Mythic Quest (Season 3), Episodes 1 & 2: ‘Mythic Quest’ is a comedy series created by the minds behind the outrageously funny series, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. With Charlie Day, Megan Ganz, and Rob McElhenney at the helm of this Apple TV+ project, it is bound to make a lasting impression. While Ian and Poppy decide to branch out after finishing their dream project of Raven’s Banquet, Brad convicts himself in a crime to create a terrifying presence of himself in the office. And while Jo decides to be David’s assistant (for which she was initially hired!), Dana gets an offer for fully-funded education from Ian & Poppy after getting rejected from Berkley.

With all the characters reaching pivotal moments in their lives, the previous season ended on an anticipatory note.

Mythic Quest (Season 3), Episodes 1 & 2 Recap:

Episode 1:  Across the Universe

Directed by Rob McElhenney & written by him along with David Hornsby and Megan Ganz, ‘Across the Universe’ shares the aftermath for the show’s characters after the turning chapters from their lives. After turning himself in to the authorities, Brad (Danny Pudi) manages to charm the officers to make his way out of the prison. Surprisingly, they let him get out for his good behavior. After leaving Mythic Quest, Ian (Rob McElhenney) and Poppy (Charlotte Nicdao) start working in their own place called Grimpop (taken from both their names – Ian Grimm and Poppy Lee).

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Even after finishing their respective courses, Dana (Imani Hakim) and Rachel (Ashly Burch) are just as emotionally attached as they were before. She is heading back to Mythic Quest and more so to Ian & Poppy – to get her work offer after her education, the way they had promised her. She is on her way back when Jo (Jessie Ennis) calls them, and just as always, she barks at them in her white supremacist way. Mythic Quest’s oldest employee and their start writer – C.W. Longbottom (F. Murray Abraham) is supposedly heading back by plane, and both of these ex-testers are supposed to pick him up.

However, on their way, they get stopped by a cop, which delays their reaching not just the airport, but the Mythic Quest office. Meanwhile, Ian and Poppy are passionately pitching their new project – HERA to prospective investors. They had put a price of 25 million to carry forward to be working on this project. Ian believes that Poppy would not be as strong-headed as him and blindly accept any offer that she would get. When she gets a call from the investors saying that they would go 50 instead of 25, it changes the dynamic.

While Poppy is delighted to receive double the amount they expected, Ian has a gut feeling that they should not go along with this offer. He tries to sway her mind towards his opinion, making her aspire to be a great figure in history, like him! Like always, he considers himself worthy of appreciation to the level of Albert Einstein, Mother Teressa, and others. And at the time, Poppy is anxious and overwhelmed by an added responsibility. Meanwhile, at the Mythic Quest office, Brad is rehired, now as a janitor. Their HR executive, Carol (Naomi Ekperigin) believes it to be good for their image to hire a brown person in their office.

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However, David (David Hornsby) does not want Brad to be working there because he believes him to be secretly conspiring and plotting a plan against him while working as a janitor. In a gathering meant for CW’s return to the Mythic Quest, Ian and Poppy return to their old office. When they meet David, they try to showcase that they are doing exceptionally well as a team. However, Poppy blurts out that she refused the offer given by their investors, even if it was double. When they offered 60 instead of 50, even then, she refused to accept it.

Ian gets worried seeing Poppy not go along with his plan to accept the initial offer. This happened without his knowledge. However, she states her decision is a result of ‘her’ gut feeling, which frustrates him more. Only he is supposed to have gut feelings, she is not! It just begins their initial stage of dissonance. While everyone is gathered in their office, Jo hands over to David, a letter that CW has given him to read. In that heartfelt letter, filled with his style of humorous literary references and stolen dialogues, he thanks every Mythic Quest member for making him feel that he belonged there.

While reading this letter, it is revealed that CW has died and won’t be coming back anytime soon. In the show’s classic humor style, everyone blames David as if this is his fault. He just tries his best to say that all he is doing is reading what is written. CW ends it with a line telling them to hold on to one another. While everyone sees a shooting star and assumes it to be CW, they share fond memories about this old fella – which are bound to be a peppered share of bigotry and a sense of entitlement. In the end, Ian and Poppy go back to their new home – Grimpop.

Episode 2: Partners

The second episode titled ‘Partners’, shows them managing their new work ethic as partners. Directed by Rob McElhenney & written by him along with David Hornsby and Megan Ganz, it presents Ian & Poppy managing to make their new workplace work for both of them. While Ian walks around as if he is still the sole creator present from his office, Poppy is sick of his shenanigans. She wants him to respect her personal space and also respect her as his partner. She tells him to help her by bringing a sandwich that a fit person like him feels silly about even ordering.

Meanwhile, in David’s pursuit to find Brad a fraud, Jo wholeheartedly supports him and reports him back if there is any unusual activity. Seeing that, Carol keeps insisting that all that Brad is doing, is fulfilling his janitorial responsibilities. On the other hand, while Poppy is completely invested in her work, Dana walks in and interrupts her flow. The reason she comes in is hoping to get work as it was promised. But Poppy denies helping her out with her ask. Later, while Ian tries to make her eat healthier, she keeps wanting him to leave her alone.

She jokes about it saying that he is, in fact, Edison who stole an idea from Nikola Tesla, the way Ian does with her. Ian narrates a monologue that is identical to Elisabeth Holmes and gets instantly worried, seeing him descending on that path. Meanwhile, when Rachel is picking up Dana in her car, she gets a call from her parents who bombard her with questions that convey Dana as a problem in her bettering her career. When Dana walks inside the car, she cuts this conversation. They start getting intimate and that’s when she realizes that the call was on all this time.

When they both return to the Mythic Quest office to quench their thirst for nostalgia, they find two male game testers where they used to sit. These two guys mansplain to them what testing is, and somehow manage to make Rachel & Dana feel guilty for what they say to them. Sometime later, Jo walks in and harasses these two guys calling them ‘young meat’, feeling joy for finding someone she can bully.

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While that is the side she projects to the world, she has a more introspective conversation with Brad. Unlike before when she used to work for him, she is not sinister anymore, and plotting something evil feels unlike who she is now. Brad not just makes her introspect but also Ian, who makes a sandwich, unhealthy by his definition, for Poppy in the Mythic Quest office. Brad gets into Ian’s head, by making him relate to the requirement to fight against your own nature in order to change.

Mythic Quest Season 3 Episodes 1 2 Recap Ending Explained (2)

Mythic Quest (Season 3), Episode 2 Ending Explained:

Is David right about Brad’s evil intentions?

Carol takes a meeting of the senior employees, including the two male testers, Ian and Dana & Rachel. She receives a complaint of harassment and scolds them for their behavior and tells the ex-employees of Mythic Quest to not wander around on the premises. When everyone starts sharing their opinions, the matter goes out of her hands, and she blurts out that it was two male testers who filed the complaint against Dana & Rachel and also against Jo. In between that meeting, Poppy walks in and disrupts the flow of the conversation, and pushes all the stuff over the table down in anger.

She is angry because Ian threw away her sandwiches into the dustbin, which she still recovered and ate every bite from them. David assumes it to be Brad’s plan to disrupt the workflow by knowing all too well how the turn of events will work out. When he confronts Brad about it, Brad makes him even more confused with wordplay. To some degree, it conveys that David is right about his intentions. However, it might just be Brad, messing with David’s head. Only the next episodes will clear the air on that topic.

Will Dana get to work at Grimpop?

Meanwhile, while Dana walks by Grimpop office yet again, she finds Poppy sleeping on her desk due to an intense sugar coma. However, Ian is there and introduces her to new gaming gear. Seeing her interest in VR and the metaverse, he invites her to try out the new gear. When they walk towards it to play, it becomes clear that Ian is interested to bring this young mind into their tribe to learn more and more from her. Her position in Grimpop seems more than possible at this point.

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