubborn about finding out the truth. In his frustration, Hae Joon also reveals his reason for chasing the murderer, as he will be the fifth victim.

At school, as Soon Ae is trying to discuss her romantic problems with Yoon Young, she is busy trying to decode who the blue-capped man is. Soon Ae tells Yoon Young not to hang out with the person who had written that novel. She also gives a clue to Yoon Young by saying that the writer will always be clear about what they write.

A still From My Perfect Stranger AKA Run Into You (Season 1), Episode 6
My Perfect Stranger, AKA Run Into You (Season 1), Episode 6

As Hae Joon sleeps, he dreams about his death. In his vision, he sees both Hee Seop and Bum Ryung kill him. He suddenly wakes up from that awful dream. He rushes towards the case file of murder number one to see the pages being erased. At school, Yoon Young bumps into Mi Sook in the washroom. Mi Sook asks Yoon Young about Hae Joon being hurt and tells her to ask for help if she needs it because she is grateful to her for punishing Min Soo. Yoon Young quotes a line from Mi Sook’s novel from 2021 about what lies between the sun and moon and asks her what that means; at first, Mi Sook responds, saying she didn’t know, but immediately tells her that it was the name of the record shop.

Yoon Young runs to find the record shop. She sees a man with a blue cap in the record shop. She hesitantly enters the shop. Hae Joon apologizes to Yoon Young for hiding the truth. He tries to tell her who the blue-cap person is. But she stops him and says she knows who it is; it is someone her father loves more than he loves her. Hae Joon Is confused and asks her why Hee Seop would love himself, confusing Yoon Young. Finally, Yoon Young tells Hae Joon that she saw Yu Seop, her uncle, in the blue cap.

The episode ends with Hae Joon telling Yoon Young that Yu Seop was never a suspect but recalled seeing him with Hee Seop at the crime location.

My Perfect Stranger, AKA Run Into You (Season 1), Episode 6 Ending, Explained

The episode’s ending comes as a surprise as a new suspect is revealed. All this while, we anticipated four people to be suspects in the murders. But now, Yu Seop’s character wearing the blue cap and Mi Sook’s novel mentioning that the real culprit was never found make things more interesting. We see Mi Sook in a much more vulnerable state in this episode showing how abusive her mother and brother are towards her. Bum Ryung seems more suspicious as his true personality comes to light. He may or may not be the murderer, but he does not seem as innocent as he initially portrayed.

What actions will Hae Joon take after realizing the consequences of trying to change history? Will Mi Sook’s Novel be valid to see the course of the next few murders after the first murder is unsuccessful? Or will murders not take place at all? It will also be interesting to see Yoon Young’s actions toward Soon Ae and Hee Seop. Will she encourage their love story, assuming Hee Seop is no longer a murder suspect? With one event dodged, many mysteries are yet to be resolved.

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