A new remake of the 1980s cult classic “Possession” is on the way. Filmmaker Parker Finn is collaborating with Twilight actor Robert Pattinson on the project. The two veterans of the film industry have secretly partnered for the remake of the 1981 cult psychological supernatural horror movie “Possession.” The project is currently the talk of the town as a bidding war has been breaking out among A24, Netflix, Paramount, Sony, and Warner Bros.

According to the sources, the process is in the early stages, with meetings taking place this week. For this project, Finn will be serving as writer and director. He will also produce via his Bad Feeling banner. Pattinson is also producing via his production company, Icki Eneo Arlo. His role in the movie will be clarified once the script is ready. Also producing is Vertigo Entertainment’s Roy Lee, who helped make Zach Cregger’s breakout Barbarian.

What is ‘Possession’ all about?

Released in 1981, “Possession” is a psychological horror drama film originally directed by Andrzej Żuławski, who also co-wrote the script with Frederic Tuten. The premise of the film follows the relationship between an international spy (Sam Neill) and his wife (Isabelle Adjani), who begins exhibiting increasingly disturbing behavior after asking for a divorce. The screenplay of the film is derived from Zulawski’s personal experience, as the script was written during the painful divorce of the filmmaker from the actress Malgorzata Braunek. Though at the time of its release, it couldn’t be a commercially successful film, eventually, it did acquire cult status and has been more positively appraised in later years.

As for the remake of the film, the reception to the pitches has been extremely positive, with executives praising the ‘batshit’ and ‘out there’ story while also noting its strong commercial potential. Another crucial aspect that has become a part of the conversation is the marketing strategy of the remake so that it does not face a similar box-office fate as the original one.

As aforementioned, Żuławski’s directorial film is a cult classic. Now that Finn has taken on the responsibility of remaking it, he is tasked with doing justice to the original film. However, considering his previous work, the project is in the right hands.

Parker Finn is an American filmmaker best known for writing and directing the acclaimed horror film “Smile” (2022). With “Possession,” Finn is looking beyond his horror franchise, aiming for something more expansive and elevated but also still intimate.

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