Ocean’s – One of the Most Popular Heist and Casino Film Series

In the heist movie genre of Hollywood, Ocean’s films are ranked at the top. Every film lover has seen these movies. If you have not seen all parts, you probably have seen Ocean’s Eleven and Ocean’s Thirteen. These movies were blockbusters at the Box Office and generated record business for the franchise. Most viewers think that Ocean’s Eleven was the first movie of the series. Well, Ocean’s Eleven was released in 2001 and became the first movie of the series.

In reality, Ocean’s Eleven was the remake of the original Ocean’s 11, which was released in 1960. Not many have seen this original production. If you want to see that movie first, you can easily find it on different online streaming platforms.

The Original Ocean’s 11 (1960)

The original Ocean’s 11 was directed by a popular name of that time, Lewis Milestone. The theme of the movie is quite similar to the film that was released in 2001. This movie had popular stars of that time, including:

  • Frank Sinatra
  • Dean Martin
  • Sammy Davis Jr.
  • Peter Lawford
  • Joey Bishop
  • Cesar Romero

There were some other noticeable names, too. With so many great actors, the movie was already a hit. The movie is about World War 2 veterans who decide to rob five popular casinos in Las Vegas. Danny Oceans hires ten other talented partners who can carry out his plan. If we compare Ocean’s 11 to the modern film series, the original one did not perform well. The script made it more like a comedy movie instead of a casino heist movie. The charm of the cast was something that made Ocean’s 11 a decent film.

Ocean’s Film Series

Modern Ocean’s series added all the elements of a thrilling, entertaining and heist movie. These movies are known for having the most interesting casino heist plots. Some scenes are also filmed in the exotic environment of the casinos. Loud sounds and flashy casinos will keep you entertained throughout the series. The perfect mix of comedy and drama makes it a hit among viewers of all types. All movies focus on the casino heists of skilled thieves.

These movies can motivate anyone to try his luck with casinos and gambling. If you are new to gambling and want to start things without any risk, online gambling is the perfect opportunity for you. New players can get free money from the casinos mentioned at https://nowekasyna-pl.com/bonuses/darmowa-kasa-bez-depozytu because no deposit bonus makes these casinos safer for new players. Once you have spent some time playing free games with different bonuses, you can try any other game available at online casinos.

Hollywood has also produced some other great movies related to casino heists and gambling. Not only gamblers but all types of viewers like these movies. These movies are not just about gambling tricks or tricks, but the overall plot of these movies makes them interesting for everyone. Now, let’s take a brief look at the four parts of this film series.

Ocean’s Eleven (2001)

This movie was the modern remake of the movie released in 1960. George Colony played the role of Danny Ocean. Danny assembles a team of skilled individuals to rob three major casinos in Las Vegas. The success of this movie kept the audience waiting for the next parts.

Ocean’s Twelve (2004)

With some new faces and twists, this second part of the series continues the story. This time, Danny Ocean decides to rob different other casinos. This time, their targets are in Europe. Viewers get to enjoy some amazing scenes at popular casinos in Europe. Scenes are filmed at the best places to visit in Europe.

Ocean’s Thirteen (2007)

The third part has the original cast of the first film that was released in 2001. They plan to take down the owner of a popular casino in Las Vegas. This owner had wronged one of their team members. If you have watched the first part of this movie, you are going to love this one too.

Ocean’s Eight (2018)

This movie had a major difference from the previous films. Ocean’s Eight has all-female starts. This movie could not impress the audience. Essentially, there was no villain in this movie, and the movie lacked the sense of thrill.

Final Words

If you need some extra dose of motivation for your next game at an online casino, watching this film series might do the job. The exceptional chemistry between actors makes Ocean’s cast one of the most successful casino heist movies in Hollywood. Once you are finished with this series, there are many other popular casino films that are based on gambling. All of these movies offer a perfect punch of thrill and entertainment. Playing your favorite online casino games while watching these movies is going to be awesome.