Platonic (Season 1) Episode 5: Apple TV+ series “Platonic,” starring Rose Byrne and Seth Rogen, has its first ‘serious’ turn and it takes a perfectly smooth swerve, like a Formula 1 champion, without compromising on its now-trademark zany humor. The show, created by Francesca Delbanco and Nicholas Stoller, is now a regular mid-week source of cheer for its audience. In its fifth episode, the show highlights its supporting cast a little more, especially Luke Macfarlane, with leads Rose Byrne and Seth Rogen taking the back seat.

Platonic (Season 1), Episode 5 Recap:

The Conspicuous Invitation

The last episode, “Divorce Party,” ended with a hint of a potential rift between Sylvia (Rose Byrne) and Charlie (Luke Macfarlane). This week’s episode was built with that anticipation, and perhaps with a bit of fear of the show losing its comedic touch for a more serious tone. However, in case the title of the episode is not clear enough, “Platonic” immediately addresses the elephant in the room in its own style. 

When Sylvia came home at 3 in the morning, it made Charlie quite miffed, even though he did not express that. Now, when he sees Sylvia giving Will (Seth Rogen) a salon treatment, dying his hair blonde, he finally feels it necessary to confront the ‘platonic’ nature of Sylvia and Will’s friendship. And he does that, in the presence of his closest office colleague, Stewart (Guy Branum). Stewart tries to dissuade him from acting like a jealous husband. 

However, Charlie, in his own way, does act like one. His immediate move is to ask Will to join him and his office colleagues in a baseball match. Stewart immediately says that it feels a bit weird. Will, after getting the call, feels that it is a bit weird. And although Sylvia does not say this to Will, when she learns about this invitation, she admits to her friend, Katie (Carla Gallo) that it is indeed a bit weird. 

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The weirdness increases when Will accepts the invitation and joins Charlie’s party in the Dodgers game. Charlie, perhaps trying to play down his own unwanted resentment, goes a bit extra in his effort to make Will feel welcome. He gives a big hug to Will which makes both men tumble over an onlooker, knocking the poor passerby’s popcorn out of their hands. 

From Pub to Hospital

The evening starts weirdly, but gradually it becomes enjoyable for both Charlie and Will. Alcohol does make things smoother. Inebriation makes one of Charlie’s work friends let it slip that Will is often referred to as Charlie’s “wife’s boyfriend.” This creates a little bit of tension between Will and Charlie. In the men’s room, perhaps to pacify Charlie’s fears, Will mentions that he is seeing someone currently. This is true, as Will is dating Machine-Gun-Kelly-Loving Peyton (Emily Kimball). 

After the game, the party moves to Will’s bar. Surprisingly, Charlie and Stewart feel quite comfortable with Will and his friends at the bar. Amidst the raucous partying, which involves throwing scooters across the street as an unnecessarily juvenile feat of strength, Charlie starts to feel his resentment towards Will, and the relationship Will has with Sylvia, go away. Eventually, Sylvia also joins them in the bar. 

But, just when everything seems to be fine, Will mentions that he is called Sylvia’s boyfriend at Charlie’s office. Understandably, Sylvia gets annoyed at this. This brings Charlie to confront Sylvia about her late-night party. At this point, one of Will’s friends admits to doing ‘ketamine.’ A detail that Charlie was not aware of till now. Just when it seemed that the night had started to become unsalvageable, another twist changes it. A drunk Will falls on a shard of glass and takes a nasty gash. 

To the surprise of many, and the pleasure of Sylvia, it is Charlie who jumps in to do the first aid. Charlie has always been the more responsible among all the characters. As Omar struggles to get the towels, Charlie wraps Will’s arm with his shirt.

A still from Platonic Season 1 Episode 5.
A still from Platonic Season 1.

Platonic (Season 1) Episode 5 Ending, Explained:

Why Does Charlie Dye His Hair?

Firstly, kudos to ‘Platonic’ for immediately addressing Charlie’s concern. I expected them to dilly-dally around it, allowing Charlie’s skepticism to fester into something more toxic. Some shows might have taken that route for better drama. But ‘Platonic’ chooses a different path, staying true to its name. It was clear that Charlie is harboring concerns over this platonic relationship between Sylvia and Will. Will’s ex-wife, Audrey, mentioned her disapproval of this friendship some time ago.

The other spouse, Charlie, has so far been supportive of the renewed friendship. But things like Sylvia dying Will’s hair do tick him off.  Charlie, by his admission, has started to feel left out since the friendship is renewed. Charlie knows Sylvia had a wild side before marrying him. This episode shows his fear that he is the one stopping her from embracing that wild side, thus causing her mid-life crisis.

But, as Sylvia mentioned, that is not the case. Sylvia does love Luke for the stability he brings. Even Will said this to Charlie, and at that time, Will seemed earnest. The show displays that as well. Charlie, despite all the arguments, immediately springs to action when Will meets with the accident.

So, Charlie asking Sylvia to dye his hair blonde is not just a jealousy-induced thing. It is his earnest attempt to reconnect with his wife’s ‘other’ side; the side that Charlie seemed to have forgotten about his wife, amidst the arbitrations, meetings, and townhall speeches,

Is Will Moving On from Audrey?

Another big update from this episode is Will’s relationship with Peyton. After moping about his ex-wife, Audrey, Will finally seems to be able to move on. With some help from Peyton. Although there is a significant age gap, which Will constantly reminds himself and everyone else of, the pair seem to be hitting it off. Will has looked happier and quite comfortable around her. Almost as comfortable as he is with Sylvia.

How Will Peyton React to Sylvia? Will Sylvia like Peyton?

As mentioned before, Audrey has not been the biggest fan of Sylvia. ‘Platonic’ sets up the next episodes with the anticipation of how Peyton will react to Will’s platonic relationship with Sylvia. Sylvia has also not been the biggest fan of Will’s one significant lover. So, it will be intriguing to see how the two women interact with each other.

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