Oh, Belinda (Aaahh Belinda) ‘Netflix’ Movie Ending Explained: Netflix’s new Turkish film Oh Belinda is surely an emotionally absorbing ride. The film’s clever plotting is injected with an exhilarating central performance by Neslihan Atagul. Oh, Belinda uses the alternate reality trope to explore the hubris of an artist and her commitment to getting back her older fame. But make no mistake – Oh, Belinda is not your usual “stuck in time” story that keeps the mystery of “how” and “why” burning in its underbelly. That is not the focus of the narrative, which is a refreshing change.

The thematic web of this Turkish film runs deeper than that, and we are at hand to help you make sense of it all. Below you can find the ending explainer for Oh Belinda, released on Netflix today.

Oh Belinda (Aaahh Belinda) Plot Summary and Movie Synopsis:

Oh Belinda revolves around an actress, Dịlara Başaran. She is successful and just starting out. Her agent, Ayce, gets her a commercial for a shampoo brand, Belinda, which she is unhappy about. Dilara doesn’t read the script for it beforehand, and when she does so, she feels it is not right for her image. Her peers, especially Azure, who plays an important character in her headline play, Harika and the Others, tease Dilara about it. But because the amount to vitiate the contract is exorbitant, Dilara has to shoot it.

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She finds a semblance of familiarity in the director, Timo, and gets on with the work, determined to finish it on the same day. Her half-hearted effort angers Timo, who asks Dilara to become Handan in a way that she is unrecognizable. When she does so, Dilara is transported to another reality, where she actually is Handan Gulveren, a Customer Representative at a bank.

There is no Dilara Basaran at all, confusing her. Everything around her has remained the same, except her own identity. The rest of the movie shows how she tries to understand and escape the trap and get back to her old life.

What actually happens to Dilara? How is she transported to another reality?

Oh Belinda does not give a scientific or material explanation for why Dilara is transported into the reality of the commercial. The transportation is more of an allegory for the magic that can happen on the screen when an actor truly plays the part. The movie provides no clarity if the entire events in an alternate reality happen in Dilara’s head or not. Oh Belinda plays around with that possibility, and in the absence of tangible guidance from the makers, it is quite possible. Dilara is transported to the commercial’s reality as she becomes her character, Handan.

Timo repeatedly tries to get her into the character while shooting the commercial. But when he gets the perfect take, Dilara’s eyes are still closed. When she opens them, she finds herself in the house that the set designers built and with the family who were supposed to be her “play family.”

What impact did the old lady have on Dilara? Who was she?

Dilara is taken to a psychiatric facility when she would not budge from her position that she is not Handan. She tries to explain her predicament to a team of doctors, observers, and nurses by re-enacting a piece from her most famous work. But the entire room, full of people, is unconvinced by her half-hearted effort and thinks she is crazy. Dilara starts getting a little aggressive, and the doctors take her in for treatment.

They put her in a room where she looks outside the window all day and has to go through the misery of living as someone else. One day, an elderly woman starts chatting with Dilara while she is seated next to the other patients. There is something very familiar about her. But what she says distinguishes her as insane. Despite that, Dilara hears her say she “needs to keep on playing.”

That has an immediate impact on Dilara, who feels liberated by that thought and hatches a plan. Perhaps the lady was someone who was caught in this alternate reality as well? Although that is comforting to put things into perspective, Oh Belinda never clarifies that notion. But yes, meeting the old woman galvanizes Dilara’s will and makes her come up with a crazy idea.

Why does Dilara sleep with Serkan in an alternate reality? What was her plan?

So, why does Dilara decide to go ahead and sleep with Serkan? He is only interested in taking advantage of an unsuspecting woman he thinks is either crazy or a huge fan of his. But Dilara has other plans. Right after she meets the old woman, Dilara fakes a scenario where her mental illness has healed. She creates a façade for the doctors and other medical staff that their treatment has worked, and she is now identifying as Handan again.

They are happy that it has worked and release her. Dilara straightaway goes to Taksim Theatre to meet Serkan. Even though she tells him every little detail from his childhood, the irony of the situation is that those details were made into a movie. Serkan thinks that is where Dilara got them. He becomes interested in sleeping with her when she continues to show her vulnerability. He agrees to introduce Dilara to the people at the theatre – whom she already knew in the real world. We see her meeting Cem and Levent, and Arzu is there as well.

In an alternate reality, Arzu and Serkan are together. Dilara’s plan hinges on her getting an opportunity to become a part of the play again and feel like her older self. That is why she sleeps with Serkan; to get a chance to be a part of Harika and the Others once again.

Oh Belinda (Aaahh Belinda) Movie Ending, Explained:

Why does Dilara want to get back on the stage so desperately?

The ending of Oh Belinda sees Dilara do everything she can to assimilate herself into Handan’s character and live it like it is her reality. She learns to cook while looking up dishes on the internet. She sings the children their frightening lullaby at night. Moreover, DIalra even partakes in physical acts like an ideal wife with Necati, her husband. Dilara follows the philosophical blueprint that she followed when she became Handan during the shooting of the commercial.

While having sex with Necati, she figures out where the money is hidden. Akif, who is Necati’s brother-in-law and Handan’s boss at the bank, was actually in cahoots with Handan (the original one) for stealing money. They used to skim some money every month from a company’s accounts and were planning on running away together. She takes the money and the next morning writes a goodbye letter to Necati. She kisses the children goodbye. Aysegul, the girl, shockingly asks Dilara if “her mother would return.”

Dilara knows exactly what she is talking about and nods to affirm it. The movie offers no explanation why Aysegul would know about Dilara’s reality, which we see her suspecting throughout the film, and no one else would. As she is leaving, a policeman stops her. She is actually taken to the station.

Dilara is relieved when she finds out that the police have contacted her about the incident that occurred the previous night. Dilara was at a traffic stop, and the light went green. But when she went ahead, it turned red, and a car crashed into Dilara’s car. Her car crashes into an electricity box on the street. She also finds a piece of paper on the dashboard that says, “The extension period you requested is due in 24 hours. Our company will visit you for the last time.”

Why does she dance in the rain?

It was the company that she and Akif were stealing from that gave her a warning. Even though she was not in trouble, she was held for too long at the station. Her play was at that night, and she desperately looked to get there. When she wouldn’t find a taxi, Dilara ran on foot to reach the spot. But she was heartbroken to learn that everyone there got to know the truth. They have already recast the role, and her chance is gone.

Instead, she takes the money and goes on the roof of a building. Dilara stands on the edge, and all of a sudden, it starts raining. She starts performing the exact steps to the dance that Arzu does as Harika. In fact, she knows the steps all the way and is totally immersed in the performance. When she descends down the building, Dilara finds everyone scampering for the money she threw from the bag. She veers into a headlight and then intently looks upward to the sky with her arms held aloft.

And all of a sudden, she is transported back! She becomes Dilara again and is relieved more than anything else. Dilara performed the dance because she had to be Dilara to become Dilara again! Just as Timo asked her to focus on becoming Handan, and she did become the character, Dilara got the idea that if she got to perform in the play again, she would be able to reverse the process just like it happened the first time.

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