“Nahir” is a crime drama based on true events that took place in Gualeguaychú on December 29, 2017. The story follows Nahir and Federico, who are in an on-again-off-again relationship. Despite seeing other people briefly, they seem to be getting back together. One day, things get ugly as Federico gets angry with Nahir for sleeping around with other men, and Nahir also loses her mind. After the fight, Federico leaves and is found dead on the street. The film takes us through the events before and during Federico’s death and the ones responsible for killing him.

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Nahir (2024) Plot Summary & Movie Synopsis:

“Nahir” opens with the eponymous character getting interviewed by Marcela. During the interview, Nahir says she feels guilty as Federico was a person despite everything, and he is no longer with them. The scene cuts to September 15, 2012, before the crimes take place, and Nahir is having a party with friends and family. Everyone was taking turns dancing with Nahir. Nahir is having a great time, but when her uncle’s turn comes, a wave of discomfort washes over her. Just as she starts to tense up, Federico, who isn’t invited, appears on the dance floor. The scene cuts back to the present after the crime has occurred. Nahir sends a message to Federico saying she loves him. As she is lying on the bed, Sabrina, Federico’s mother, informs Nahir of Federico’s death.

How did Federico and Nahir meet?

Nahir and her father, Marcelo, are at a carnival. Marcelo says Nahir will be up there performing one day. After the performance, Nahir hangs out with her friends, but she gets messages from an unknown number saying she is beautiful. As Nahir lets loose and dances, Federico comes to her and reveals he was sending the messages and will always find a way to get what he wants. Nahir and Federico kiss, and Federico drops her home that night. What Nahir or Federico don’t know is Marcelo watches Federico leave the house from the terrace.

During her police statement, Nahir describes her tumultuous relationship with Federico. The last time Nahir saw Federico was the night of the crime, when she had been to Federico’s house to get her charger, and Federico offered to drop her home. After dropping Nahir home, Federico’s route back to home wasn’t usual, and Nahir had no idea where he was going. In the early morning, Nahir left Federico a message saying she loved him but hadn’t heard back. At home, the police pick up anything significant that can be evidence from Nahir’s room.

Nahir’s confession

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A still from Nahir (2024)

After a while, Marcelo hires a lawyer, Quique, and they drive to the police station. In the presence of Nahir’s lawyer, Nahir confesses to the police, saying she had shot Federico. In 2015, Nahir and Federico spent the night together. Federico gets some beer from the fridge, and he sees Marcelo’s gun. He brings it to the room and asks Nahir if she isn’t afraid of a gun lying around the house and if she has used it before. Fearing her father, Nahir asks Federico to return it where he found it. Meanwhile, Nahir hangs out with her friends and texts Federico to meet her. However, he tells her he can’t and calls her a slut as his friends have seen her with another guy.

During the confession, Nahir reveals a letter Federico gave after they had broken up. The police want to know what happened on December 29, 2017, the day Federico was murdered. Nahir’s account of the events is chilling. She admits to taking her father’s service gun without his knowledge. She then rode with Federico, steered him onto a deserted dirt road, and shot him twice. After the confession, Nahir is arrested. Marcelo promises that Nahir will spend the New Year with the family. The public and media want justice in Federico’s case and have taken to the streets. Meanwhile, Marcelo is trying to work things out with Quique to get Nahir out of prison.

Marcelo hires a publicist

Realizing that the media portrays Nahir as a monster, Marcelo hires a publicist to change Nahir’s image from a monster to a victim. After chatting with Marcelo to understand the seriousness of Nahir and Federico’s relationship, the publicist poses as a lawyer to meet with Nahir in prison. In 2015, during a party, Federico watched Nahir kiss another guy, and in anger, Federico also kissed another girl. Outside, Federico is angry and yells at Nahir, asking why she texts him all the time if she is interested in seeing other guys. In the end, Federico says Nahir has mental health issues and calls her a slut.

In prison, Nahir tells the publicist that Federico used to see other girls as well, and what bothered her the most was Federico’s psychological and physical abuse. Federico’s behavior confused Nahir. He acted one way around others, but towards her, he was entirely different. The night before the crime occurred, Nahir told Federico she was with another guy, which infuriated Federico. Despite it all, Nahir wanted people to know the truth, and because Federico is dead, it does not make him a saint. Before leaving, the publicist asks Nahir why she had turned herself in. Nahir refuses to answer. The publicist then gathers images of Nahir to show her innocent and peaceful side.

Verdict of the trial

During the trial, Federico’s friends share with the judge that Federico was unhappy in his relationship with Nahir. Nahir and her friends have also beaten up Federico once. Meanwhile, Nahir’s friends argue that Nahir was always bruised because of Federico’s abuse. In the voice recordings, they can hear Federico insulting Nahir. Despite the accusations, Nahir maintains that their final night together wasn’t a fight. She confessed to Federico about seeing other people, but his response was a hurtful barrage of insults. Despite all the anger, Nahir didn’t want her parents to wake up. Therefore, she followed Federico, and he took Marcelo’s gun, and he had done that multiple times before.

Later, Federico and Nahir rode on Federico’s bike, and Nahir took the gun from Federico, and his motorcycle began to wobble. Because of that, Nahir accidentally shot Federico. The shock left Nahir unconscious of her actions when she fired the second shot at Federico. After listening to both the defendant’s and prosecutors’ statements, the court sentenced Nahir to a life sentence for homicide in the first degree.

Nahir (2024) Movie Ending Explained:

Who actually shot Federico?

Nahir (2024) Movie Ending Explained: Who shoots Federico?
Another still from Nahir (2024)

In 2019, during the interview, Nahir mentioned that she would go as far as to take a life sentence for her father, Marcelo. After the interview, Marcelo visits Nahir, and Nahir gets impatient as she wants to get out of prison soon. Marcelo promises to make it happen. On January 2, 2022, Nahir had lunch with her mother and asked her not to say anything to Marcelo but to meet him the following week. On January 6, 2022, Nahir hires Irene Velo as her lawyer and says that Marcelo was the one who shot Federico as he followed them while they were riding on Federico’s bike.

Marcelo had warned Nahir that Federico would face consequences if he touched the gun again. Out of anger, Marcelo shot Federico that night. Nahir had also reported that her uncle had sexually abused her between the ages of 8-12. Nahir put a restraining order on her father, Marcelo. The court denied Nahir’s accusations against Marcelo. Nahir’s case is in the Supreme Court, and she is waiting for her sentence to be reviewed. Nahir is the youngest person in Argentina to get a life sentence.

Toward the film’s end, we see real-life court proceedings clips and images of Nahir. The case is in the Supreme Court, and the film has tried to keep the events of the crime as factually correct as possible. The truth that the film depicted is that on December 29, the shots were fired from Nahir’s father’s gun, and as per the court’s ruling, in real life, Nahir is found guilty of murdering Federico. Whether Marcelo is guilty or not has not been proven yet. Marcelo hired a publicist in real life to reshape Nahir’s image in the public eye. Nahir, in real life, did get a restraining order against Marcelo.

In the film, we see Nahir giving different statements on what occurred before the crime, with few changes each time. The only constant seems to be that Nahir and Federico spent the night together and argued. After the argument, they did leave on Federico’s bike before he was shot. The events of the crime are still unclear, with only the truth that Marcelo’s gun was used to shoot Federico. The film is also said to have sketched all the characters based on the facts.

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