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Breathe [2015] Review: A Devastating Inspection of Emotional Turmoil!

If you have ever felt that you are at the end of a road, left to tether away in ruins of claustrophobic self-loathing. If you have ever felt broken, on the verge of becoming rotten and up for unquestionable decay, the relationship portrayed in Mélanie Laurent’s second directorial venture “Breathe” will echo your insides, probably shiver you to the bone & leave you tasteless.

Cartel Land [2015]: On the Frontlines of Narco Culture

At one early point in Director Matthew Heineman’s vibrant, drug war documentary Cartel Land (2015), we see a worn out, weeping woman talking about how her husband was kidnapped and tortured in horrific, unspeakable ways. The woman’s terrifying experience might make us think of “Cartel Land” as a subjective documentary on Mexico’s hazardous narco culture. But, surprisingly the documentary ends up being an objective one as Heineman accomplishes what he had set out to do – ‘to observe & document’.

Spectre [2015] Review: Neither Shaken, nor Stirred.

The latest bond outing opens with one of the most intense opening shots in bond film history. You see the masked bond swaying the streets of Mexico city with a beautiful tracking shot that takes him places. Hovering down from a helicopter over the carnival of the dead, you follow Mr. Bond’s glimmering smile as we cut to the writings on the wall. Daniel Craig’s Bond has been one of the most ambitious James Bond ever.

Room [2015]: When a Mother is your Whole World

Room is an achievement in film-making. It is a movie that delves with every emotion known to man. It delves in the psyche of a kid, for whom, earth in an alien planet; for whom, his world was a small cramped up wooden garden shed; for whom, a wardrobe was his bedroom, his imaginary dog was his pet and his mother was his everything. At the same time, the movie skillfully showcases a mother deep anguish and constant struggles

Jodorowsky and Lynch Go Boating

This article aims to illuminate the fact that the Chilean cult figure Alejandro Jodorowsky and American auteur David Lynch share a common ground aside their doomed project DUNE, and it has nothing to do with boating, as the title misleadingly suggests. One’s dream is someone else’s reality. Jodorowsky’s ambitious unborn baby is Lynch’s nauseating half born fetus (Eraserhead reference). But let’s not brood over DUNE now, as there is already a remarkable documentary

The Club [2015]: The Spiritual Punishment “JIO MAMI Mumbai Film Festival Review”

Pablo Larrain’s seditious critical & quintessentially scathing film “The Club” works as a complex psychological drama that vicariously creeps inside the psyche of Priests and ultimately strip down the putridness of religious institution. The Club is an intelligent, bold and raw film, well aware about the existence of deeply flawed institution, and blunt enough to showcase,not to question, demoralized souls present in disguise of religious authority.

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